Italy Closes the Country

Italian Maple Leaf

Conte: Stop nightlife and give up something for the country

Speaking of Italy, one can think of fashion capital Milan, Venice of Water City, Rome, the birthplace of ancient Rome, and Art Center Florence, etc. However, recently a message swept the screen, and Italy was blocked due to new coronary pneumonia.

Italy closes the country


According to the BBC report, on the 9th local time, Italian Prime Minister Conte announced that in order to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic, starting from the 10th, emergency management measures for the movement of people will be extended from the northern region to the entire country of Italy, prohibiting the movement of people across regions unless work needs Emergency situations. All sports events including the Serie A league have been suspended, school suspension has been extended to April 3, and the public is prohibited from gathering in social venues such as outdoor bars and restaurants.


“We have to change our habits and change now. We all have to give up something for Italy. When I mention Italy, I mean people we love, our parents and grandparents. We only have Collaboration and immediate adaptation to these stricter guidelines will lead to success (in the case of epidemic prevention). “He also shouted to young people who continue to socialize,” We no longer allow nightlife like this. “

“The future of Italy is in our hands, and our hands must bear more responsibilities than in the past.” Conte said that the country needs to take action to prevent the epidemic from spreading in the face of emergencies. He referred to the nationally closed decree as “I stay at home” and required the people to take responsibility for themselves.

Earlier, Conte said in an interview with the Italian Republican newspaper that he once thought of Churchill’s speech “darkest moment”, but he thought Italy would win.

Concerning the closure of Italy, Conte explained that these are severe measures that must be taken to prevent further spread of the new crown pneumonia virus nationwide. “We understand the social needs of the people, especially young people. However, everyone should take responsibility at this time, and now it’s better for everyone to stay at home.”

Analysis of Italian outbreak data

According to the “New York Times” report, the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense stated that according to the latest data released by the Italian Ministry of Health on March 9, 18:00 local time, there are 7,985 patients with neocoronavirus in Italy, 463 deaths, 724 cured, and cumulative diagnosis The total number of new crown virus infections was 9,172, an increase of 1797 and an increase of 97 deaths from 18:00 on March 8.

The Italian Minister of Emergency Civil Defense Borelli said that according to the statistics of the health department, 1% of all deaths currently occur among patients aged 50 to 59, 10% among patients aged 60 to 69, and 70% to 79 31%, 44% of patients aged 80 to 89, and 14% of patients over 90 years of age.

At present, Lombardy in the north is the most severely affected area in Italy, with a total of 4,490 confirmed cases. The Italian government closed 14 provinces in the region and its neighboring areas on the 8th.

World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai said on the 9th that the threat of the new crown pneumonia epidemic posing a global pandemic “has become very real.”

Italian city closure, residents react

Italy closes, people react

On March 8, local time, Michele De Marsico told CNN at the Milan train station that he was trying to find a way to return to southern Italy. “I am worried that closed management will prevent me from going home, so I want to see the situation at the train station.”

45-year-old Roman journalist Francesca Nava said, “My mother is stranded in the blockade. She is 70 years old this year and I can’t contact her for weeks or even months. The feeling of powerlessness makes me breathless gas”.

The Italian government recommends that people outside the blockade go out only if necessary. However, Valeria Graziuss, who lives in Rome, still conducts small experiments on the travel of local people.

On the afternoon of March 8, local time, Valeria headed to Rome’s famous cafe. “On the weekends, this cafe usually has a lot of customers, and every time you come, you need to wait for a seat. Today, the government suggests to reduce going out, I am still lining up to order.”

Italian Prime Minister Conte has repeatedly emphasized that residents of the northern region are “obliged” to stay within the delineated area unless permission is obtained from the police. However, the person in charge of the epidemic in Lombardy said that “at present there are no strict regulations on access.” The director of the Social Welfare Council of Lombardy, Julio Gallera, also pointed out on social media that in order to maintain the country’s economic development, the people should stick to their work.

Critics point out that the government does not strictly control people’s travel. In addition, government officials have contradictory attitudes towards closed management, and such information has not helped curb the spread of the epidemic.

The necessity of closing the city

Italian epidemic closes

Seeing this news, I just feel that closing is the way it is, and it is necessary. Only in this way can the epidemic situation be effectively controlled and the transmission can be blocked to the greatest extent. Until the epidemic has developed, everyone should be aware of the seriousness of the incident, because it is indeed spreading fast. Whether wearing a mask or closing the country is to protect ourselves, to protect everyone, and to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Until there were no vaccines or specific drugs, this was probably one of the most effective ways to stop the virus from spreading.

Life is always paramount. Take the epidemic seriously and stop joking about your own life. Life is really weak in the face of the virus, and serious epidemic prevention is a must. Hope everything gets better soon. The new crown virus is indeed terrible, but in a special period, we must adjust our mentality and face it positively and rationally. I believe that everything will be okay.

Analysts point out that the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in European countries continues to increase, and the types of cases are gradually shifting from external input to local broadcast. Italy’s upgrade of the “cities closure” initiative has positive significance in preventing the spread of the epidemic in its own country and in other European countries. In view of the fact that the current epidemic situation has affected many countries, in order to win the war against epidemics, all countries in the world should join hands to actively carry out international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control and build a joint anti-epidemic front.

The cause of the new type of coronary pneumonia, we can not go abroad to play at will, when the epidemic is over, we can travel to Italy.

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