DreamWorks, Six Disney World

When you were a little girl, you were going to Disneyland once; when you grew up, you were going to Disneyland once more. Disneyland opened in July 1955 and immediately became the world’s most famous and popular theme park. Founded by Walt Disney, by the end of 2016, a total of 6 resorts have been opened worldwide. Today I will share with you these six Disneyland.

six Disneyland

  • Disneyland California
  • Walt Disney World Orlando
  • Tokyo Disneyland, Japan
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Hong Kong Disneyland China
  • Shanghai Disneyland

1.Disneyland California

The California Disneyland Resort opened in 1955 and has two theme parks (California Disneyland, Disney California Adventure Park), three theme hotels, and a Disney town. The world’s first Disney theme park, known as the happiest place on earth.

Opening hours: Disney’s opening hours vary according to the season. The peak season is from 09:00 to midnight, and the weekdays are from 09:00 to 20:00 on weekdays. A detailed description of the day’s activities is included in the park guide published daily. Disney California Adventure Park is 10: 00 ~ 21: 00.

Admission fee: Disneyland adopts a one-ticket system and is divided into multiple fare combinations. Single-Day Theme Park Tickets: US $ 66 for adults and US $ 56 for children aged 3-9; One-Day Park Hopper Tickets are US $ 91 for adults and children aged 3 ~ 9-year-old US $ 81; 2-in-1 2-day pass is US $ 122 for adults and US $ 102 for children 3-9 years old. (Purchase 2-in-1 Hopper tickets to use both Disneyland and California Adventure Parks)

Address: 1313 Harbor Blvd. Anaheim

Transportation: To Disneyland California, you can take a direct bus to Disneyland from Los Angeles International Airport, which takes about 40 minutes; self-driving cars from Highway 5 (Santa Ana Fwy.), Under the Harbor Blvd. interchange, follow Just follow the Disney sign; Figueroa St. in the city center can be reached by MTA bus 460, which takes about 2 hours.

Play items

Mickey mouse cartoon city

Mickey’s Toontown is home to Mickey Mouse and all his good friends. You can visit Mickey and Minnie’s home and take photos with them. All the buildings in Mickey Cartoon City are the same as their owners. They are colorful, bright and bold, just like their owners. They have a lot of personality. Cartoon characters often appear here. You can buy a signature book and ask them to sign!

Animal world

The animal characters in Disney’s animated films are the biggest selling point of this park in Criter Country, and there is also always a screaming Splash Mountain. Under the leadership of a log boat, go roundabout In the indoor and outdoor watershed, at last, it rushed down from the real waterfall at a 90-degree vertical, soaring the tension to the highest point.

New Orleans Square

With the background of New Orleans, Louisiana, New Orleans Square presents the local characteristics deeply influenced by French colonial culture. Among them, the French-style outdoor cafe is the most famous and has a superb landscape location. , To greet tourists on board the Pirates of the Caribbean; in addition, New Orleans Plaza is also the best place to watch fantasy wonders (Fantasmic) at night.

Tomorrow World

Tomorrowland presents the future of tomorrow’s world with a theme beyond imagination. Tourists will experience the typical future world of high-speed rockets, speeding on the orbit of the landmark “Astro Orbitor”, and being in Earth-shaking 3D stereo movies. In addition, the Space Mountain, a roller coaster that roars through the vast universe, is still a key ride, allowing passengers to enter a comprehensive science fiction space journey.

American street

Main Street USA is built to imitate the American landscape more than 100 years ago. It has a very ancient taste. For visitors, American Street is the first stop to enter different theme parks in Disneyland. The tunnel effect is also the area where Disney has the most service facilities, shops and restaurants.

Borderland World

Focusing on the reclamation spirit of early American immigrants, the background of Frontierland is set in the era of early reclamation in the United States. The most popular here is the “Big Thunder Railroad”, a roller coaster similar to a mining vehicle. The riverbed covered with red stones or the ribs of dinosaurs passed by, and finally there were landslides with boulder rolling in.

Fantasy world

Disneyland has the most rides, and Fantasyland, which is the most inseparable from fairy tales. The Sleeping Beauty Castle, which stands in the center of the park, is also the spiritual symbol and landmark of Disneyland. It’s a Small World It is a classic of Disneyland. In addition, Matterhorn Bobsleds allows you to try the special experience of flying over a mountain on a sleigh, and feel the excitement of sliding down a curved steep mountain road.

