Feng Shui in the construction of Hotel Lisboa Macau

Hotel Lisboa Macau

In 1970, Macau’s first 5-star hotel was opened. This spendthrift and gambling city attracted countless tourists and gamblers from home and abroad. Those who have been to Macau know that the star-rated hotels in Macau are only temporary residences. It only provides a place for gamblers to rest and relax. Its real meaning lies in the gambling hall under the hotel. The more advanced the star hotel, the larger the scale of the underground gambling hall, the better the service, and the greater the bet.

Many people are familiar with the first 5-star hotel in Macau, and that is Hotel Lisboa Macau. As a tourist, the exterior architecture of Hotel Lisboa Macau is a highlight. Hotel Lisboa Macau was built in 1970, which is 50 years ago. At that time, the Lisboa Hotel had only 2-3 two-story entertainment venues. After that, it will be expanded every 10 years, and the bottom decoration will be built on the original basis. After more than 30 years, it has gradually formed its current scale.

Hotel Lisboa Macau and Lisboa Casino are integrated. From the outside, the glittering reflective glass wall shows a luxurious atmosphere. Since 2002, the casino has installed large-scale color-changing lights and neon signs on the exterior of the hotel. At night, the revolving lanterns are played in turn, and you can see Macau’s Lisboa shining with money in Zhuhai.

The exterior design of Hotel Lisboa Macau is very particular. After all, this is a place where gambling is the main business. Both the hotel and the guests pay attention to Feng Shui. Good feng shui is good for luck; good feng shui is good for the money.
The exterior design of Hotel Lisboa Macau is also based on the gossip of the Book of Changes:

The appearance of the Hotel Lisboa Macau building: the appearance of a birdcage (it means that every gambler who enters the venue is like a bird in a cage);
Hotel Lisboa Macau lobby ceiling design: The mural depicts a Portuguese ship encountering wind and waves (meaning that gamblers enter the interior as if they are faced with wind and waves);
Mirror design of Hotel Lisboa Macau: Hotel Lisboa Macau is the center of Macau casinos. There are also many large hotels nearby. The round mirrors on the outer walls of the hotels (referring to defuse the evil spirit of the giant display outside the adjacent Wynn Macau Resort).

Hotel Lisboa Macau

Wait, there are too many similar designs and meanings.

Therefore, all hotels in Macau have a gambling hall underground, and every hotel is carefully and rationally designed by famous designers and combined with the “Book of Changes”. Every decoration, every glass, every auspicious Everything has its own meaning, which is why the large-scale star-rated hotels and entertainment venues in Macau can stand upright, relying on Feng Shui!

Hotel Lisboa Macau

The slogan of Hotel Lisboa Macau: “Gambling cannot be won, light bets can be pleasant. Come and play in your free time to stay entertaining.” The slogan is also one of the characteristics of the casino.

Now that Macau is open to tourism, we can go to Macau to see the “gaming city”. There are buses to various attractions in Macau, and free shuttle buses can be used between casinos. If you have money, you can also take it out Some money and entertainment.

Prices in Macau are quite high. Many people choose a day trip, starting from Zhuhai, visiting the most famous Macau Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo, and experiencing the Portuguese architectural style a hundred years ago; go to Mazu Temple to pay respect; Wander around the city center, where electronics, watches, and gold are relatively cheap.


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