20 global ski resorts to go in 2020

Skiing is really a great thing. When you ski down the mountain, you will feel like flying. Let’s go skiing in 2020. Introducing the 20 best ski resorts in the world.

1、Whistler, Canada

First-class snow conditions, professional track! Whistler, about 120 kilometers north of Vancouver, is the largest ski resort in North America, and has been selected by the ski magazine Snow Country as the “North American ski resort” for four consecutive years.

2、Banff, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

The Banff / Lake Louis Ski Resort is located in the heart of the historic and majestic Banff National Park. The Lake Louise Ski Resort has stunning natural scenery. The wilderness here is so pure and full of conquest. At the same time, the wide snowy roads, changing terrain, and modern carrying equipment all make her exude charming charm. With 4,200 hectares of open ski area, Lake Louise is one of the largest ski areas in North America.
The unique layout meets the needs of family and team vacation skiing, and everyone can find their own slope. People at the junior and intermediate levels can enjoy the wide and changeable green and red roads here, and those at the advanced level can experience the joy of Takino Snow in the Rocky Mountains.

3、Levi Ski Resort, Finland

This is a great place to watch the Northern Lights from November to April of the following year, offering nearly 27.3 miles of ski runs and high-quality snowmobile tours.

4、Aspen, USA

When the snow starts to fall every year, the majestic slopes draw tourists from all over the world to Aspen, Colorado. This famous hill town is a long-time popular destination among jet crowds, a skier’s paradise with breathtaking mountains.

Aspen is a typical American ski town. It is connected to four unique ski mountains-Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, Aspen Highland and Snowmass. It is also the cultural capital of American skiing. There are a lot of fine arts here, and in addition you can hear a lot of moving music.

5、Vail, Colorado, USA

In the top ten ski resorts in North America, Vail ski resort was selected the most in the comprehensive evaluation. It ranks 7th in intermediate skiing, 9th in small-town dining environment, 9th in nightlife, 8th in mountain dining, 7th in non-skiing events, 5th in powder snow, and 5th in early snow. The Vail Snow Field consists of three parts. The front of the mountain is long and smooth, and the wide Back Bowls stretch continuously on the horizon to infinity. The jungle in the Blue Sky Basin seduces souls with a sense of adventure.

It is important that a world-class resort not only includes skiing, but also includes entertainment and atmosphere. Vail Ski Resort is such a place. Nearly a hundred exquisite shops, from exquisite taobao shops to ski shops, art shops and furniture stores. In these “only one” shops, you can find gifts that you can’t buy anywhere else in this life. In addition to being a top ski resort, Vail is slowly becoming a gourmet town. From 5-course meals to 5-minute fast food, Vail offers you plenty of options. If you live near the town, Lions Head, located in the west end of the ski area, is a good starting point for skiing. Three cable cars such as the Eagle Bahn can be used. Born Free Express runs parallel to EagleBahn, but with far fewer people.

In the Blue Sky Basin, single and double board enthusiasts can experience Vall’s uniqueness, from country-style buildings to natural landscapes, snow quality, and steep mountains. Renovated ski slopes, low-intermediate skiers can glide, if not renovated, only strong intermediate skiers can cope with the powder snow and the winding forests.

6、Bansko ski resort, Bulgaria

If you are looking for a ski area with limited budget, this Bansko resort in Bulgaria must be the most suitable-compared to most alpine ski destinations, it is very affordable and offers great packages And equipment. In addition, Bansko is known for its excellent lift system, and its slopes are perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers.

7、Hokkaido, Japan

Located in the most prosperous area of ​​Niseko, there are a total of 24 slopes, the longest slope is 2880 meters, and the maximum slope is 40 degrees. The average temperature in winter is about -5 degrees, and the humidity is low. The average daily snowfall in winter is 10-20cm. The amount of snow on the snowy road is more than 2m, and the snow on the top of the mountain can reach 12m. There are special wild snow areas.

8、Courchevel, France

Courchevel is one of the most well-known ski areas in France and the world. It is one of the best areas in the Alps. It is located in the heart of France’s three major river valleys, surrounded by forests, and its excellent location makes the area covered by thick snow throughout the ski season.

9、Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

The Chamonix ski area is located in the Alps in southeastern France. It is the birthplace of mountaineering. The first Winter Olympics were held in 1924, and the worldwide ski instructor training center was settled here. Now, it is not only the ultimate challenge for mountaineers, but also the favorite of skiers.

With an altitude of 3,842 meters, Chamonix is ​​the best starting point for climbing Mont Blanc. Chamonix is ​​now more famous for having the highest cable car station in Europe. This cable car station is located at “Aiguille du Midi”. If you come to Chamonix without taking the cable car, you will have the regret of entering Baoshan and returning empty-handed. This climbing cable car slowly raised this Chamonix from an altitude of 1,035 meters above the steep mountains to the midway station of Pinnacle Heights (PlandAiguill-2,308 meters).