Adventure world

Adventureland’s most popular ride is the Indiana Jones Adventure, which was unveiled in 1995. Its inspiration is inspired by the “Fantastic Cabinet” series, which fully displays the scenery of the African jungle and the wild paradise. . In addition, in this area, there is also a “Tarzan’s Treehouse” which is also loved by children. The tree house is surrounded by giant tropical jungle trees.

2.Walt Disney World Orlando

Orlando Walt Disney, opened in 1971 to welcome guests, with an initial total investment of $ 400 million, is currently the largest Disneyland in the world.

Orlando Disney World has a total area of ​​124 square kilometers and has 4 super large theme parks: Disney-s Epcot, Disney-s Animal Kingdom, Disney-s Hollywood Studio And Disney’s Magic Kingdom; 2 water parks; 32 resort hotels and 784 campsites.

In the Walt Disney World of Orlando, there are Central Avenue, Small World, Tomorrow World, Pioneer Land and Liberty Plaza. There are elegant old-fashioned carriages, antique shops, restaurants and tea rooms on Central Street; the small world is designed for children and the entertainment world they aspire to; in the “Tomorrow’s World”, people will be placed in a highly developed In the environment, you can go to the “Moon” for a personal visit; if you come to the Pioneer Land and Liberty Square, it will be another world, where people can relive the scenes of the immigration of the new continents in the new world, The state of the American continent during the British colonial period. Walking in the Disney world, I often encounter Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and seven dwarfs dressed as actors.

Opening hours

December-February: Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00, Weekends 9: 00-24: 00
March-May: Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00, Weekends 9: 00-24: 00
June: 9: 00-23: 00 on weekdays, 9: 00-24: 00 on weekends
July-August: Weekdays 9:00-1:00 the next day, weekends 9:00-1:00 the next day
September-November: Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00, Weekends 9: 00-24: 00

Ticket fees

One day ticket to different theme parks: Fantasy Kingdom: $ 119 for children over 10 years old, $ 113 for children aged 3-9; Several other theme parks: $ 114 for children over 10 years old and $ 108 for children aged 3-9

Address: Disney World Orlando is located on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida, USA

3.Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Tokyo Disneyland, built in 1982, was jointly constructed by the American Disney Company and the Japanese Azusa Design Company. Known as the first amusement park in Asia, Tokyo Disneyland was built in accordance with the American Disneyland. The theme park covers an area of ​​46 hectares.

Tokyo Disneyland is mainly divided into 7 areas, including the World Bazaar, Adventure Park, Western Paradise, Animal World, Dreamland, Cartoon City, and Tomorrowland. There are various parades on the stage and on the square. In the center of Disney’s main entrance, you can see the towering “Cinderella City” main building, and around it are built a variety of themed playgrounds and amusement halls, such as the Palace of Adventure, World Famous Story, Legend Palace, and Scenic Palace , Leisure tour palace, universe palace, fantasy palace and so on. Each amusement palace is equipped with detailed plot commentary and music. The park maintains the authentic style of the Disneyland in the United States, so that people can experience its “non-daily” performance characteristics. You can also see a large parade in Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland has five theme parks: Victorian-era street-style world markets, adventurous and legendary adventure parks, western pioneers in the western era, dreamland and fairytale fantasy parks, tomorrow, science and universe tomorrow parks. There are 35 wonderful performances in these five theme parks, and their common feature is “everything is lively and vivid.”

In October 1998, Tokyo started construction of the Disney Sea Paradise, which cost about 338 billion yen (1 dollar is about 100 yen).

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9: 00-22: 00, Saturday to Sunday 8: 00-22: 00.

