Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou West Lake Travel Guide

A saying goes, Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below.Hangzhou has been known as a “paradise on earth” since ancient times. It is a city in the south of the Yangtze River that exudes the breath of mountains and waters. Half the landscape, half the city, mountains, lakes, bridges, towers, temples, everything. The scenery of the West Lake is different in four seasons, no matter it is spring, summer, autumn, winter, sunny, rainy or snowy.

Introduction of Hangzhou Tourism General

Hangzhou Travel Guide
  • Best travel season: March-May and September-November.
    The spring breeze is marvelous from March to May, and the breath of spring is full, which is suitable for strolling along the embankment and admiring the flowers;
    The autumn is from September to October, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is ten miles away, and the tide of the Qiantang River can be seen around mid-autumn. At this time, there are many tourists, especially around Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.
    Summer is from June to August, and the weather is hot, which is suitable for viewing lotus flowers in the West Lake;
    11-February of the following year. In the winter of the Lamei competition, the ten scenic spots of the West Lake “Broken Residual Snow” are also the highlights. At this time, it is the off-season to avoid the bustling crowd. It is also a good time to travel, but the winter in the south is cold and humid!
  • The general attractions are divided into: West Lake Scenic Area, Lingyin Temple Scenic Area, Xixi Wetland Park, Qiantang River, Songcheng, Zhejiang University, and Qiandao Lake and Nanxun Ancient Town around Hangzhou.
  • The most famous sights of West Lake are located along the shore of West Lake. The most representative “Ten Scenic Views of the West Lake”, where many modern celebrities’ former residences and museums are located; there are long distances between Hangzhou attractions and many of them are concentrated on the mountain, so be sure to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes.
  • If you want to shop, you can choose to go to Hangzhou’s most prosperous Wulin commercial district and Hubin commercial district. Hangzhou’s light industry is very developed, and those interested in clothing and silk can go shopping! Longjing tea and lotus root powder are also specialty products.
  • Accommodation can be chosen near West Lake, Wulin Square and Hangzhou Railway Station.
Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou Transportation

  • The train station.
    There are three main railway stations in Hangzhou: Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station, and Yuhang Railway Station. Among them, Hangzhou Railway Station is the most convenient one in the city.
  • Arrival at the airport.
    Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is about 27 kilometers away from the urban area. There are two ways to reach the urban area by taxi and airport bus.
    1) Taxi: It takes about 1 hour from the airport to the city by taxi. The cost is about 100 yuan.
    2) Airport bus: It can reach urban areas, Shaoxing, Suzhou, Yiwu, Jinhua and other surrounding cities.
    (1) Wulinmen Line-To the urban area. 45 minutes by car, 20 yuan fare, arrive at Wulinmen Civil Aviation Ticket Office;
    (2) Pinghai route-to the urban area. A 70-minute drive costs 20 yuan; arrive at Metropark Hotel Pinghai Road. Those who go to the West Lake Scenic Area can take this line.
  • City traffic.
    1) The buses starting with “Y” in Hangzhou are all tourist sightseeing buses, covering all the sights around the West Lake. Among them, Y2 and Y9 also have guides to introduce the sights along the way.
    2) If you have time, you can take bus 51 and 52 to travel around West Lake. You can choose to go to the second floor of the bus for sightseeing.
    3) Hangzhou bus and subway are very popular, and public bicycles are also a good choice for traveling to West Lake.
    4) Public bicycles can be returned at any service point no matter where they rent bicycles. Remember to check with your card when returning.

Hangzhou Accommodation

Everyone can live near the West Lake or near the railway station, and it will be more convenient to play. There are many foods in Hangzhou Yintai City, and the shopping and transportation are very convenient. You can consider living nearby.

Hangzhou West Lake

West Lake, a 5A-level tourist attraction, is also a must-see in Hangzhou, and the famous West Lake Ten Attractions are among them. The three moons printed on the back of the RMB1 note appeared in West Lake. The West Lake is open all day, the reference time is half a day to one day, free of charge. Take Metro Line 1 to Longxiangqiao Station.

What are the ten scenic spots of West Lake?

