Badaling Great Wall Beijing Day Tour Guide

Badaling Great Wall

It’s weekend again tomorrow. Have you thought about where to go? Among them, the recent weather is very suitable for going out. I believe many people are planning to go out for a trip. So where do you want to go? In fact, the editor thinks the Badaling Great Wall is a good place. Let ’s take a look together.

The Badaling Great Wall is believed to have been heard by many people, but not many people may know about its history. It already existed during the Warring States Period, and was later repaired by various dynasties. Now what we see is mainly built in the Ming Dynasty. I have been in Beijing for several years and have been here before, but I have never had a chance to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Later, by chance, I came here with my friends for a good visit. Our schedule was arranged like this.

Badaling Great Wall Beijing Day Tour Guide

We got up very early, then took the subway back and forth to get here. On the way, we passed the s2 line. This is designed by a very powerful designer in our country. On this way, we can see a lot of famous historical buildings. At the end of the road, we also saw this powerful The figures are Zhan Tianyou’s tomb and monument.

We can choose to enter from different gates. East gate and west gate have different inscriptions on them, each with its own characteristics. After entering, we saw a particularly large stone with the words “Great Wall is not a good man”. At that time, watching the editor was really excited.

During the entire climbing process, we can admire the surrounding mountains, which have been spreading over each other for several kilometers. There will be many good angles in this process, we can take photos with friends. And if we look at it from the side, we can also see the thickness of the city wall. When I saw it, I felt that this could indeed be a precautionary effect.

Badaling Great Wall Beijing Day Tour Guide

Especially when it comes to each of the towers, we can stay a little longer and admire some of these unique buildings, which are ingenious ones that can hide themselves and not be discovered by others. In addition to these, the eight or so paragraphs here are particularly exciting. There are many monuments with a sense of time and other historical things. We can look at the wisdom of people at that time through these things. When it reaches the highest place, it may be too late. At this time, we can take advantage of the sun to see the length of this.

Dear friends, do you like this place? What do you think about it? Why don’t you go check it out this time?


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