Ticket fees

One day tour ticket is 6,900 yen for one person (student ticket for 12 years old or older is 5,500 yen for one person, seniors ticket is 5,700 yen for one person, and children from 4 to 11 years old are 4,200 yen for one person).
Tickets for day trips are divided into two-day, three-day, and four-day tours, of which two-day tickets are 11,000 yen for one person (student tickets over 12 years old are 9,800 yen for one person, children over 4 years old are 7,600 yen per person); three-day tour ticket is 14,200 yen per person (12-year-old student ticket is 12700 yen per person, children over 4 years old are 9800 yen per person); four-day tour ticket is 16,500 day One person (14,800 yen per person for students over 12 years old, 11,500 yen per child for children over 4 years old).
Group fares of 25 people or more are 5,800 yen per person (4,900 yen for one student over 12 years old, and 3,900 yen for one child over 4 years old).
The annual ticket for Tokyo Disneyland is 53,000 yen per person (children over 4 years old are 37,000 yen per person).
Children under three years old are free.

Address: Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, East of Tokyo, Japan


From Tokyo East Station, take the JR Keiyo Line and Musashino Line and get off at the South Exit of Maihama Station; you can also take the Shinjuku Station (Shinan Exit), Yokohama Station (East Exit), Kawasaki Station (East Exit), (TamaPlaza) Station ( (North Exit) by direct bus; it can also be reached by ordinary buses at the Tokyo Metro Urayasu Station; direct buses are available from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport to Disneyland.
By car, you can drive along the shoreline of the Capital Expressway Bay and get off at the exit of Shimouraan Interchange in 5 minutes.

Paradise Features

1、Everything is dynamic
Tokyo Disneyland has seven themed areas: Victorian-era street-style world markets, adventurous and legendary adventure parks, western parks in the pioneering era of the west, animal worlds that fully appreciate the scenery of the water, fantasy parks that draw people into the fantasy world, Such as the cartoon city in the fairy tale kingdom, the future of science and the universe of the universe.

There are 35 wonderful performances in these seven themed areas, and their common feature is “everything is lively and vivid.” There are magical, novel, thrilling, exciting scenes and character scene settings. What makes this possible is the “electronic acoustic motion device” developed by Japan. Driven by this device, the total number of puppets and animals in the park is more than 2,000, which is enough to make people feel like they are real.

2、Never finish
Since the opening of the park, Tokyo Disneyland has implemented a business strategy of constantly adding new playgrounds, appliances and services to attract tourists and return visitors. The park originally invested 150 billion yen. Over the past 18 years, the park has invested 120 billion yen in building super audio equipment and 35 playgrounds. In this way, visitors can continue to have new fun and new experiences, so that the park continues to maintain great charm.

Paradise climate

March to May is spring. It was still cold in early spring, and it was necessary to wear a thick coat. However, in May, when the plants began to sprout, it was warm at noon. The temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, but it is basically comfortable throughout the day, the weather is warm, the humidity is low, and the wind is sunny.
June to August is the hottest season of the year. In particular, the temperature from July to August just after Meiyu has exceeded 30 ° C and the humidity is very high. Every day is sultry weather in midsummer. June coincides with the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. In August, even at night, the temperature will not drop below 25 ° C, and the weather will be hot.
September to November is autumn. In September, there will be a summer atmosphere with a daytime temperature of 30 ° C or higher, and in October, there will be a typhoon. In the Okutama area, the red leaves have turned red since late October, and the scenery is pleasant.
Winter is from December to February, and the temperature is low. Although it occasionally snows, there is no snow in the city center. The day becomes shorter and the sunset is about 4: 30-5: 30 in the afternoon.

best time

Spring and autumn, cherry blossom viewing in spring, maple viewing in autumn.
Spring in Tokyo belongs to cherry blossoms. From Shinjuku Gyoen to Chidoribuchi, taste a bite of cherry blossom cake and a sip of sake.
Maple trees in various famous gardens in the city turn red in the autumn season of Tokyo, dotted with classical courtyards.

Must play

In the center of the Disney’s main entrance, you can see the towering “Cinderella City” main building, and around it there are various themed playgrounds and amusement halls. Here are some of the main theme parks:

The musical of “Mickey’s House”

Do n’t miss it if you like Mickey Mouse, there are big songs and dances here and there, and the main characters are the characters in Disney. The accompaniment is also a famous song of Disney movies.

Cinderella City

This is a bit thrilling place, and friends who like adventure will definitely love it. This is also the “exclusive operation” of Tokyo Disney. Tourists enter the castle and through the castle adventure activities, the interaction is very strong. “Cinderella City” is one of the most popular places in Disney.


