17 most romantic destinations to go in 2020

Big crowd
Two people from acquaintance to love
Is a very unlikely event
If we are lucky to meet
17 of the world’s most romantic destinations
Must go and see

1、Go to the Maldives


The clear blue sky, the clear and soft sandy beach, the sea breeze gently swayed, the lush green coconut palm forest swaying with the wind, the clear and clear sea breeze was layered by the wind.

2、Go to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Thousands of sky lanterns are lifted up together, and the night with swaying sky lights is romantic and magnificent.

3、Go to Colmar


Hal grabbed Sophie and jumped up into the air. Sophie panicked. Hal held her hands tightly behind her and said softly, “Put your feet out and keep walking.” The two walked on the wooden house like a building block, following the rhythm of the dance music. This is the scene where the heroes and men meet for the first time in Howl’s Moving Castle. In search of this scene, Miyazaki visited the southern part of France for 12 days, and finally chose this city-Colmar.

4、Go to Banff National Park

 Banff National Park

In Banff National Park, various elements come together and coexist harmoniously, making the Canadian Rockies the dream destination of people’s hearts in all seasons. After railroad workers accidentally found a hot spring here, Banff became Canada’s first national park in 1885 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk, bike, or ride on horseback, and over 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) of well-preserved trails. Visit again in winter and enjoy the best skiing in the world’s best powder snow ski resort. The alpine town of Banff and Lake Louise are well equipped to explore this magical place with ease.

5、Go to the Great Barrier Reef

the Great Barrier Reef

Take a seaplane and look for that romantic heart-shaped coral reef.

6、Go to Kenya


Kenya is located in eastern Africa. Within its territory, the Great Rift Valley of East Africa has a very clear outline. It splits this country in half, which just crosses the equator across the country. Therefore, Kenya has obtained a very interesting title: “East Africa cross”. There are many plateaus in Kenya, with an average altitude of 1500 meters. The Kirinaga Peak (Mount Kenya) in the middle is 5199 meters above sea level, and the top of the mountain is covered with snow, which is the second highest peak in Africa. The country’s name is also derived from this. The forest area is 87,000 square kilometers, and the forest coverage rate is about 15%. The entire territory is located in the tropical monsoon region, with hot and humid coastal areas and mild plateau climate. The highest temperature throughout the year is 26 ° C and the lowest is 12 ° C. Kenya’s rich terrain and diverse climate, from towering mountains to rolling grasslands and white sandy coasts, make Kenya a veritable “heart of Africa”.

7、Go to Santorini


Take a look at this pure island like sugar, which has been lying in the Aegean Sea for thousands of years.

8、Go to Tibet


The Tibetan Plateau has a complex natural environment and diverse topography. It can be basically divided into six types: extremely high mountains, high mountains, middle mountains, low mountains, hills, and plains. In addition, there are glacial landforms, karst landforms, aeolian landforms, volcanic landforms, etc., which are exotic and diverse.

9、Go to Dali


The long river of history has washed away countless dust and gravel, but also left thousands of ancient sacred sites. In the south of the beautiful colorful clouds, the above-mentioned holy monuments are counted like the Ganges and the sand. Different from the rough atmosphere of the northern ancient city, Dali’s ancient city is petite and handsome, like Xiaojiabiyu who is also ashamed to speak.

10、Go to the ancient town

the ancient town

The bright sunshine, the ease of the small bridge, walking on the blue slate path, swaying on the slow river.

11、Go to Yili, Xinjiang


When the warm sun in spring is blowing with gentle wind, a little drizzle touches the light grass, and the apricot tree in the mountains also reveals a charming face.

12、 Go to Shanghai


A city that is modern without losing its traditional Chinese characteristics, and I will miss you forever.

13、 Go to Xiamen


Choose a small shop, be in a daze, do not miss the past, do not worry about the future, let time be slower and slower.

14、Go to Chongqing


The hot and direct reach of people’s hearts, go straight and never go round, is the word bold.

15、Go to Gannan


I often miss you in my dreams, even if there are thousands of miles apart, I will come to see you.

16、Go to Ejina


Take a look at the immortal Hu Yanglin and see how it uses stunning colors to surprise the world.

17、Go to Hulunbuir


It is like a silent poem, a three-dimensional painting, which brings you into an inexplicable excitement and reverie.

In 2020, choose someone to travel with.

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