Altira Hotel, Macau idol trainee

Altira Hotel

The Macau Idol Trainee Program has officially kicked off. A few days ago, a highly anticipated talent show “Hao” Wants to See You Macau Idol Trainee Program” was held at the famous Macau entertainment landmark-Altira Hotel. This is the first time A chance to speak out for dreams, a stage controlled by young people. “Hou” wants to see your Macau idol trainee program, from “I want to see your app”, “Macao Music Industry Association”, “Macao Wisdom Humanities Encouragement Association”, “Macao” “Fan Dou Entertainment” is jointly organized and has received strong support from the partner “Altera Hotel Macau”. This event is intended to select and train local youths with talents in performing, and represent Macau in the top star talent show in the Mainland. The youth provide a larger stage to expand the influence of Macau’s entertainment culture in the Bay Area and the world.

Altira Hotel

On the day of the event, Mr. Lu Jingheng, the general manager of Altira Hotel, attended the opening ceremony as a special guest and expressed his concern for Macau’s youth culture and entertainment and his expectations for the future development of the Bay Area. In addition, the judging lineup of this round of audition can be called the “industry troupe”. It is composed of Mr. Su Yaoguang, the president of Macao Music Industry Association and famous singer; Mr. Huang Baoxian, choreographer and overall champion of the HK best dance crew 2011 dance competition; and deputy of Macao Music Industry Association. The chairman and CEO of I want to see your app, Mr. Yan Yilong, acted together; in order to ensure the fairness of the selection, the lawyer Wu Jiayi was invited to serve as the legal counsel for this event.

Altira Hotel

This audition is very popular, and many young Australians come here with dreams. The talents of performances are more diverse, including solo, chorus, dance, drama, etc.

Everyone wanted to stand out among the many players, and there was a tense and lively atmosphere. The camera records the best looks of every dreaming youth, which is enough to show their longing and yearning for the stage.

Macau is an international free port and the world’s tourism and leisure center. On the road from a characteristic economy to a diversified industry, in addition to integrating local cultural resources, it should provide more young people with opportunities to “go out” and learn advanced cultural elements and Concepts that can push the label of “Macao Culture” to the world. The purpose of the establishment of the “Macao Idol Trainee Program” is not just a star selection, but also an attitude: As practitioners in the entertainment and cultural industry of Macau, we should cooperate sincerely and create brilliance together. Let us look forward to the triumphant return of the idol trainees who traveled for Australia and become the star of Macau.


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