Detailed Explanation of Macau Hotel Distribution

Detailed Explanation of Macau Hotel Distribution

Macau’s lodging areas are mainly located in the two areas of Taipa Island and Macau Peninsula, and Coloane Island has very few lodgings. According to statistics from third-party platforms, 75% of tourists would choose to stay on the Macau Peninsula, 22% of tourists would choose on Taipa Island, and 3% of tourists would choose Coloane.

Macau Hotel Distribution

The idea of this article is to sort out the distribution of hotels, select the methods and strategies of hotels, hoping to avoid thunder when you travel to Macau. Don’t talk nonsense, let’s start with the simpler Taipa Island.

Taipa Island

Taipa Island Hotels

Taipa Island is positioned as a top luxury hotel, and luxury brands such as Banyan Tree Macau and Four Seasons Hotel Macau are all located here. The accommodation in this area is not complicated to understand. It is easy to sort out by understanding the distribution of the entertainment city group.

Taipa Island is close to Zhuhai’s Hengqin Port (Macau is the Lotus Port) from west to east, followed by Galaxy Resort, Sands City Center, City of Dreams, and Wynn Palace.

Galaxy Integrated Resort Hotel Group

Galaxy Integrated Resort Hotel Group

The Galaxy Integrated Resort has 6 hotels with a total number of close to 4000 rooms.

Sands City Center Hotel Group

Sands City Center Hotel Group

The Sands Group is like a giant here. It has 6 hotels here. Among them, the Sheraton Macau Hotel, known as the largest hotel in the universe, has 4001 rooms. The Holiday Inn Sands City Center has been transformed. It is about to open under the new brand LONDONER in Macau (expected to open between 2020 and 2021). Sands Cotai Central will connect its properties to create a super shopping paradise with 850 brands.

The accommodation in this area also has two hotels separated by Sands Group. MGM has two hotels in Macau, both of which are next to the Wynn Hotel. It is easy to remember.

City of Dreams Hotels

City of Dreams Hotels

City of Dreams hotel group, there are mainly 4 hotels in this area, among which the three brands of Countdown, Morpheus and Nüwa belong to City of Dreams.

The large area to the east of the City of Dreams is Macau WYNN PALACE. This area is relatively independent. The most famous is the hotel’s daily scheduled performances.


Other Distribution

Taipa Island Other Distribution

In addition to the above-mentioned major hotel distribution, Taipa Island also has a treasure hotel-Altira Macau. This five-star hotel has a Michelin restaurant.

There is also a Regency Art Hotel Macau near this hotel with a five-star rating.

The remaining five-star is The Macau Roosevelt, which opened in 2017.

It is worth mentioning that because the area of Taipa Island is not large, although these hotels are not within the scope of large hotel groups, the straight-line distance to the bustling Venetian is only 2-3 kilometers, and it is convenient to take a taxi.

Grand Coloane Resort Macau

There are even fewer hotels in the Coloane area. Grand Coloane Resort Macau basically represents hotels in the entire region, with a five-star mark. It’s actually quite old. Not far from the Black Beach Scenic Area. The hotel faces the South China Sea. In terms of sea view, this hotel can definitely be ranked.

Macau Peninsula

After talking about the hotels on Taipa Island, let’s talk about the distribution of Peninsula Hotels in Macau, which seems complicated but is actually easy to understand. First of all, we will start with the high-standard hotels chosen by most tourists.

The Peninsula Macau

The high-end hotels on the Macau Peninsula are mainly concentrated on the shores of Nanwan Lake. This area is also the essence of Macau. You may be familiar with landmarks such as Hotel Lisboa Macau, Emperor Entertainment Group Limited, Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo. The distribution of hotels in this area from west to east is Yuetong Wharf Hotel Group, Nanwan Lakeside Hotel Group, Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel Group.

Yuetong Wharf Hotel Group

Yuetong Wharf Hotel Group

This area extends to Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo with Yuetong Pier as the center. The representative hotel is Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16, a five-star hotel.

The other two five-star hotels are the Hotel Royal on the east side of Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo and the Riviera Hotel Macau at the foot of the Bishop’s Hill. These two five-star hotels are also luxury hotels in the 80s and 90s and have been renovated in the past five years. . Because the location is not in a concentrated area, the housing prices are relatively stable.

Other hotels in this area are three-star or homestays. There are many accommodation options in the tourist concentration area. It is suitable for students with a low budget. It is so convenient to visit the attractions, whether it is the Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo business district or Guia Fortress, Bishop Hill, Gangding Qiang, and other attractions can be reached on foot. The room prices in this area are the same as those near the Gongbei Gate, with less fluctuation due to holidays and stable year-round.

Nanwan Lakeside Hotel Group

Nanwan Lakeside Hotel Group

Nanwan Lake is a concentrated area of high-end accommodation on the Macau Peninsula. Among them, the name Hotel Lisboa Macau is familiar, and you will hear it more or less in Hong Kong dramas. I believe everyone will not be too unfamiliar. There are three five-star hotels in the north of this area, among which the Grand Lisboa Hotel is the landmark of this area.

There are 5 five-star hotels on the east side of Nanwan Lake, and 1 pseudo-five-star hotel for serviced apartments.

There are also a lot of four-star hotels. Some hotels can be traced back to five-star hotels in the 90s, but they were downgraded to four-star hotels because they were old and not stylish enough. Let’s hear about some familiar hotels: Xinlihua Hotel, Emperor Hotel, Fortuna Hotel, Regal Hotel, President Hotel, Dorsett Hotel, Holiday Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, Metropark Hotel, etc.

In addition, there are so many homestays in this area. The quality of homestays varies from person to person, and the prices of homestays in this area fluctuate greatly with holidays.

Fisherman’s Wharf Hotels

Fisherman's Wharf Hotels

Fisherman’s Wharf, familiar to all, is the property of Sands Group. There are 3 five-star hotels in this area, namely

Four-star hotels are Leo Hotel, Golden Dragon Hotel, Royal Castle, Liting Seaview Hotel, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel. The style of these four-star hotels in 80-90 years. Although it has been refurbished in the past five years, it has gradually declined because of the lack of scale.

Other Distribution

Macau Peninsula Other Distribution

The remaining five-star is Crowne Plaza Macau, which is close to Gongbei Port and next to Yaohan Department Store. There are also many homestays beside the gate, which is convenient for travelers who need to hurry early. The prices of homestays in this area are less affected by holidays and weekends. The prices are quite cheap all year round, and the quality varies from good to bad and needs to be carefully considered.

There are many luxury hotels in Macau, and there are different surprises when staying in hotels of different brands. Macau is very small, so there is no need to worry about the big difference between Macau Peninsula and Taipa Island. The Macau peninsula has the atmosphere of a city, while Taipa Island has the flavor of wealth. If possible, try to stay in a new and good hotel. This is the correct way to open Macau.

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