Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau | Goldfish swimming in light and shadow

Grand Lisboa Hotel

“The water in the Yingying pond, the goldfish in the pond is made of scales.” The fish walks in the water, with a thousand and exquisite posture, graceful and multi-faceted, and the scales flash in the water.

As soon as I walked into the goldfish hall of Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau, the huge and smart goldfish in the dark passage attracted the attention of visitors. In the dim environment, the goldfish glowed with red shimmer, rendering an extremely graceful and agile Atmosphere.

Entering the hall, the first thing that attracts attention is the goldfish embroidery on the wall. The goldfish embroidered in various poses and movements are different as if they are floating in the air, giving people a sense of lightness, aliveness, and agility. Under the action of light, the goldfish shines through the refraction of the light and is colorful, which fully demonstrates the beauty and elegance of the oriental charm.

This Su embroidery work displayed in the Goldfish Hall of Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau was embroidered and checked by Xue Jindi Embroidery Studio. The creation is very difficult. It is not only necessary to control the huge body of the goldfish, but also to show the goldfish in details. The dexterity and sense of floating.

After nearly one hundred exquisite embroiderers, it took more than half a year to embroider, from focusing on the rational use of thread and silk texture to flexible and comprehensive needle movement according to different cloth qualities, colors, and themes. It is suitable for the texture that fully expresses the image of the goldfish and only then does the vivid Su embroidery goldfish we see on the wall appear.

Grand Lisboa Hotel

The tails of these goldfish are light and transparent, showing the embroiderer’s superb needle-arranging skills, because only with thin threads and empty needles can the floating feeling of goldfish be shown; the thick bodies of these goldfish also show embroidery. Niang Bufan’s embroidery skills, the color of the scales need to be extremely natural in the transition to show the real sense of goldfish.

This Su embroidered goldfish work is 28 meters long and 3.55 meters high. It can be described as the most spectacular and largest Su embroidery work in modern style. This Su embroidered work is placed in a space designed by the famous designer Liang Zhitian, which shows the Chinese charm. Highlight the elegance and interest of the embroidery.

Grand Lisboa Hotel

Among these goldfish, from the perspective of embroidery volume, the largest goldfish is larger than the round table and is made of multiple pieces of German imported tempered glass. From the details of embroidery, the bottom stitch of the embroidery is only 1.2 cm, which requires careful embroidery. Match each piece in order to connect.

Therefore, the embroidery of this goldfish work has aroused a strong appreciation of the guests who come to the hotel for dinner because of its full color and strong three-dimensional effect.

Want to watch this group of goldfish swimming with light and shadow? Come and play at Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau!


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