20 best shopping cities in the world by 2020

Some people say that whether a city is prosperous depends on how many commercial streets there are in the city, how many shopping malls are on the street, how many people come and go every day, and how many neon lights turn on at night until early morning. Recommended 20 places for shopping, not expensive and variety, all you want.

1.Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Ginza has gradually formed today’s prosperity through continuous land reclamation. This is the birthplace of many century-old shops and local brands. Chuo-dori, which runs through Ginza 1-chome to 8-chome, was selected as one of Japan’s “100 Best Roads” and is the most prosperous main street in Ginza. Every Sunday afternoon, the entire Central Passage implements traffic control and becomes a pedestrian paradise for pedestrians. There are many department stores on the front street, and there are many restaurants, snack bars, bars, and nightclubs in the back street.

2.Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is full of land and gold, especially in Causeway Bay. This is Hong Kong’s main business and entertainment venue. There are many large department stores and shopping malls in the area, including: Sogo Department Store, Times Square, Lee Theatre Plaza, and World Trade Center. The Causeway Bay Shopping District is also the most expensive location in the world. No matter day or night, the crowd here is very dense, and the lanterns at night are even more colorful, as if it is a sleepless city.


According to data from the Global Shopper Index and the Donegar Group, London is the best place to shop in Europe and it is also the world’s top fashion mall. Shopping in this city can be described as bold, heterogeneous and international. When shopping in this city, there is no end to what you can buy. If you’re an impulse shopper, then you better avoid the city, because you might buy something that you don’t even know exists.

4.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you consider yourself a shopping lover and you haven’t considered Kuala Lumpur in the past, then you can determine one of two things; either you are blinded or you put your priorities in the wrong place. Kuala Lumpur, with more than 650 stores, is also home to three of the top ten shopping malls in the world. Stunning prices, reliable sales and high-quality shopping are part of what makes this city stand out.

5.Buenos Aires, Argentina

If all you want is high-quality leather, then Buenos Aires is the place to go. The leather itself and any leather goods can be found here. It is also known for sexy dance, climate and shopping.

6.Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the ten best cities in the world. In Europe, Vienna offers the best value compared to other cities. When it comes to shopping, there is no limit to what the city can offer.

7.Madrid, Spain

The shopping experience in Madrid can deplete their credit cards. According to the Global Consumer Index, Madrid ranks third in terms of providing the best prices for luxury goods. Depending on the purpose of your shopping, the city has many exciting destinations. For example, Capas Sesena was founded in 1901 to make clothes exclusively for women. This location has attracted big names like Pierce Brosnan and Hillary Clinton to shop there. Madrid is another exciting souvenir shop.

8.Seoul, South Korea

There are a variety of department stores and curbside boutiques here, from local cosmetics, household items, Korean clothing, cute stationery and small items that ordinary people like, to Bai Fumei’s international top-tier cosmetics, luxury bags and clothing Seoul is definitely a dazzling place to buy things and buy soft hands.

9.Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is best known for Ao Dai. There are more than 200 tailor shops here, tailor-made for customers. A custom Odysset costs about $ 30, and you can wear a custom Odysse made for you within 24 hours. In addition, lacquerware, coconut shell products, agarwood and silk lanterns are also popular products here.

10.Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are not interested in gambling and do not feel about various literary shows, then Las Vegas, known as a shopping paradise, will definitely make you crazy. Here are a lot of world’s luxury brands and cheap brand hypermarkets.

11.Bangkok, Thailand

When it comes to shopping paradise, most people think of will be Paris, Tokyo, or Hong Kong. But with the opening of the visa, Bangkok has become a new shopping place! In addition to the largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia, almost all the world’s top brands can be found here, and the price is very advantageous.

12.Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a perfect shopping paradise; if you want to choose the best of a variety of top products at the most reasonable price, don’t hesitate, Los Angeles is your best choice.

13.Rome, Italy

In Rome, everything from special high-end goods to fashionable little things is the easiest place to buy good and cheap things in Europe. In addition to fashion second to none, leather goods, stationery, porcelain, and glass products here are world-renowned.

14.Santa Fe, New Mexico

This southwestern United States city is known for its handmade Native American jewelry (especially silver and turquoise creations).

15.South Carolina

Charleston is a wealthy settlement in the United States and around the world, and a beautiful holiday destination. Ample antique shops and unique studios in Charleston.

16.Colorado, USA

Aspen, Colorado, USA is located in Colorado in the Midwestern United States. It borders the Rocky Mountains to the west. This is also one of the best shopping places on the planet.

17. Chicago, Illinois, USA

You can shop anywhere in Chicago, and what’s particularly impressive about Windy City is the collection of stylish records.、

18.San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Handicrafts and art are at the heart of this colonial city shopping place. Save space in your suitcase, embroidered shirt, knitted shawl and tinsel.

19.Florence, Italy

Glassware, ceramics, high-end clothing, leather-based, gold and silver processing, and art reproductions are the most famous.


Singapore’s local designers are very skilled and there are many fashionable boutiques.


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