10 niche tourist destinations in Italy

When it comes to traveling to Italy, Rome, the capital of the millennium, Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, Venice, the pearl of the Mediterranean, Milan, the fashion capital, and so on, we must go. In fact, in Italy, there are still many cities that we ignore or do not understand, and it is also very worthwhile for us to know during the trip.


Today, I recommend 10 niche tourist destinations in Italy.

1. Orvieto

Orvieto is only over an hour’s drive from Rome. Whether you are traveling on your own or in a group, you will pass around 120 kilometers from Rome. This city is the famous slow city in the world-Orvieto.


The city is not large, it is about 2 kilometers in length. The entire city is built on a huge rock, which is easy to defend and difficult to visit. To visit this city, you need to park your car in a large parking lot and walk into the city on foot.

Main recommended attractions:

1、Orvieto Cathedral. Because the building exterior is luxurious mosaic decoration, it is called the golden lily in the church.


2、The well known as Pozzo di San Patrizio, it is said that this well was during the “Roman catastrophe” in 1527. Pope Clemmon VII took refuge here in order to escape the army of Charles V. The Pope fled to Orvieto, and in order to secure the water, he commissioned Antonio Da Sangaro Jr. to design the well in 1527.


The water well is 62 meters deep into the limestone layer from the top of the cliff. It can follow the spiral ladder of class 248 to the bottom of the well, pass through a small bridge on the water surface of the bottom of the well, and follow the spiral ladder on the other side to get out of the ground. This is a double-spiral structure well. The spiral ladder is the passage for the donkey to go up and down. The reason why it has such a large diameter is to build two spiral passages that are not so steep and have sufficient height. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the historical reasons for the self-sufficient nature of this small town on the rocks, which is defensive and self-sufficient against external aggression.


Siena, like the surrounding cities, was built a long time ago, beginning in 29 BC. Once a historical trade, economic, and art center, the famous shell-shaped rural square is a place where all tourists linger. The narrow streets around are full of shops. Various stone houses record the past of this city.


Famous attractions: Pastoral Square, Siena Cathedral.


Food recommendations:
Wednesday 7 am to 1 pm. Along the walls of this medieval city, there are a variety of stalls selling different clothes, shoes and handbags. In addition, there is a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, cakes, meat and fish. After visiting the market, don’t miss the stall selling porchetta; you can buy a large panino for only 4 Euros. Tuscan meat rolls are seasoned with rosemary, sage, salt and pepper (in Umbria, wild fennel is added). On the street Via dei Banchi di Sotto, Pizzeria Poppi (just behind Field Plaza), visitors can enjoy high-quality pizzas; the most famous is Ciacino Ripieno, which is rich in fried ham and mozzarella Lila cheese, soft and crispy.

3. Lucca


Although she is not as famous as the surrounding pizza, Florence, and Siena, but the city is not inferior to them in terms of its heritage. Here is the famous Italian composer Puccini.
There are ancient walls built in the 16th century, including the famous San Frediano and San Michele church.


When it comes to Bologna, many people may not know that Bologna has a very famous university in Europe called the University of Bologna. This university is also known as the University of Paris, University of Salamanca, and University of Oxford and is called the top four European universities. The university was founded in 1088 and is known as the “mother of universities” in Europe.


If you still do n’t know much about this city, you must have heard of some auto and motorcycle brands. That is, the famous Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati are all born in this area.


Famous attractions are: Twin Towers, Nettuno Square, Maggiole Square, etc.

In addition to its artistic flavor, Bologna is also known as the gourmet capital. Bolognese sauce, Tortellini, and Lasagna all originate from Bologna, as well as Italian ice cream. Cheese, dried ham, pizza, wine.

5. Vicenza


The square of this city is very similar to Venice. They all have churches, bell towers, and ancillary buildings on the square. If you walk on the square at night, you really feel like going back to Venice.

6. San Gimignano


Looking at this ancient city from a few kilometers away, you can see several towers standing in the distance, so this city is also called tower city. With thousands of years of history, once a rich city, everyone started building towers when building houses because of comparisons.


Recommended spots: Plaza Well, San Gimignano Cathedral, the best ice cream shop in the world, 13th century octagonal ancient well.


Many young people from Europe travel to Italy and choose to come here, because this is a place of worship for young men and women around the world. A small building in the courtyard at 27 Capello Road in the city center is the former residence of Juliet. On the front of the courtyard is a tall and tall statue of a real Juliet bronze statue, slender, affectionate and slightly bitter. Because it is said that touching the right chest of the statue can bring beautiful love, the right chest of the statue of Juliet is particularly bright now.


Verona is a city around Vicenza, but its reputation is much larger than Vicenza, and there are many tourists every year. According to legend, this is the hometown of Romeo and Julia. Now you can see Juliet ’s former home when you visit.

In addition, the city has a very famous ancient Roman theater, which has a history of 2000 years and is still in use today. Verona Opera Festival is also held here every year.
There are a lot of tourists here every year, so there are many restaurants to choose from, but you can recommend a special kind of golden bread. It is generally octagonal and has a soft taste. It is one of the must-have pastries for Christmas in Italian homes. This bread comes from Verona.

8.Lake Garda

It is the easternmost lake in Italy and the largest inland lake. In the Alps, only Lake Geneva and Lake Constance surpass her.

Lake Garda

Every year, many people from other European countries come here for vacation or leisure. The lake water is super clean and crystal clear. If you go from Venice to Milan, this is not to be missed.

9.Lake Como


If Lake Garda is the most northeastern lake in Italy, then the northernmost should be Lake Como. Because it is adjacent to Switzerland, many architectural styles are similar to southern Switzerland. Many residents of southern Switzerland live here.
The beautiful scenery attracts many tourists every year.

10.Cinque Terre

There is no way to get there by car. You need to get there by train from Las Pagia. A total of five different villages. They are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Cornelia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. Five villages built on the edge of the cliff are relatively independent, the most famous of which is the road of love that connects Omaggiore to Manarola.


In addition, there are actually many beautiful towns, such as Sicily, Palermo, Pompeii, etc. in the south.

When you go to Italy, not only Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. These conventional big cities are increasingly diversified in tourism. Today, you can find a favorite, niche place to live for a while. The perspective has a deeper understanding of the local.

In Italy, you need snowy mountains and snowy mountains, lakes and lakes, good food and good food, and beautiful women and beautiful women. There is plenty of sunshine and cheap prices. If you go to Italy next time, remember that in addition to big cities, small cities also have a lot to see. Share it with your friends and get ready to start planning your next trip.


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