This is a fairytale paradise. Here you can meet the heroes of many fairy tales, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Mickey, and you can go to the “Little World” while listening to the “Little World” sung by countries around the world, sitting Boats, from Europe, Asia, Africa to Central and South America and the Pacific Ocean, different folk customs, and finally ending the week of the world in a chorus of children’s voices, you will certainly not want to leave this dream-like world.

Annual event
January 1-January 5 New Year’s Special Program
April 3-June 30 Special event “Disney Easter Fantasy World”
November 7-December 25 Special event “Christmas Dream”

Dream wedding
Oriental Park of Japan held its first wedding in Tokyo Disneyland on September 28, 2012. The bride and groom from Saitama Prefecture held a wedding ceremony in the Disneyland’s symbolic building “Cinderella Castle”.
Disneyland weddings are part of the Disney Royal Dream Wedding program, which went on sale in 2012. The wedding can accommodate up to 50 people. A couple is limited to 7.5 million yen per day for a couple, including a wedding reception. Also included are accommodations for Disneyland hotel suites (500,000 yen per night) for grooms and brides, and one-day tickets to Disneyland. The wedding is expected to take place once or twice a month.

Ocean Park
In October 1998, Tokyo started construction of the Disney Sea Paradise, which cost about 338 billion yen (about 12 billion yuan), covers an area of ​​47.8 hectares, and has a capacity of 10 million tourists a year. Ocean Amusement Park is closely adjacent to the well-known Tokyo Disney Amusement Park and belongs to the US Disney series. Both are operated by Japan ’s Oriental Amusement Park.

Tokyo DisneySea is built on the shore of Tokyo Bay in the Maihama area of ​​Chiba Prefecture, 10 kilometers from downtown Tokyo. When you walk in the park, you can see: the multi-masted ancient ships frequented on the surface of 9.2 hectares of water; 7 imitation port cities and towns show the customs of the world; the 10,000-ton passenger ship built by the sea can be almost unreal; the huge The “active volcano” was accompanied by a rumbling sound, constantly spitting fire and smoke. At night, lasers and fireworks are intertwined, and the water stage performances climax one after another.

There are 23 ingenious projects, 33 kinds of dining facilities and 32 tourist shops in the park, which are distributed among the castles and “volcanoes”. The amusement items here are mostly related to the sea itself and the legends of the sea, for visitors to experience the magic, romance, horror and thrilling feelings.

4.Disneyland Paris, France

Disneyland Paris, with an area of ​​1951 hectares, was officially opened on April 12, 1992. The Pirate House in the Caribbean Sea in the park, the scenes of war with gunfire and the robbers of the pirates, are vivid and impressive; in the small world park of Disney Cartoon World, a pleasant song, dressed in national costumes of various countries The little puppets sang songs and dances, so that everyone was unanimously showing joy. Space roller coasters and submarines are all new and interesting gadgets that are fun and unforgettable.

Disneyland Paris is composed of five parts. The main entrance of Main Street USA is full of old town scenes in the American cowboy era, which makes people feel like entering a time tunnel. Adventureland’s world-famous big ships and the grand mountains of the Grand Canyon add Parisian style. Like other Disney parks, Paris Disney Park is mainly based on western towns, grand canyons, pirate ships and other scenes. The difference is: In order to integrate into the local society and culture, whether it is the design of the castle, the carving of streets, or buildings, Even the shape of the grove of flower gardens is designed to be exquisite and elegant. It is very different from other Disneyland parks. It has the feeling of a European classical palace garden. There is also a Disney Studio Park next to the park, which together form the Disney leisure area of ​​Paris.

Opening hours: 9: 00-23: 00

Admission fee: 44 euros for adults and 36 euros for children (ages 3-11); two-day passes for adults 95 euros and 78 euros for children; three-day passes for adults 119 euros and 98 euros for children

Address: 32 kilometers east of Paris, France

Transportation: Gare de Marne-la-Vallée, only 200 meters from the park’s gate.
From Paris, take the RER A line directly from Paris Lyon Station.
From major cities in other provinces (Marseille, Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Nantes, Rennes, Montpellier, etc.), you can take the TGV train directly

Best season: All seasons. Paris has a mild climate during the four seasons. When you travel here, the weather is not an important factor. You can enjoy different charms whenever you come.

