Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau, picked 7 Michelin stars

Grand Lisboa Hotel

The Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau, which stands in the hub of the cultural, shopping and entertainment center of the Macau Peninsula, is designed with the lotus symbol of Macau characteristics, which fully demonstrates the history and cultural heritage of the city and is also the most representative building in the local one.

Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau has more than 400 luxurious rooms and suites, each equipped with first-class facilities and boasting stunning views.

In addition to providing a wide range of dining options, it also has a new Lisboa spa treatment center with advanced treatment products and delicate massage techniques to provide a full range of excellent spa treatments.

Other leisure facilities are readily available, including a state-of-the-art fitness room, all-weather outdoor heated swimming pool and hair salon.

Grand Lisboa Hotel
Grand Lisboa Hotel

What you like most is the cuisine of Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau.

Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau is a place coveted by gourmets all over the world. The entire hotel has 7 Michelin stars, two Michelin three-star restaurants and one Michelin one-star restaurant; it is also the only hotel in the Black Pearl restaurant guide to receive the Five Diamond Award .

Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau is a paradise praised by wine lovers all over the world. There are more than 17,000 famous wines and wines from all over the world. The wine cellar has more than 490,000 bottles of wine.

Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau has excellent service that is well-known in the industry, and also has an absolute close to the people’s prices. The dinner of a five-star hotel may be cheaper than the meals of small shops along the street.

Grand Lisboa Hotel
Grand Lisboa Hotel

Take a trip to Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau today and enjoy a gluttonous feast.

1. The Eight

Stable for three consecutive years at Michelin Samsung

Grand Lisboa Hotel
The Eight

“The Eight” was opened on the second floor of the Grand Lisboa Hotel in 2007. It was first awarded with a Michelin star in “The Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau 2009”, and has won two stars for three consecutive years since 2011, starting in 2014 It has become the only high-end Chinese cuisine restaurant in Macau that has been awarded the Michelin three-star honor for six consecutive years. It specializes in exquisite dim sum and precious new-style Cantonese cuisine.

In the “2018 Public Review Black Pearl Restaurant Guide”, it has won the highest honor three diamond restaurant.

The restaurant cleverly combines the vitality of goldfish and the symbol of auspicious wealth with the word “Eight” in its interior design, which is unique and full of traditional Chinese characteristics.

Grand Lisboa Hotel
The Eight

There are more than 140 dishes in “The Eight”. Executive chef Xie Jinsong is good at collecting fresh ingredients of the season and uses excellent cooking skills to prepare unique and exquisite dishes.

Grand Lisboa Hotel
The Eight

“The Eight” launched more than 40-noon creative dim sums, each one can feel the chef’s attentiveness and meticulousness, which is enough to please the delicate and creative food connoisseur.

Grand Lisboa Hotel
The Eight

What is even more surprising is that the Michelin-starred restaurant with such a prestigious price is extremely close to the people. It is highly recommended for those who travel to Macau to taste it!

AddressAvenida de Lisboa, 2º andar do Hotel Grande Lisboa, Macau
Opening HoursMonday – Saturday 11:30 – 14:30 (Not include public holiday,Not 24 Hour) Sunday – Sunday 10:00 – 15:00 (Not include public holiday,Not 24 Hour) Monday – Sunday 18:30 – 22:30 (Not include public holiday,Not 24 Hour)
Tel+853 8803 7788
Fax+853 8807 7781

2. Don Alfonso 1890-Macao

Celebrity chef Alfonso Iaccarino’s “home feast”

Grand Lisboa Hotel
Don Alfonso 1890-Macao

The popular “Don Alfonso 1890-Macao” was refurbished and upgraded in November 2018, creating a high-end casual dining environment suitable for the whole family, presenting value-for-money Italian fine cuisine.

Bearing the family name of the famous chef Alfonso Iaccarino, the restaurant is proud of the excellent service quality passed down from generation to generation.

Don Alfonso 1890-Macao will bring an unprecedented refreshing Italian dining experience to Macau ’s foodies with chef Giovanni Galeota ’s menu.

This time coincides with the 50th visit of famous chef Alfonso Iaccarino to Australia, with a specially selected menu featuring authentic Italian dishes prepared with first-class cooking techniques and fresh Italian ingredients.

Grand Lisboa Hotel
Don Alfonso 1890-Macao

It is worth mentioning that the wine magazine “Wine Spectator” selected the highest rated “Honor Award” in 2018. Only 91 restaurants in the world have won this award, including “Don Alfonso 1890” -Macao “.

Award Validity2018-2019
AddressAvenida de Lisboa, 3º andar do Hotel Grande Lisboa, Macau
Opening Hours12:00-14:30 18:30-22:30
Tel+853 8803 7722
Fax+853 2888 2828
Don Alfonso 1890-Macao

3. Magnum Experience Tour

The world’s largest wine collection site privately enjoy top wines

The Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau has an award-winning wine collection, and all restaurants within the hotel share a selection of over 17,000 wines and fine wines. At the same time, it has won the highest honors of Wine Spectator and China’s Wine List for many years in a row. From now until December 2019, we will taste the top Magnum limited edition selection. , Indulge in intoxicating time.

Twenty years ago, the hotel has begun to select various top wines from all over the world, from the initial 1,000 to more than 490,000. It aims to find the best wines and create the world’s largest wine collection. 70% of the wine in the wine cellar comes from the “Old World” and 30% from the “New World”. These classic wines are all collected in the hotel’s 23 cellars.

The Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau is not only famous for its casinos, but its cuisine is also a must. When traveling to Macau, you must consider the Grand Lisboa Hotel.


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