Explore the tourist’s favorite hotel, The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

Macau is a small island adjacent to Zhuhai. Although it is not a big place, it is very unique. In particular, the hotel industry is extremely developed, and it integrates eating, drinking, playing, and living together, providing tourists with one-stop service, making people yearn for. Today I will show you the flavor of Macau hotels.

1. Experience quality service at the Venetian Hotel

There are many luxury hotels in Macau, including the Venetian Hotel, The Parisian Hotel, The Conrad Macao Sands Boulevard, The Sheraton Macau Hotel, The St. Regis Macau, etc. Each hotel has a different style. Favorite hotel, The Venetian Macao.

The Venetian Macao Hotel is built on the blueprint of the Italian water city of Venice. The exterior looks like a huge castle, surrounded by Venetian characteristic arch bridges, small canals and stone roads, all of which highlight the European-style romance and elegance, let you Indulge in romantic feelings.

The Venetian at night is more charming under the light of the lights.

Under the warm yellow lights, the lobby looks magnificent, luxurious and extremely stunning.

The gold-plated solid columns of yellow stone and imported Italian ceramic tiles, under the reflection of the light, make people seem to come to the ancient castle palace in Europe.

The hotel starts check-in at 3 pm, when there are many people, you need to wait in line, but the staff’s service attitude is very good and the process is very pleasant.

The Venetian Macao
The Venetian Macao Hotel check-in

There are many types of rooms at the Venetian Hotel. If you choose the luxurious Belle Suite, which can accommodate 3-4 people, the room size is very spacious, the equipment inside is well equipped, and the hygiene is well done.

2. The Grand Canal Shopping Center that integrates eating, drinking and playing

When staying at the Venetian Hotel, be sure to punch the Grand Canal Mall on the third floor! In response to the hotel’s “Venetian” theme, not only moved to the Italian retro architecture, but also moved to the Venice Grand Canal and water city characteristic Gondola.

As the largest indoor shopping mall in Macau, it has over 350 brands settled in it, ranging from affordable Uniqlo to high-end Gucci, etc… to meet the shopping needs of everyone.

I was tired of shopping, outside the shop, admiring the beautiful scenery, and occasionally I heard the melodious singing of the boatman. I am afraid there is no such shopping experience elsewhere.


The world-renowned sports brand and bright and bold design style make Fila stand out among the top international sports brands. This store is located on the third floor, the store is not large, mainly providing sportswear and shoes.


The Venetian Macao

A jeans store I like very much. It has a good shape, is comfortable to wear, has elasticity, and is very thin. The clerk service is very enthusiastic, ask your needs as soon as you enter, and start recommending introductions to you. Even if you try a lot of money, you will not be impatient.

Adidas Original

The service is great, the waiter will patiently help to find the size. The shoes are not only very comfortable, but also very versatile. There are many stars of the same style. You can basically find the style you want, but don’t buy it!


The store is quite large, simple and fashionable, the products are neatly arranged, and the regional distribution is clear. Although it is a self-service service, as long as you have needs, the staff will immediately help. They support various payment methods and there are many discounts!

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a must-visit shop, just beside the square, the location is easy to find. The decoration uses a very distinctive rose pink, which can be seen at a glance. The service staff in the store are very enthusiastic and will help to measure the size, find the size, and recommend underwear. The price of its underwear is really cheap, there are various discounts, it is discounted all year round, you must come to Macau to see! By the way, its body milk is also very good, you can store a few bottles.


An inadvertently discovered store, there are quite a variety of goods in the store, and the waiters are also more enthusiastic. There are many replacement straps for its sports watches, and colors can be purchased according to your preferences. The bags in the shop are also pretty good, the prices are not expensive, and the lettering service is also provided, which feels a kind of exclusive meaning.

Punch The Golden Peacock

Its home is the only Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in Asia, and it is also the Black Pearl restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Venetian Hotel, the location is very conspicuous, you can see it after the Cotai Arena. The appearance of the restaurant is a typical Indian-style decoration, the glorious appearance looks like a South Asian style.

The Venetian Macao
The Golden Peacock

The interior of the restaurant is also very expensive. The peacock-style decoration theme, whether it is lighting or set, has a feeling of being in a foreign country. The peacock is the national bird of India. From the mythology to the present society, Indians have always advocated peacock as a god bird, so peacock patterns are often found on buildings and utensils.

Do you think it would be expensive to eat in such a restaurant, but it is not. In order to allow the public to enjoy the most authentic Indian cuisine in Macau, the restaurant has specially prepared a buffet lunch, providing potato curry chicken, black pepper grilled chicken, green olives grilled prawns, Indian aromatic rice, black pepper grilled chicken, etc. Delicious food.

The self-service area is also very clean and hygienic, there will be service staff next to it, if you have any help, you can ask them directly.

The curry corner is not a triangular shape, but a pomegranate shape. This method should be new. It is super delicious with two classic sauces of tamarind and mint yogurt.

Indian yogurt is really delicious. Yogurt is slippery and not very sweet, just right.

The Venetian Macao
The Golden Peacock

Indian desserts, really sweet! Don’t miss the sweet tooth, after all, sweets make people happy!

Warm reminder: The price of the lunch buffet in the restaurant does not include beverages. Ordering drinks requires an additional charge. The drinks here are very delicious, you can try them, and they are not expensive!

Take a look at the Michelin judges’ evaluation of this restaurant. “Taste the most authentic Indian cuisine is here.” Whether it is environment, decoration, service, or cuisine, this restaurant is worthy of the Michelin star. You will definitely not treat your taste buds here.

The above is to take you to experience the trip to The Venetian Macao, I hope to help everyone.

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