Best travel destinations from March to April

The new year has begun. Are you ready for this year’s travel plan? As a veteran global travel enthusiast, I chatted with friends a few days ago and found that there are really many places worth traveling in March and April. I would recommend it to everyone today!

March and April are actually very suitable for travel. You can see from several aspects:

  • Compared with the high summer season from May to September this season, there are not so many people in the scenic spot.
  • The price of air tickets from March to April will be much cheaper than the peak season.
  • The season is suitable. The northern hemisphere begins to spring and the southern hemisphere begins to fall. It is neither cold nor hot, and the climate is very pleasant.
  • Southeast Asia has not yet entered the rainy season. The rainy season in South America has just passed. The northern hemisphere is full of flowers and the southern hemisphere is full of autumn.

To sum up, March and April are simply too suitable for travel, especially for long journeys.

Recommendation one:Dutch Keukenhof

Keukenhof Tulip Festival, it is recommended to go in mid-late April. Large areas of tulip flowers are around Keukenhof. Think about the blue sky, white clouds and flowers. In the Keukenhof garden, there are tulips of various colors and other flowers. On April 26, it can also catch the annual King ’s Day in the Netherlands. It is a national holiday and there are celebrations in each city.

Keukenhof Tulip

Tulips, once loved by European nobles, were once used by economics to describe the tulip stems of the “bubble economy”, and now they have entered the homes of ordinary people.


Large fields of tulip flowers, when you look at it from afar, you can feel good just by looking at the stars.


Recommendation two:New Zealand

In the southern hemisphere, New Zealand, when people go in April, there are not too many people. In the fall, the lake here is transparent in color and the sky is blue. In some places, colorful forests can be seen.


Autumn season is a good choice, driving by car, and group tours.


Autumn in New Zealand has begun in April, and the color of the leaves has gradually changed. Red, yellow, green, brown, and dots are dotted together, just like God’s overturned color palette.


Recommended three:Switzerland, Austria, southern Germany

These places can take a self-driving trip. In the warm spring season, there is a slight temperature difference between day and night. The mountain is already covered with green grass, but there are still snow on the mountain. The roads in these countries are simply my favorite European routes. There are customs and humanities everywhere, and it is most appropriate to use lakes and mountains to describe it.


Over the top of a mountain, watching the sky high clouds, houses in the distance, a cup of hot coffee, a good time at this moment.


The snow is melting in winter, the earth is recovering, the green of the mountains is in sight, and it is full of vitality.


Recommended four:Peru, Bolivia

I went there in April with two friends. The rainy season has just passed and the weather is good. There are mostly sunny days in Peru. It is a very good season for hikers. For tourists who like to see cultural monuments, visiting Machu Picchu in the fall is definitely a good choice.


In addition to Peru, I also recommend a country next to him, Bolivia. I go here mainly to see the Uyuni salt lake, which is also the sky we often say. Many people think that you should go from January to February because it is the rainy season. , But I think it may be better in March-April, because although it is not the rainy season, experienced local drivers can still find a suitable sky for you to take pictures of. Moreover, in many deep areas, if the rainy season is caught up, the roads are muddy and the traffic is not so convenient, and these problems do not exist in March-April.


In the hinterland of Bolivia’s salt lake, you can see a lot of scenery like the picture below. There are deserts, lakes, snowy mountains, and Gobi.


In the hinterland of the salt lake, you can also see the color of the lake formed by the color change of the lake caused by microbial content, such as red lakes and green lakes. Of course, if you are lucky, you can also see many South American flamingos.


Recommended five:Chiang Mai

There are many stories in the small town. The last time I went to Chiang Mai was a few years ago, but I still have a lot of good memories, because traveling in this city is really leisurely. Many westerners travel and think this place is good, and stay here for the rest of their lives.


If you go in March or April, there will not be as many people as the Spring Festival, and the price has already come down. And there is no commercial hustle and bustle in southern Thailand, a quiet northern town.
If it is April, it can still catch up with the annual Songkran Festival. You can go for a fun.


Recommended six:Japan

Japan should now be a country suitable for travel throughout the year, but every winter, spring and autumn are the hottest.


Go skiing in winter, cherry blossom viewing in spring, and maple viewing in autumn. Come summer to avoid the heat. The cherry blossom season in spring is absolutely beautiful. The wind blows and falls in the air. However, Japan is a hot season this year, and it is recommended to book air tickets and hotels in advance if you want to go.

Recommended seven:Iceland

Although Iceland has passed its peak season in March, there are still many people who choose it. The natural scenery of Iceland itself is definitely one of the only places on earth to see. Iceland has glaciers, volcanoes, Gobi, hills, lakes, coasts, Iceland, It is full of various features that the earth can imagine. And Iceland is still the place to see the Aurora in March. If you do n’t go in March, you can only wait for the next winter.


When I saw the Northern Lights, I couldn’t restrain the excitement and joy in my heart, cheering and jumping, and the whole sky danced in front of you. This feeling can only be understood, but unspeakable.


When you go to Iceland, you must not go alone. You must go with a few friends, because there are few people there. Unlike Thailand, there are crowds everywhere. In Iceland, the air is full of loneliness.


Recommended eight:Spain and Portugal

The temperature in the Mediterranean can already be worn with short sleeves during the day. The Iberian Peninsula, which belongs to Spain and Portugal, is relatively hot in summer. However, in March and April, the temperature is definitely comfortable and the price is cheap. Go to the Bernabeu stadium to watch a game, go to Barcelona to see Gaudi’s great building, the Sagrada Familia, go to Valencia to eat authentic paella, go to Granada to learn flamenco dance, I believe it is already here You plan the list.If you have an idea, then take action.


Moreover, from March 15th to March 19th each year, there is an annual Falla Festival, which allows you to feel different customs and customs, and to participate in it deeply.


The few countries recommended above are places to visit from March to April. In fact, there are many interesting places worth visiting, but different seasons have different scenery.

As long as you are on the road, you will explore the direction of travel.

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