China’s confusing “local specialty” snacks


I believe that everyone who travels to China,
Have encountered some “fake” local souvenirs,
Make people laugh and cry.
For example, toasted cold noodles, the toasted cold noodles I ate in Beijing was called “Northeast special roasted cold noodles”, but when I came to the northeast, I saw: “Korean special roasted cold noodles”.

For example, stinky tofu, “Wuhan stinky tofu” was eaten in Changsha, and “Changsha stinky tofu” was eaten in Wuhan, so what are the characteristics of stinky tofu?

Another example is the N series of monsters that every city will have: basically all kinds of mung bean cakes, chestnut cakes and walnut cakes …

The eight monsters in Chengdu are still relatively “modest”. In Shaanxi, two more monsters became “top ten monsters”. In Yunnan, they were more powerful. There were enough 18 kinds, and it was difficult for them …

After traveling through many cities and countries you will find that
Food with place names,
Does not equal “local specialty”,
If you don’t believe me, come and see:

Yangzhou fried rice

I didn’t know until Yangzhou. The Yangzhou people didn’t know why it was called “Yangzhou Fried Rice”. It was neither invented by local chefs, nor did it have local ingredients.

Macau bean fishing

I did n’t know until Macau that Macau Dou Lao, which has spread all over China and even to other countries, does not belong to Macau at all.

Japanese tofu

I did n’t know until Japan that Japanese tofu simmered in Chinese hot pot is not found in Japan at all! Japanese tofu is actually not tofu at all, but made from eggs, more like a frozen egg scoop.

 Chongqing Chicken Pot

I didn’t know until Chongqing that the chicken pot was actually a hybrid variant called Chongqing Roast Chicken and Chongqing Dry Pot Chicken. There was no chicken pot in Chongqing.

Sichuan Mala Tang

I didn’t know until Sichuan that there is no hot and spicy food here, only hot pot, pickled vegetables and skewers.

Hangzhou Xiaolongbao

I didn’t know until Hangzhou that the Xiaolongbao in the north was actually a fake Xiaolongbao! The real Hangzhou Xiaolongbao is the soup bag with “thin skinned meatballs and delicious soup”.

Shaanxi Meat Roe Deer

I didn’t know until Shaanxi that the meat dumplings were indeed Shaanxi, but they were not authentic in other places! Their meat tongs are full of meat! No other ingredients matter! Fill the coriander with meat, drizzle a little bit of soup, bite it down, and the meat is full of flavor!

Jinan Grilled Gluten

I didn’t know until Jinan that the grilled gluten was not from Xi’an, nor from Luoyang, nor from Wuhan, and of course it was not from Chengdu…. Later, it was discovered that it is a Chinese snack just like roasted cold noodles!

Shandong Pancakes

I didn’t know until Shandong that Shandong pancakes are actually Tianjin’s practice! The real Shandong pancakes are skins made of whole grains, crunchy and hard, not batter!

Old Beijing Yogurt

I didn’t know until I went around that what you thought were Beijing specialty products and Tianjin specialty products. Beijing Memory, Tianjin Memory, Chengdu Memory … The streets and alleys of Chinese tourist cities have long been captured by this glass bottled yogurt, which is no different from yogurt bought in supermarkets.

Dutch beans

It was only in the Netherlands that I learned that China has eaten dutch beans for many years. The Dutch called them “Chinese beans”. After studying it carefully, we found that this type of bean is not produced by the Netherlands or China. The earliest is from the Mediterranean …

New Orleans Grilled Wings

It wasn’t until New Orleans that the most famous here was not chicken and chicken wings, but oysters.

Taiwan Finger Cake

I did n’t know until I arrived in Taiwan that Taiwan ’s hand-cooked pie was not from Taiwan! They call this “Tianjin Onion Scrap Cake” …

Come and chat,
Have you encountered this during your travels?
Is it a “local souvenir” that confuses people?


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