Banyan Tree Macau ,Ground breaking indoor private pool

Banyan Tree Macau

The Galaxy Macau Integrated Resort City, which integrates food, drink, shopping, and shopping, and provides quality accommodation services. There are six 5-star hotels in the Galaxy Macau Integrated Resort City, including: Banyan Tree Macau, Broadway Hotel, Galaxy Hotel, Hotel Okura Macau, JW Marriott Hotel Macau, The Ritz-Carlton Macau.

Banyan Tree Macau
High-rise city resort

If Macau is a crystal diamond, countless top hotels here make up the countless brilliant sides of the diamond, as dazzling as the Milky Way.

Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Tree Macau lobby

Located at the junction of Cotai City Road and Lotus Beach Road, the world-famous Macau Galaxy Resort City, The Ritz-Carlton Macau, Banyan Tree Macau, JW Marriott Hotel Macau and Hotel Okura Macau, is undoubtedly On this 29.5 square kilometers of land, the most shining one.

Explore Banyan Tree Macau with everyone today.

1.Overall style introduction

Banyan Tree, a big-name hotel in the hotel industry that originated in Phuket just like Anman, “single planted forest, lush foliage”, has expanded rapidly from Bangtao Bay, and has half of its mountains and rivers in China. The semicolon opened in Macau is the first and only high-rise city resort in Macau, and it is also the only standard holiday villa area with its own garden and private swimming pool.

Banyan Tree Macau
Swimming pool

Banyan Tree Macau, listed in the Forbes Travel Guide’s top ten triple-five-star hotels in the world, is a quiet place in a prosperous metropolis. Entering the hotel from the secluded entrance on the first floor of the Galaxy Macau, Banyan Tree’s exquisite Thai hospitality The Tao immediately permeates this tranquil paradise between form and sound.

2.Villa Suite Introduction

Banyan Tree Macau

Banyan Tree Macau presents the only 256 rooms in the form of suites and villas with a boutique concept, focusing on the privacy and acceptance of guests, creating a friendly and relaxed hotel atmosphere in a low-key manner.

Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Tree Macau
Indoor pool
Banyan Tree Macau
Yuexin Pool Overview
Banyan Tree Macau
Yuexin Pool supporting equipment

Drawing on the classic elegance of Chinese architectural style, Banyan Tree Macau combines ancient tradition with modern furniture. The design of all suites and villas is full of oriental characteristics, and the decoration is gorgeous. The color of the rooms is decorated with vermilion tones that symbolize auspiciousness. The tones of the rooms are decorated with vermilion tones that symbolize auspiciousness. The interior design cleverly blends classic oriental elements with the characteristics of modern suites. In addition to the room size of 100 square meters, each villa is equipped with a swimming pool and a secluded garden.

Banyan Tree Macau
In-room details
Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Tree Macau cloakroom

The hotel also pioneered the introduction of an incomparable private pool of pleasure to sit indoors and enjoy the spectacular views of Cotai City and Hengqin Island from the window, taking the urban holiday concept to a new level.

3.Banyan Tree Spa

The world-renowned and award-winning Banyan Tree Spa is known as a sanctuary for sensory rest. This time the professional therapist brought the Banyan Tree Spa’s “Heart Quietness” philosophy to the Macau semicolon without any ambiguity.

Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Tree Spa

The two spa pools in the Banyan Tree Spa filled with tropical rain and dew patterns and the 3,400 square meter spa room will definitely make your love more points.

Banyan Tree Macau
Spa pool with tropical rain and dew pattern

There is also a spacious outdoor swimming pool and the Yuetao Gallery of eight luxurious private poolside cabins will give you a different kind of privacy experience.

4.Hotel catering

1) Shangfang

Banyan Tree Macau
Shangfang Restaurant

Banyan Tree Macau’s special restaurant-Shangfang won the award for authentic Thai cooking. Shangfang uses Thai herbs, spices and ingredients to produce exquisite Thai cuisine to meet the taste requirements of diners. Shang Fang is an authentic Thai restaurant. The price is not very expensive. The Thai semi-buffet, starting at RMB 100, is the absolute king of value for money in five-star hotel dining.

Banyan Tree Macau
Shangfang Food
Banyan Tree Macau
Shangfang Dessert

2) Belon

The beautifully shaped lines constitute the chic interior decoration style of the Belon restaurant. Here, you can order dishes, selected set menus and special dessert menus to meet the unique tastes of each customer.

3) Banyan Tree

The overall earth tones and light-colored armchairs with comfortable cushions exude a vibrant and unique atmosphere of the old world. You can have a drink before dinner, a glass of champagne after the meal, or choose an elegant snack from the sumptuous afternoon tea menu.

4) Yue Tao Gallery

You can relax with a cocktail at the poolside cottage, while you can choose fine snacks and taste a range of international cuisine. Yue Tao Gallery offers barbecue packages and direct access to the pool and sunbathing terrace area.

5.Department of Commerce

1) Banyan Banquet Hall

Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Banquet Hall

Banyan Tree Macau Ballroom has an area of ​​1,330 square meters and a 7-meter high ceiling, which can accommodate 1,300 guests. The banquet hall is an ideal choice for large-scale banquets. It can hold a gluttonous banquet for 500 people, realizing the ideal state of “adjustable public mouth”.

2) Banyan Hall

Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Conference Room

It covers an area of ​​660 square meters, with a 6-meter high ceiling, which can accommodate 600 people to attend the conference and 252 people for banquets.

3) Banyan Tree Conference Room

Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Room

The conference room has a round conference table, a 6-meter high ceiling, covers an area of ​​80 square meters, and has modern conference facilities. The second meeting room is equipped with a leisure bar to create a comfortable atmosphere for business negotiations.

4) Yue Tao Gallery Pool Terrace

Banyan Tree Macau
Yue Tao Gallery Pool Terrace

The outdoor leisure club has no roof restrictions, looking up at the endless sky, the Yuetao Gallery pool terrace thus provides a unique and unique meeting place that impresses the participants. It can accommodate 400 people in the cocktail party layout and 120 people in the outdoor dinner layout.

5.Water Park

Banyan Tree Macau
Air surf pool

Tianlang Taosha, the world’s largest aerial surfing pool

Banyan Tree Macau
Tianlang Taosha

Tianlang Taosha has the world’s longest 575-meter air transparent torrent slide, which can flip up to 1.5-meter-high artificial waves.

Banyan Tree Macau
Children’s Water Play Area

Tianlang Taosha has Macau ’s largest children ’s water play area, including a water play tower, as well as recreational equipment such as a play valley, water dome, rainforest and fountain.

6.Convenient transportation

From the gate: 11 kilometers, about 20 minutes
Distance from Lianhua Port: 2.5 km, about 5 minutes by car
Distance from Macau Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal: 10 km, about 15-20 minutes by car
Distance from Taipa Ferry Terminal, Macau International Airport: 3 km, about 5-10 minutes by car
In addition, the hotel provides a free shuttle bus, service time 9: 00-24: 00

7.Other information

Banyan Tree Macau, 5-STAR HOTEL, Macao Green Hotel Award

Address : COTAI, Nascente da Avenida Marginal Flor de Lótus e a Sul da Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora de Esperança
Tel :+853 8883 6888
Fax: +853 8883 0123
No. of Rooms :256
Reference Rate

At Banyan Tree Macau, looking at the sky, clouds and clouds, the time flows slowly and lightly, and the heart is unspeakable tranquility.

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