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At the beginning of 2020, the “diamond princess” cruise epidemic made cruise tourism an industry that everyone wants to know.

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The “Diamond Princess” cruise returned and docked at Yokohama Port, Japan on February 3, and more than 2,000 passengers from more than 50 countries and regions were quarantined; by February 27, all passengers had been disembarked, and a total of 705 people were diagnosed with the new crown Pneumonia, in which 4 people died, the “Diamond Princess” incident caused widespread concern worldwide.

Reasons for the serious outbreak of “Diamond Princess”:

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First, the concentration of cruise ships is very high, and the personnel on board are diverse and highly mobile. Many overseas cruise company employees often come from various countries, and passengers are everywhere. With so many people separated from the world at sea, infectious viruses can even cause an overall disaster if they cannot be docked.
Second, intensive collective activities among people are more prone to cross infection.
Third, modern cruise ships are highly enclosed, and each cabin is hermetically sealed, and the central air-conditioning is used to complete the ventilation function. This also means that once the source of infection appears on the ship, it is likely to increase the possibility of virus spread due to the internal circulation of the air conditioner. And turning on the external circulation to adjust the cabin temperature will consume more energy, and how long it can support the ship to sail is also a problem.
Fourth, many cruise passengers often lack professional escape training. The few hours of drills on board have long been forgotten in food and entertainment. Once an accident requires large-scale evacuation, they cannot be evacuated quickly.

“Diamond Princess” is completely isolated at sea this time, and high-density people will greatly increase the risk of infection. Compared with other tourism segments, the cruise industry is more likely to cause close contact between tourists and the accelerated spread of the virus due to its high mobility, airtightness, and relative limited space for tourists’ activities.

At the same time, the practice of another cruise ship during the outbreak was commendable.
The cruise ship “Costa da Selina” with 4806 people sailed to the home port of Tianjin, China. There was a fever on the cruise ship. The relevant Tianjin authorities took proper measures within 24 hours.
Do the first keyword: fast. Human health, life and race against time, viruses, can not be slow for a moment. Our decision-making, preparation, and implementation need to be fast.
The second key word: stability. In the face of complex situations, there can be no mistakes and repetitions, and it must be done all at once, so it must be handled in a secure and all-in-one manner.

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The same dilemma, the same situation, and different treatments have achieved different results. It must be acknowledged that in terms of safety protection and health supervision, the cruise industry can be said to be one of the most well-equipped and most experienced industries. After all, this is the foundation of life. Almost all large cruise ships are equipped with 24/7 medical facilities and professionals, and some also cooperate with shore medical institutions to facilitate the timely provision of services in the event of illness. It is also very active in science and technology support. Satellite navigation, automatic collision avoidance global automatic positioning system, and intelligent monitors have been constantly updated and iterated. It has strict international standards and safety management systems, but it still cannot completely avoid maritime safety The accident happened.

In fact, from motor sailing to 10,000-ton vessels, from messy to comfortable and luxurious, in nearly two centuries, cruise ships have transformed from the original delivery vehicles into maritime tourism carriers. In recent years, the cruise industry has developed at an incredible speed, from hardware to software, which has surprised all visitors. Cruise ship, gold industry floating on water.

Why do you choose to travel by cruise?

First, it is cost-effective. A ferry ticket includes all the costs. Of course, if you shop and tip, it is not included.
Second, time is more free. Generally speaking, on a five-day cruise, he will arrange for two days to go ashore, and the remaining three days will basically be on board. You can freely arrange your own time.
Third, it is especially suitable for the elderly, children and people who want to play but not tired, because the activities arranged on board are basically in line with these three types of people.

The outbreak is unpredictable for everyone, but we cannot deny the pleasure that cruise tourism brings us. What we can do is to obey the government’s arrangements at special times and wait for the epidemic to pass, and we will take the people we want to take to cruise again.

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