Countries with low spending and visa-free travel

The world is so big, where is the recommended place to travel? It is better to recommend to everyone: those countries that do not require a visa and are not expensive.
When it comes to visa-free, there are actually two types: visa-free and visa on arrival. Although visas are required for landing visas, they can be processed when they arrive at the local area. However, they only cost a little more and pass customs clearance a bit longer.

First, let’s see which countries are visa-free:

List of visa-free countries

Among these visa-free countries, the most recommended is Indonesia. Indonesia was previously a visa on arrival, but it has recently become visa-free. Indonesia’s most famous tourist destination is Bali, and consumption is not high.

Bali, a city that can mingle with beautiful romance;

Bali, one of the best sunsets in the world;

From the pure blue sky with long clouds to the endless white sand beaches;

From the wide green grass like a golf course to the tropical gardens of all kinds;

From perfect urban infrastructure to humanistic natural environment;

From vibrant outdoor sports to intimate and comfortable soft spas, Bali has all the island holiday elements that tourists want.

Best season: July and August are the best times of the year in Bali. The humidity is relatively low in these two months, and the sun will not be too hot. Bali is located near the equator. It is warm all year round, and sun protection and heat stroke prevention measures are indispensable.
Suggested play: 4 days

After speaking of visa exemption, let’s look at the country where the visa was signed:

In these countries, the first choice must be Thailand! Low prices and cheap air tickets are known to the world!

As for the normal gameplay, what kind of elephant ride in Chiang Mai, the leap in the jungle, everyone must be very familiar with it, and there is also super fun every year-Songkran Festival!

In the whole of Thailand, about the most vibrant of the Songkran Festival is the ancient city of Chiang Mai.
During the festival, not only can you enjoy the elaborately arranged, local traditional characteristics of the ever-changing floats parade, the sacred and solemn bathing Buddha procession, the sand stupa, and the beautiful Songkran Festival beauty elections. So when you come to Thailand for the Songkran Festival, you must choose Chiang Mai.

In the days of Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai can be described as full of excitement and excitement. Taking the ancient city as the center and reaching the highest peak by the moat, Taipei Gate is the main battlefield. No matter whether it is a car or a crowd, it is full. A few kilometers long by the river, people standing on all sides creatively arranged various water splash queues.

Hi-explosive music, twisted dancing, all people are bathed in the joy of splashing water, and every drop of water is a joyful note.
People in the city can be like a child, without having to worry about work and the pressure of life. Take off the mask, maybe never wear a mask, break the barrier between strangers, and pour out a basin of water in exchange for each other’s joy and Joke.

No wonder there are so many foreign tourists in the Songkran Festival every year. This is simply an annual happy party for the whole people.

The best season: Thailand is summer all year, from November to January each year, is the best season to travel to Thailand, followed by April to October.
Suggested play: 7 days

In addition to Thailand, Cambodia is also a good choice.

Of course, you cannot miss Angkor Wat when you go to Cambodia. This site hidden in the jungle is almost a symbol of Cambodia.

Everyone comes to Cambodia with different feelings. Some people feel calm in the sunrise of Angkor Wat, some people see the rise and fall of a dynasty in the mottled ruins, and this is the charm of Angkor Wat Where it comes from religion, but it’s not just about religion, it can touch everyone’s heart, whether you come with faith or not.

If you have plenty of time, the French capital of Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville surrounded by the blue waters are also good places to travel.

Best season: November to February and June to October. These two periods are the dry and rainy seasons in Cambodia. Although the rainy season is not convenient for travel, Angkor Wat after the rain is another A different kind of beauty.
Suggested play: 4 days

In addition to the above visa-free Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia on landing visas, Sri Lanka, which can be electronically signed, is also highly recommended.

The Sri Lankan e-signature is easy to self-service online, you just fill in some personal information, and you will usually receive a reply within 24 hours.

Best season: Suitable for travel throughout the year. The climate is the most comfortable from December to March. There is a Buddha tooth festival from July to August, and the area is very lively.
Suggested play: 7 days

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