5.Hong Kong Disneyland, China

Hong Kong Disneyland, covering an area of ​​126 hectares, was officially opened on September 12, 2005. Hong Kong International Theme Park Co., Ltd., jointly operated by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and The Walt Disney Company, is the world’s largest Five, Asia’s second, China’s first Disneyland.

The park is divided into 7 theme parks: American Town Street, Adventure World, Fantasy World, Tomorrow World, Toy Story Base Camp, Grizzly Valley and Blurred Manor. Grizzly Valley and Blur Manor are unique in the world. The park is equipped with themed rides, entertainment performances, interactive experiences, catering services, merchandise shops and snack kiosks. In addition, paradise shows and fireworks displays are held every night.

Hong Kong Disneyland features some unique attractions, two Disney-themed hotels, and a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment facilities. The park roughly includes seven themed areas, similar to other Disney parks, including: “American Town Street”, “Battleman Base Camp”, “Adventure World”, “Fantasy World” and “Tomorrow World”, and “Grizzly Valley” “,” Blurred Manor. ” In addition to the well-known Disney classic stories and rides, Hong Kong Disneyland also designed Hong Kong’s cultural features and conceived a number of rides, entertainment shows and parades for Hong Kong. In the park, you can also find Disney’s cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Mulan, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty Princess.

Opening hours: 10: 30-20: 30
tips: Please refer to the official website for specific hours and opening hours of individual parks.

Ticket fees
One-day ticket: HK $ 619 for adults (age 12-64), HK $ 458 for children (age 3-11), HK $ 100 for elderly (age 65 or above);
Two-day ticket: HK $ 799 for adults (age 12-64), HK $ 589 for children (age 3-11), and HK $ 170 for elderly (age 65 or above);
One-day ticket + gourmet roll: HKD 735 for adults (age 12 to 64) and HKD 583 for children (age 3 to 11).
Free of charge: children under 3
tips: Two-day tickets are applicable to any two days within seven days, and must enter the park for the first time on or before September 8, 2019; detailed annual ticket and other fare details are subject to the official website.

Address: Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China



  • Take the fast and convenient subway, transfer to Disney Line at Xinao Station to Disney Station.
  • From Hong Kong International Airport (Airport Station) to Tsing Yi Station and then transfer to Tung Chung Line to Xinao Station.
    Train service time between Xin’ao Station and Disney Station: From Xin’ao Station: 06: 15-00: 45; from Disney Station: 06: 20-00: 40


  • Take bus R33, R42 to and from Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong downtown;
  • Buses to the airport / Tung Chung or AsiaWorld-Expo (ie “A” and “E” buses), interchange at Lantau Link Toll Plaza to route R8 to Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Take the cross-border bus service to and from Hong Kong Disneyland and Mainland China via Huanggang.

Best travel time: Best for autumn and winter. Hong Kong is relatively cool in autumn and warm in winter.

Must play

  • Wilderness Theater: The “Lion King Celebration” scene is wonderful and the curtain is full of surprises.
  • Dream Garden: Unique to Hong Kong Disney, the Mulan Pavilion with Chinese design.
  • Sleeping Princess Castle: a landmark of Disneyland, a must-see location for girls.
  • Winnie the Pooh Adventure: Sit on the honey bottle that Winnie the Pooh is holding day and night, and get back to innocence.
  • Mickey’s Fantasia: 4D three-dimensional movie, three-dimensional effect, personally experience the water splash, wind blowing, and even smell of different scenes in the movie.
  • Flying over Space Mountain: The roller coaster shuttles through the Space Mountain, and the surrounding universe is full of science fiction. The flying experience is very exciting.
  • Buzz Lightyear Interstellar Adventure: When the Star Guards defeated King Soker and knocked down the monster with a laser gun, it felt really good to be vigilant and punish.
  • Adventure World Forest River Tour: Experience the strange river tour while admiring the forest atmosphere of the primitive scenery of Africa next to the boat.
  • Small town street antique cars: There are a variety of antique cars that take tourists to the squares at both ends of the street, including minibuses, taxis, and prison cars.
  • Steam Train: The train takes you around the entire Disneyland for a week, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding scenery so that you can book your own itinerary.
  • Mickey’s Gold Musical: Here you can see Disney’s most popular movies and characters.

