From 2020 to 2021, Macau is about to open hotels

Palazzo Versace Hotel Macau

There are many hotels in Macau, and luxury hotels abound. There are several hotels in Macau ready to open from 2020 to 2021. Today, I will show you the style of the upcoming Macau hotels.

1. Lisboa Hotel

Lisboa Hotel

La Lisboa is a comprehensive resort built by Macau’s Cotai. It is located adjacent to the Macau East Asian Games Gymnasium, covering an area of ​​about 7,500 square meters. The ground was officially broken on February 13, 2014. It was initially expected to open in 2018. Later, due to various accidents such as changes in the construction schedule and the Tiange typhoon, the construction period was tentatively scheduled to open in December 2020. There are three hotels in the resort.

Lisboa Hotel

Lisboa Hotel: Approximately 1,400 rooms are designed to incorporate the architectural features of famous European landmarks, decorated with traditional Chinese cultural pictures, and the theme of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

2. Palazzo Versace Hotel

Palazzo Versace

Palazzo Versace Hotel: The 20-story hotel building offers approximately 290 rooms. It is the first Palazzo Versace hotel in Asia, designed by Donatella Versace’s team.

3. Karl Lagerfeld Hotel

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel: The hotel has approximately 290 rooms, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, known as the “Lafayette” in the fashion industry, and is the first in the world.

4. Hotel Lisboa

LISBOETA is an integrated resort hotel under construction in Cotai, Macau by Macau Theme Park Resorts Co., Ltd. It is adjacent to the Macau East Asian Games Stadium and the Grand Lisboa. It covers an area of ​​106,000 square meters with a total construction area of ​​141,000 square meters. Hotel. The shopping mall takes outdoor nostalgic street scenes and indoor futuristic scenes as the themes and also has a 388-meter-long zipline, a 12-meter indoor skydiving hall, and the Emperor’s Theater.


Hotel Lisboa: presents the old style of Macau in the 1960s with a modern design. The architectural details refer to the classic buildings of Macau, and the design is inspired by Macau in the 1960s. The hotel has 574 rooms.

5. LINE FRIENDS Theme Hotel


LINE FRIENDS theme hotel: LINE FRIENDS theme hotel has 82 guest rooms and suites, which are divided into 3 different themed rooms, including “LINE FRIENDS theme room”, “BROWN theme room” and “CONY theme room”.

6. Maison L’OCCITANE Hotel

Maison L’OCCITANE Hotel

Maison L’OCCITANE Hotel: The world’s first L’OCCITANE hotel with 164 rooms. Taking Provence in southern France as the design theme, it shows the vitality of L’OCCITANE brand.

7. The Londoner Macau

The Londoner Macau is an integrated resort located in the heart of the Cotai Strip. The hotel’s British experience begins on the exterior wall of the hotel. It takes the Palace of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament as the inspiration design blueprints, as well as the 96-meter-high Elizabeth Tower and Specially designed clock face. The environment and gardens of the Londoners in Macau refer to the garden environment of London, especially inspired by Kensington Palace, the royal residence.

There are a total of 594 full suites in the hotel, of which two-story luxury top suites are designed in collaboration with British star Beckham and well-known London designers, showing their unique taste and style.

The hotel will be completed in phases from 2020 to 2021.

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