China’s five most beautiful cities

Huajiantang Hotel

The five most beautiful urban areas in China are either distinctive in character, rich in history, clear in structure, well-preserved ancient buildings, or harmonious coexistence of modernity and tradition; today I recommend hotels that are particularly suitable for admiring these five most beautiful urban areas. Choose the right hotel In order to better taste the beauty of the city.

1.Historic District of Macau: Western culture is here

Recommended Hotel: Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau Reference Price: From ¥1323

Recommended reason: landmark buildings in the old city of Macau

The Historic District of Macau is an open-air museum of modern colonial culture in Macau, and the Macau Peninsula is the most historic area in Macau. The location of the Grand Lisboa Hotel is the prime location of the Macau Peninsula. You can walk to famous attractions such as the St. Paul’s and the Cannon Fort. You can enjoy the rich southern European style by walking here. The interior design of the hotel is by the interior designer of Burj Al Arab Zhou Yuyuan is in charge of the hotel. The hotel is magnificent inside and outside and is a landmark building on the Macau Peninsula. Staying in the hotel can give people a good experience regardless of whether it is hardware or software. It is the first choice hotel to experience Macau style.

2. Gulangyu Island in Xiamen: listen to the sound of the piano and listen to the waves

Gulangyu Lijiazhuang Hotel

Recommended Hotel: Gulangyu Lijiazhuang Hotel Reference Price: ¥884 up

Recommended reason: a century-old historical building, a zero-negative hotel on Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Lijiazhuang Hotel is located on Gulangyu, a world cultural heritage site. The predecessor of the hotel was Lijiazhuang, which was built in 1920. In order to better reproduce the charm of key historical buildings, Lijiazhuang strongly invited well-known local designers to design and design with Gulangyu. Inspired by the Republic of China era, every detail of the guest room is reproduced and sublimated. Here, there is a blend of classic and modern, as well as a collision of nostalgia and novelty, and a combination of the Republic of China style and the INS style. On Gulangyu Island, a historical island with ancient buildings, staying in a villa with a century-old history of the Republic of China is the correct way to open Gulangyu Island.

3. Suzhou Old Town: the ancient surrounded by modernization

Recommended Hotel: Suzhou Scholars Mansion Pingjiang Mansion Reference Price: ¥669 up

Suzhou Scholars Mansion Pingjiang Mansion

Recommended reason: the garden hotel with the most ancient Suzhou charm

“There is paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below” The entire Suzhou city is the largest garden. Pingjiang Mansion, Suzhou Scholars Mansion, is located on Pingjiang Road. It is a famous historical and cultural street in Suzhou, Pingjiang Road, not far from Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lion Garden. The hotel is quaint and a small attraction in itself. The hotel is designed with classical gardens and modernity. The building is integrated, with the ancient Chinese style and the exquisite gardens. It is antique and has the charm of Suzhou Jiangnan. It is the only creative hotel in Suzhou with a 300-year-old private garden. The prestigious Pingjiang Mansion is an excellent accommodation to watch the exquisite beauty of Suzhou gardens up close.

4. The Eight Great Passes of Qingdao: The Customs Left by the Colonists

Recommended Hotel: Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao Reference Price: ¥840 up

Recommended reason: an international brand hotel with an excellent location

Badaguan is known as the “World Architecture Exposition”. Nearly a hundred western villas have different courtyards and are full of exotic customs. Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao is located in Qingdao’s city centre, near May Fourth Square and the Olympic Sailing Center. It is about a 10-minute drive from the famous scenic spot Badaguan Scenic Area. When staying in Shangri-La Qingdao, you can take a walk on the seaside promenade and see Qingdao’s modern architecture from the sea. The blue sea, blue sky, red tiles, green trees and yellow walls are the best place to visit Qingdao’s beautiful seascape and taste European cultural relics.

5. Beijing Shichahai area: close to the fashion of Zhongnanhai

Recommended Hotel: Huajiantang Hotel (Beijing Houhai) Reference Price: ¥881 up

Huajiantang Hotel

Recommended reason: hidden in Beijing’s old hutong clusters with design features

Beijing Shichahai reflects Beijing’s quaint culture. As the most concentrated area of ​​Beijing’s hutongs, staying at the Huajiantang Hotel will undoubtedly allow you to experience the beauty of Shichahai. Huajiantang Hotel (Beijing Houhai) is located in the Yangfang Hutong with a century-old history. The backyard is directly connected to Shichahai Park. It is adjacent to the famous attractions such as Prince Gong’s Mansion. The hotel has a strong sense of design and the decoration style of the rooms is very good. If you want Feel the tranquility in the hutongs of old Beijing, and at the same time you want to have a close contact with the atmosphere of old Beijing, then choose the Huajiantang Hotel hidden in the hutongs of old Beijing.

Today, when modern buildings are rising from the ground and becoming more and more cities, thank us for the existence of these cities, choose a suitable hotel, let us set out to experience these unique historical districts!

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