Paradise Food

The menu of the park blends classic Chinese and Western dishes, including authentic Chinese and American dishes. In addition, the mobile food truck also offers a variety of snacks.

  • Royal Ballroom: The Royal Ballroom has an elegant environment, where you can enjoy international cuisine: American barbecue, Japanese cuisine, Chinese dim sum, and special risotto.
  • Xiaozhu Huanfang: This fast-food restaurant inspired by the Disney movie “Bell Tower Camel Man” offers Beijing cuisine, beef noodle soup, braised pork ribs, honey-flavored barbecued pork, and small stir-fried dishes.
  • Rocket Restaurant: In this space-themed fast food restaurant, you can eat fried chicken, grilled chicken wings, black pepper and onion pork chop buns and other American fast food.
  • Comet Restaurant: You can eat Hong Kong specialties such as curry sirloin rice, savory chicken wings noodle soup and so on.
  • River View Restaurant: In this moody restaurant, you can taste the famous Portuguese pheasant, Southeast Asian or Chinese cuisine.
  • Green Forest Restaurant: This fast food restaurant full of tropical forest flavors, you can enjoy a variety of Indian-style vegetarian food, South Asian special Hainanese chicken rice, and Penang Lasha rice noodles.
  • Street restaurant: In this Victorian restaurant, you can not only eat the food of the Midwestern United States, but also taste the cuisine of China and South Asia. Special dishes include: Mickey Mouse Waffle Cake with black and white ice cream, fresh pork eggplant steak with fried rice and so on.
  • Plaza Restaurant: Sit in this restaurant inspired by the movie “Mulan” and taste a variety of Cantonese cuisine, such as spring rolls and barbecued pork with honey, it is definitely a treat!
  • Bakery Shop: Hong Kong-style egg tarts, Disneyland pizzas, sandwiches and cheesecakes.

Travel tips

  • The food you eat must not be brought into the park. They will be opened for inspection one by one. Water and drinks can be taken;
  • Bring a jacket for the children. Any place where you watch a show is extremely cold, and the temperature difference between the places is large;
  • The park opens at 10am every day, and the staff will check all the handbags, packages and other things (dangerous goods and food are not allowed in);
  • If you plan to enter and exit the park multiple times a day, don’t forget to press your finger when entering the park;
  • If it is a two-day tour or you plan to renew the money for a two-day tour on the second day, you must indicate it at the entrance when you enter the park on the first day and record your fingerprint to facilitate the next day’s admission
  • There are maps and timetables at the door, it is good to take a closer look;
  • The Disney Parade is only once a day, and it is one o’clock in the afternoon. Don’t miss it;
  • Mickey’s Gold Award musicals, Lion King celebrations, etc. all have specific performance times, there are few shows a day, don’t miss it;
  • Fireworks show every night at 9 o’clock (very worth seeing), you can watch it from the sleeping princess castle in the park;
  • There are many people on holiday and the queue is long. Some items need to register in advance for FastPass, so please remember to register. The FastPass machine can be seen at the door of each project that requires an appointment;
  • Both the Hollywood Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel can provide FastPass, and friends who stay at this hotel can easily handle the hotel;
  • There is a drinking point at the entrance of the toilet, which can be filled with empty bottles to drink;
  • There are many businessmen in the park, and the prices of things are similar, which is suitable to go shopping at night waiting for the fireworks.

6.Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland, the first Disney theme park in Mainland China, officially opened on June 16, 2016. It is the second in China, the first in mainland China, the third in Asia, and the sixth Disney theme park in the world.
Shanghai Disneyland has seven theme parks: Mickey Avenue, Whimsical Garden, Adventure Island, Treasure Bay, Tomorrowland, Dream World, Toy Story; two theme hotels: Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Toy Story Hotel; one subway station: Disney Station ; And there are multiple world premiere amusement programs.
On March 8, 2016, Shanghai Disney Resort announced the first batch of real-world pictures on its official website. The creative speed light wheel in the park will become the first attraction in the world’s Disney theme park.

