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When traveling, air tickets often account for the bulk of consumption. Booking cheap special air tickets will make travel even better. How can I buy a cheap ticket? What should you pay attention to when buying special air tickets?

1、Booking time

It is recommended to book international tickets in advance from mid-to-late February to early March, and to book international tickets from mid-to-late September to early October. This time is generally the lowest price period for international tickets, so as to avoid the peak season. In addition, ticket prices fluctuate three times a day, and the best time to buy is in the morning. For the week, airfare is the cheapest from Tuesday to Thursday.

2.The best ticket booking platform


Skyscanner is the world’s largest air ticket comparison website, supporting low-cost and traditional airline price inquiry. Its biggest advantage is that it has a large number of suppliers, covering more than 1,200 airlines and travel websites around the world, as well as many cheap airline official website channels. In addition, Skyscanner also supports fuzzy search, which can search for the cheapest fare in a certain country or region in a month. So it’s okay to go shopping on Skyscanner, maybe you can have unexpected gains!


The biggest highlight of momondo is the “price detector” function, which will make a large scale from the dimensions of “airline, seasonal factors, scheduled days in advance, seven days a week, airport selection, time period” and other dimensions based on the destination and travel time you enter Data analysis helps you choose the most cost-effective air ticket. It is a highly professional software.


iGola integrates the information of many large ticket booking platforms, and the price advantage is obvious. It is a platform with both ticket search and booking functions.


The biggest highlight of Priceline is the “Name Your Own Price” feature. If your travel time is more flexible, then you can definitely buy tickets with super satisfactory prices using this website! In addition, another super easy-to-use function of this website is Combine flights from two different airlines to help you find better-priced connecting flights. However, when booking such a ticket, it is necessary to consider the transit time to avoid unnecessary trouble due to delays in the aircraft and insufficient transit time.


Hipmunk website can list a chart to show all low-cost air tickets in the next 90 days, according to the price, flight time and transit times, to help you find the best air tickets.

Agent and official website booking

If you can find a reliable agent, the price of the ticket must be much more favorable than booking, and it will save time and effort. However, we must pay attention to identify whether the agent is reliable, not just cheap, and finally cause some unnecessary trouble.
In addition, if you have plenty of time and don’t rush to book tickets, you can subscribe to the airline’s push and low price reminders first. Because many offers and specific information can only be seen on the airline’s official website. And if the ticket price of the agent is similar to that on the official website, it is recommended to book directly on the official website. In addition to accumulating mileage, it is much more convenient to return to the official website and sign up after sales than to contact the agent. Moreover, if the ticket purchased on the official website has fallen in value, you can also appeal to return the difference and get Refund. These Refunds can be directly deducted from the ticket money next time.

3.How to choose an airline

For those who often fly long distances, there will always be several preferred airlines and several blacklist members. Punctuality, accident rates, cabin comfort, and the deliciousness of meals on the plane are all criteria for judging.
TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website, has selected the best airlines in the world for 2019 based on 450 million user feedback.

2019 Traveler’s Choice Awards-World’s Top Ten Airlines

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • EVA Air
  • Emirates
  • Japan Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Azul Airlines
  • Air New Zealand
  • Jet2 Airlines (
  • All Nippon Airways

Other awards:

  • Best First Class: Emirates
  • Best Business Class: Qatar Airways
  • Best Premium Economy Class: Air New Zealand
  • Best Economy Class: Singapore Airlines

These 10 airlines are very reliable in general. After all, they are more than ten hours of flight. If you can buy reliable and comfortable flights, you will also reduce the fatigue of some journeys.

4、Frequently Asked Questions: Buy Air Ticket Early vs Visa

Although the ticket price will generally follow the rule of buying earlier and cheaper, it is still recommended: Unless the ticket price is really particularly cheap, such as economy class one-way tax included within 2500 yuan, etc., or wait for the visa approval before buying tickets.

From the perspective of humanity, some airline tickets have a claim that a full refund after refusal is attached, but there is something in the US visa called “administrative review.” Checks are a common occurrence, and check times range from days, weeks, and months. But unfortunately, no airline will provide free rescheduled for check. If your visa has not been issued on the day you are leaving, your loss will be great!

Some people will say, I can buy a cheap ticket first, and then change it to the day of my departure. Will it be okay to pay the change fee?
There is a paradox. The cheaper the ticket, the stricter the rules for refunds, changes, or even no refunds. Even if it can be changed, in most cases it is necessary to make up the difference from the current purchase. For example, your original ticket was 4,000 yuan, and the rebooking fee was 2500 yuan; now the ticket is 7,000 yuan, then you need to pay a 2500 yuan rebooking fee (7000-4000) yuan difference, a total of 5500 yuan, plus You had already paid 4,000 yuan, and you actually spent 9,500 yuan on this ticket. The implication is to buy a ticket later, but pay a lot of extra fees.

Another point is that when you change your visa, you must change your flight to the same airline. At this time, if you see another airline selling 6,000 yuan ticket, do you buy it or not?

The price of travel tickets still affects the quality of travel. Hope you can find the most suitable air tickets.

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