Grand Hyatt Macau, contract your trip to Macau

Grand Hyatt Hotel

There are several comprehensive resort cities in Macau, and the City of Dreams, a water-themed comprehensive entertainment resort, is well-known. There are three famous hotels in City of Dreams, The Countdown Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel and Morpheus Hotel.

In the previous article, we introduced Morpheus Hotel. Today I will share with you the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Grand Hyatt Macau, contract your trip to Macau.

Macau is a good place, there is no shortage of good hotels, and they are all unique. The water park at Galaxy Macau, the eight-character Ferris wheel at City of Dreams, the cable car at Wynn Palace, the tower of the Parisian Macao, the canal at Venice in Macao, and the water dance room at City of Dreams. According to your own preferences, you can choose one.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau hall

I focus on the Grand Hyatt Hotel here because there are many Hyatts in the Asia-Pacific region, and the ratings are all good.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Chandelier in Grand Hyatt Macau
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau Cold Hall

1.The lobby

Grand Hyatt Hotel is a high-cold property of Hyatt Department. Check In at the front desk is very user-friendly, Ipad and noise reduction headphones are placed. If there are too many people in Check In, you can first listen to music and brush the Ipad. There will be 6 young ladies at the front desk to handle Check In and Check Out at the same time.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau Check in
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Noise-cancelling headphones and ipad

2.Guest room

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau Living Room
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau

Grand Hyatt Macau started its business in 2009. The 10-year-old hotel has well-maintained rooms and no old feeling. The design of 10 years ago is still a bit outdated until now, and the cold is still there.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau bedroom
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau Bathtub
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Macau Bathroom

With a round bathtub and floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the center of Jinsha City and MGM.


The welcome fruit is rambutan, a large box, using a traditional Portuguese patterned fruit box, so that guests can feel the unique culture of Macau.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Nightly gifts are given every night, all with some Macau characteristics.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Ying Kee Pastry

Ying Kee Pastry, Ying Kee is a veritable Macao island’s oldest bakery, inheriting the most authentic Macao flavor, Macau must bring one of the souvenirs.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Xylose Pudding

Xylose pudding is also a special dessert in Macau.


1) Buffet, Mezza9 Macau

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Mezza9 Macau

In the mezza9 Macau of Grand Hyatt Hotel, the number one buffet in Hong Kong and Macau, guests can enjoy the tongue-in-the-mouth buffet cuisine in the tailor-made five senses enjoyment, let the taste enjoy a higher level.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Mezza9 Macau optional station

mezza 9 is located on the 3rd floor of the Grand Hyatt Macau at City of Dreams, which only offers dinner buffet. MOP599 on weekdays and MOP699 on weekends, plus 10% service charge and tax. Children from 6 to 12 years old enjoy half price.

Unlimited time. Mezza 9 restaurant is open every day from 6pm to 11pm. Each table only accepts reservations from a group of people. You can eat slowly until 11pm.

Unlimited supply. Unlimited supply of lobster, unlimited supply of abalone, green shell crab and so on.

The taste is good, and the dishes are now made. You just need to go to the counter to order, the chef will make it on site, and the waiter will bring you to the table.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Mezza9 Macau Crab

Guests can hold private parties in the restaurant ’s chic wine cellar.

From natural and relaxing tones to partitions of stone barriers, to that bright grid metal curtain wall, mezza9 Macau creates a pleasant and enjoyable dining environment for guests. The stylish open kitchen invites every guest to be among them, interact with all the chefs and compile and research the selection of ingredients, taste preferences, and even cooking methods to provide guests with a choice that they like.

2) Chinese restaurant,Beijing Kitchen

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Beijing Kitchen

The Beijing Kitchen of Grand Hyatt Macau was moved in exactly the same way as Chang’an No. 1 (Beijing Oriental Grand Hyatt). Whether it is restaurant decoration or dishes, even the chefs are Beijingers.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Vintage fruit wood roast duck
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Peking duck

Must order is old-fashioned fruit-wood roast duck. Beijing’s duck, Beijing’s jujube wood, traditional red brick stove. The smell of Peking duck in memory.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Roasted Pigeon

The roasted pigeon has tender meat, no fat, and a bright skin color.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Dessert is the most beautiful rest in a meal, this dessert center is also one of the hallmarks. From homemade ice cream to longan jelly, red bean matcha cake, etc., all are special for the restaurant.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Red bean matcha cake

5.Recreational facilities

When traveling to Macau, you can choose to go to the attractions such as the Grand Sanba, Mage Temple, and Dragon Ring Portuguese Rhyme;
When traveling to Macau, you can choose to experience the feeling of a paper drunk gold fan;
You can also choose a new way of playing and stay in City of Dreams and Grand Hyatt Macau to enjoy your holiday life. As a city resort hotel, Grand Hyatt Macau allows you to stay in the hotel for a weekend without much problem.

1) Gourmet

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Afternoon tea

On a lazy afternoon, you can go for a buffet-style afternoon tea. The sweet food is delicious and you can’t forget it.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Afternoon tea pastry

Evening Cocktail in the guest lounge (Executive Lounge) on the top floor at night is enough. The percentage of cooked food at the Evening Cocktail in Grand Hyatt Macau is high. Several chefs give you the following items, fried steaks, etc. There will also be a lot of Cantonese dim sum. It ’s not a problem to eat saturated and eat well, when dinner is enough.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Guest House
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Dim Sum

2) Swimming pool

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Swimming pool

There is a 40-meter standard swimming pool and a tennis court. In the evening, lying by the pool and watching the night view is also a rare enjoyment.

3) Water dance room

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Water Dance Room

The water dance room can be ranked first among many Macau performances. The venue of the water dance room is on the first floor of Grand Hyatt Macau.
A sincere work that took 5 years and cost HK $ 2 billion. The last second was still splashing, and the next second became the land of birds and flowers. The last second was still the stage, and the next second became a large swimming pool, and pavilions and huge ships will emerge.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Wonderful moment in the water dance room


Grand Hyatt Hotel
KIDS Children’s Dream

On the 3rd floor of Grand Hyatt Macau, the children ’s playground KIDS Dreamland is the best parent-child place in Macau.
MOP120 / person for 2 hours from Monday to Friday, and MOP150 / person for 2 hours on weekends. Grand Hyatt Macau also has room + KIDS Tong Mengtiandi package, the price will be higher.

5) Shopping

Grand Hyatt Hotel

City of Dreams, Venetian, Sands, Studio City, Galaxy … are all large shopping centers and casinos. Compared to Galaxy, Sands, Venice, tourists are too much and too noisy, City of Dreams, relative Quiet. Friends who like the quiet atmosphere can choose! City of Dreams has relatively more trendy brands and design models, suitable for young people.

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Fashion Tide

Grand Hyatt Macau, contract your trip to Macau. Grand Hyatt Macau can meet all your needs.


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