Opening hours: 09:00 to 20:00
Ticket fees:
Tickets for Shanghai Disneyland on weekdays are 399 yuan.
Tickets for peak days with high demand (including summer vacations, weekends, and most holidays) cost 575 yuan.
Tickets for the two holiday peak days with higher demand (that is, the Spring Festival and National Day holidays) are 665 yuan.
The new child ticket standard will take into account both age and height, that is, children from the age of 3 (inclusive) to 11 (inclusive) on the day of the tour; or children from 1m to 1.4m (1.4m) in height can enjoy Shanghai Disneyland tickets The price is about 25% off. Infants and children under the age of 3 or 1.0 meters in height on the day of the tour can enter the park free of charge.

Address: Chuansha New Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai


Metro Line: Directly to Disneyland Station, Line 11.

Ground bus
There are tourist shuttle buses in the resort area. Among them, Routes 2 and 3 of the resort area are one-way circular tourist feeder lines and operate between subway stations-> subway stations. Subway station first and last bus: 8:00-21:30, the special line fare in the resort area is 1 yuan, enjoy the transfer discount.
Direction of International Tourism Resort 1 Road: Metro Station —> Shopping Village —> Shendi South Road —> Disneyland Hotel —> West Bus Terminal —> South Bus Terminal —> Shen Dinan Road —> Shopping Village —> Subway Station (9 stations in total)
Direction of International Tourism Resort Road 2: Subway Station —> Shopping Village —> Shendi South Road —> Disneyland Hotel —> West Bus Terminal —> Toy Story Hotel —> Shenzhen Dibei Road —> Subway Station (8 stations in total)
Direction of International Tourism Resort Area 3: Metro Station —> Shendi North Road —> Toy Story Hotel —> South Bus Terminal —> Shendi South Road —> Shopping Village —> Metro Station (7 stations in total)
Chuansha Bus Terminal from Pudong 50 (formerly Chuansha 4) Station—Disney South Bus Terminal
Qidong Station on Pudong Road 51 is Nanhui University Town—Disney South Bus Terminal
Qidong Station on Pudong Road 52 is Zhouxing Road and Hengqiao Road——Disney South Bus Terminal

Main Attractions

Mickey Avenue

“Mickey Street” is the birthplace of whimsy, this block is full of various shops and restaurants. From here, you will feel the cheerful atmosphere of Shanghai Disneyland, away from the hustle and bustle and enter various theme parks full of adventure, dream and futuristic. “Mickey Street” has many beautiful mosaics. One of them is the Mickey and Donald Duck mosaic, which depicts Disney stars in the four seasons.
Attractions on Mickey Avenue include: The Big Clock Tower, M Avenue Shopping Gallery, Mickey Goodies Delicious Market, Xiaomi Chef Bakery, Sweetheart Candy and Steamboat Mickey Fountain.

Whimsical Garden

The Wonder Garden, specially created for Shanghai Disneyland, praises the wonders of nature and the joy of imagination. Tourists leave their daily life behind their heads and lie in seven magical gardens: sometimes driving the “fantasy carousel” to experience the joy of maneuvering, sometimes riding the “dumbo” to soar in the sky, sometimes intoxicated by ” “Yueyue Garden” in the beauty and melody.
“Fantastic Garden” has an attractive small bridge trail, interweaving to various theme parks, is an ideal place for family and friends to gather. During the stroll in the park, visitors will meet Mickey and his companions, and they can go to the viewing stairs to enjoy the castle stage performance and luminous phantom show.
The park includes seven gardens with different styles-“Twelve Friends Garden”, “Yin Yue Garden”, “Romantic Garden”, “Bi Lin Garden”, “Miao Yu Garden”, “Fantasia Garden” and “Fairy Tale” “Castle Garden” presents the themes of family, friendship and joy. Each garden is full of fun activities, landscape design with flowers and leafs, and joyful photo opportunities.

dream world

Inspired by Disney animated films, the “Fantasy World” is the largest theme park in Shanghai Disneyland, and the magnificent “Fantasy Fairy Castle” is located in it. You can overlook the fairy tale village and magical forest from the castle, or immerse yourself in the beloved Disney story in a variety of wonderful and interesting attractions. Every corner of “Fantasy World” will deeply appeal to family members of all ages.
In this fairy tale wonderland, visitors will experience the familiar Disney story on the “Crystalline”. This magical experience will also become another world premiere of Shanghai Disneyland.
Both young people and tourists with a young mindset will be immersed in this eternal park, where they will witness the birth and longevity of fairy tales. Visitors will take a “seven dwarf minecart” to shuttle through the jewel-glowing mine tunnel, enjoy a glimpse of London in the “Peppa Sky Adventure”, explore the “hundred acre forest” with Winnie the Pooh, and Alice Roam the gorgeous “Wonderland Maze” together.