The Chamonix Ski Resort has a 100 km long runway for ski lovers. At the same time, its ski area does not accept tickets, which means that if you have your own skis and don’t take the telesiege of the ski area (sending you to a high place), sliding inside is completely free. For the average person, the ski area here is not wide enough, and the mountain-shaped trend is not soothing. Most of them are black slopes and wild trails, which is not suitable for beginners. But if you have already obtained the Mont Blanc slide and want to take a risk, you can try the famous La Vallee Blanche slopes, some of which cross the glaciers. Absolutely exciting!

10、Alaska ski resort

With an annual snowfall of 54.13 feet (16.5 meters), Ariska offers a large number of extreme sports for professional skiers-such as paragliding, and then helicopter and snowmobile skiing! Its expansive snow cover provides visitors with plenty of gliding space.

11、Andermatt, Switzerland

Due to its high altitude, the Andermatt ski resort has become a famous ski resort in Switzerland due to its abundant snowfall. The newly expanded Sedron ski resort has more than 120 kilometers of ski slopes and advanced ski facilities. The Andermatt-Sedron ski area is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, with various types of slopes.

12、Betostolen Ski Resort, Norway

Betostolen is known for its original beauty. This quaint village offers other activities besides skiing-you can go snowmobiling, dog sledding, or if you are a bit adventurous, you can Slide down the slope on a huge inflatable boat!

13、Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is considered to be the best ski resort in Switzerland and even the best in the world. The precipitous Matterhorn and 28 other peaks surround the ski area. Zermatt’s superior altitude makes it a paradise for skiing all year round. In the hot summer, the blessed Swiss can ride down the slopes on the Zermatt Glacier. At the same time, he was also selected as the world’s third most ideal ski resort.

In addition to skiing, the beautiful scenery also attracts people’s attention. At 4,478 meters above sea level, the Matterhorn peak resembles a sharp diamond-shaped cone and penetrates into the sky. Since the 19th century, countless climbers have tried to climb, but none have reached the summit. Today, tourists can take a helicopter or cable car to the summit for sightseeing. The famous “Glacier Express” is from the town of Zermatt, heading east through the Alps, and directly to the eastern ski resort-St. Moritz. Canyon glacier on this way, the scenery is infinite.

14、Kitzbuhel, Austria

If ski fans are asked to vote for the world’s most daunting ski runs, the Austrian ski resort Kitzbühel is likely to take the crown. It is best known as the “most thrilling” take-off runway in the world. At the same time, it is also the birthplace of downhill skiing. If you have the opportunity to reach Mount Kitzbuhel in January, you can see the Hahnenkamm Brave Downhill Skiing held here every year.

15、Alps spa town, Austria

The Alps, with snow all year round, is the best place to ski. In the hot spring town of Leukerbad, there are many ski resorts for tourists to choose from. If you like cross-country skiing, there are them; if you like downhill mountaineering, there are them too; no matter what kind of skiing you like, you can find them here, and there are different ski resorts to explore. If you are a beginner, you can also experience simple tobogganing; if you are challenging, you can try a paraglider. If you want to enjoy the Valais and Bernese Oberland peaks and snowy mountains while skiing, you can go to the Torrent Alpine Ski Resort.

16、Cortina, Italy

The Cortina ski resort in Italy is located in the middle of Italy’s Dolomites, known for its excellent location in a bowl-shaped valley, known as The pearl of Dolomites. The mountains are beautiful here. Its snow area is very large, and it will not be crowded even in the tourist season. 90% of its snowy roads are covered by artificial means, so you don’t need to worry about skiing in non-snow season. There are also many cable cars and ropeways.

17.Ruapehu, New Zealand

The beauty of New Zealand Needless to say, the location of the Lord of the Rings. The beauty of Mount Ruapehu is even more beautiful. It is a perfect ski resort, and it is also the most famous ski resort in New Zealand. And there are glaciers on the mountain, which is the only glacier that can be found in the North Island of New Zealand. Those who like adventure can go for an adventure, maybe they can find the frozen “captain of a certain country”.

18、Chile, Portillo Ski Resort

The most unique ski resort here is a field that can reach 10,000 meters in the vertical direction. Skiing on it, you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Aconcagua Mountain. At 6,969 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain in South America. Most people just have a look. If you want to conquer, please be prepared.

19.Bachele-Berret Ski Resort, Spain

This huge ski resort is divided into three sections-Bacquetelle, Beret and Baqueira, all of which offer ski runs that are perfect for intermediate skiers. More experienced skiers can also choose to view the terrain and unopened areas outside the piste, maybe they can get more adrenaline stimulus!

20.Olle Ski Resort, Sweden

For many people, skiing trips are also a reason to have a fun vacation for the family-then this Swedish destination is perfect for you: in addition to having great alpine skiing areas, Ole offers a lot of other Skiing activities such as dog sledding, ice skating, curling, ice fishing, tobogganing and snowmobiling.

These are the top 20 ski resorts in the world. Really not skiing in 2020? Take a love trip with the one you love.


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