Adventure island

Shanghai Disneyland’s “Adventure Island” will lead visitors into the newly discovered ancient tribes-full of mystery and hidden treasures. The towering Thunder Mountain makes it easy to find the “Adventure Island” park, and it is also the birthplace of an ancient legend. The mysterious creeping beast lives in the mountains for a long time, waiting to be seen again. It is said that the occasional roar from the mountains is its roar.
At the foot of Thunder Mountain, you can go to the “Historic Expedition Camp” and go out of your own exploration to prove that you are a true adventurer; or travel through time and space in “Flying Over the Horizon”; you can also board the thrilling raft adventure “Thunder” Mountain rafting “, deep into the” exploration island “hinterland.
The history of “Adventure Island” comes from legends and Disney’s imagination, and originates from the flourishing civilization established by the Abel Oak people on this island thousands of years ago. The island was later discovered by a team of international explorers, the Explorers’ Union. Everywhere in “Expedition Island” allows all to discover the ancient and mysterious, discover this isolated island and leave unforgettable memories.

Treasure bay

Treasure Bay is the first pirate-themed park in Disney World. In the “Treasure Bay” specially created for Shanghai Disneyland, there are a group of pirates of all kinds and fun, looking for fun and exciting adventures everywhere. Here, the fierce collision of color, visuals and music merges the pirates’ impetuous and detached personalities into various exotic cultures, presenting detailed portrayals and storytelling.
The legend of “treasure bay” dates back to the seventeenth century, when pirates ravaged the Caribbean. In Disney’s story, this era of pirates is famous for a group of maritime hooligans searching for legendary treasures. They subdued monsters and fought against each other with a cynical look in their eyes.
As soon as the tourists enter the first place of the “Treasure Bay” five subdivisions, they will be completely immersed in the life of the pirates. From here, they will start to tour the “Fun Boat Play Beach”, “Slobisch Castle”, “Dry Duck Pier” and “Town”-each has its own style and charm. The entire park incorporates a variety of architectural styles, with two giant pirate ships, pirate-themed restaurants and a joyful paddling area. Both young and old alike will admire the scenes in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Battle for Fallen Treasures”, or watch acrobatics and acrobatics up close at the “Vatico Theater”.

Tomorrow World

The new “Tomorrow World” specially created for Shanghai Disneyland, shows the possibilities of the future. It uses imaginative design, cutting-edge materials and systematic space utilization, reflecting the best combination of human, nature and technology. The hope, optimism and infinite potential of the future of the “Tomorrowland” park are exactly the first three themes of Disneyland and will be shared with generations of Chinese tourists here.
Disney uses various innovative technologies to continue to bring a new look to this park: a new interstellar expedition shooting project “Bath Lightyear Interstellar Rescue” takes visitors forward and beyond; the “jet backpack aircraft” lets people break through the constraints of gravity; ” “Star Wars Expedition Base” and “Marvel Heroes Headquarters” bring tourists into the world of Star Wars and Marvel. In the “World of Speed ​​Light Wheel” Disney’s world-first amusement project, visitors will experience one of the most exciting adventures in the world’s Disneyland by riding a two-wheel speed light wheel motorcycle, and speed through indoor and outdoor tracks to feel rich. Colorful story.

Toy Story Park

On the morning of November 10, 2016, Shanghai Disneyland announced the addition of a new park called “Toy Story”, providing new attractions and experiences based on the characters from Disney Pixar’s popular movie “Toy Story”, becoming the seventh in the park Theme parks.
The Toy Story Park presents a colorful and lively world. Here, visitors will feel as if they have shrunk to the size of the much-loved toys in the “Toy Story” movie, and spend time in the garden of the protagonist Andy’s home full of laughter. The park includes 3 new rides and a unique theme area to meet Disney friends.

If you are still young, be sure to go to Disney with your parents;
If you are in a relationship, be sure to take your boyfriend / girlfriend to Disney once;
If you are married and have children, be sure to take your family to Disney once.


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