  • Ten classic sceneries: Su Xiaochunxiao, Quyuan Fenghe, Pinghu Qiyue, Broken Bridge Residual Snow, Flower Harbor Watching Fish, Nanping Evening Bell, Twin Peaks Inserting Clouds, Leifeng Xizhao, Santan Yinyue, Liulangwenying
  • Ten Scenic Views of the New West Lake: Wushan Tianfeng, Mangui Guiyu, Yuhuang Feiyun, Yunqi Bamboo Trail, Jiuxi Tobacco Tree, Huanglong Tucui, Longjing Tea, Hupao Dream Spring, Ruan Dunhuanbi, Gem Liuxia .
  • Three assessments and ten scenes: Lingyin Zen Track, Liuhe Tingtao, Yue Tomb Qixia, Lakeside Rain and Rain, Qianci Piaozhong, Wansong Shuyuan, Yang Dijingxing, Santai Yunshui, Meiwu Spring Morning, North Street dreaming.

Ways and routes to visit West Lake


  • On foot, the West Lake is very large. It takes about 4-5 hours to walk around. It is suitable for those who do not hurry and slowly appreciate the beauty of the West Lake.
  • Battery-powered cars, beckon and stop, around the West Lake for 10 yuan per section, 40 yuan for the whole journey. It is suitable for people who are in a hurry and incapable, but can not feel the beauty of West Lake carefully.
  • Cruises, West Lake cruises vary in size and price. Usually 5-10 people can take a boat. There are one way and round trip on the line. Please ask before departure.
  • Public bicycles, as described earlier, it is a good way to choose a bicycle in a hurry.


  • The area around the West Lake is full of scenery, arranged according to interests and time, and depends on where you start to play;
  • It can be clockwise or counterclockwise. Usually, the residual snow on the broken bridge will be the starting point of the tour of the West Lake;
  • Take the Broken Bridge as a starting point counterclockwise as an example: Broken Bridge-Baidi-Pinghu Qiuyue-Xi Lengyinshe-Quyuan Fenghe-Sudi Chunxiao-Flower Harbor Watching Fish-Dongpo Memorial Hall- Nanping Evening Bell——Lei Feng Xi Zhao—Liu Lang Wen Ying—Music Fountain;
  • You can also walk from Broken Bridge to Xi Leng Yinshe, board a boat on Xiaoyingzhou (Santan Yinyue), and then go directly to Xiaogangzhou to Huagang to watch the fish, and then visit the following attractions in turn.

When is the most beautiful West Lake?

Every season has different scenery! Sunny and rainy days have their own looks! Spring is suitable for seeing willows in Sudi; the most worth seeing in the summer is the lotus leaves of Quyuan Fenghe; the sycamore trees by the West Lake change color in autumn; You can enjoy the beauty of the West Lake by looking around the ten scenes.

About West Lake Cruise

  • The business hours are 8: 00-16: 00, which will be adjusted according to the weather season.
  • Wharf Point: There are many docks, and all the docks have boats to Xiaoweizhou. Don’t lose your ticket. After visiting Xiaoweizhou, choose the direction of the outlying islands. A scenic spot, so the boat can also be used as a tour route.
  • Charges: Generally around 55 yuan, boat tickets + Santan Moon Tickets, there are student tickets.
  • Regarding hand-cranked boats: 150 yuan per hour, starting at 1 hour, more than 1 hour, less than half an hour will be charged at 75 yuan for half an hour (the price of a boat, not one person). The price is fixed. When boarding the ship, the shipmaker will set the time.

Tour the West Lake around the classic ten scenes

  • Suti Chunxiao: It runs through the north and south of West Lake. Because of the charming spring scenery, it is called “Sudi Chunxiao”. It is the first of the ten scenic spots in the West Lake. It is about 3 kilometers in length. This is the best place to watch the whole lake landscape.
  • Quyuan Fenghe: In the summer, the lotus leaves are extremely charming. The Fenghe Park where it is located has cultivated hundreds of lotus species, and small bridges of various shapes have been erected on the water surface. , Suitable for summer viewing.
  • Pinghu Qiuyue: Located at the western end of Baidi, it is a long and narrow garden along the lake, which is the best place to enjoy the moon in West Lake. The scenic area is backed by a lonely mountain, and the west is adjacent to the lake outside the West Lake. The landscape is open along the lake. During the Kangxi reign, the original Longwang Hall was changed to the Royal Book House, and the “Pinghu Autumn Moon” plaque of the royal mention was suitable for autumn moon viewing.
  • Residual Snow on Broken Bridge: The place where Xu Xian and White Lady met in White Snake Biography adds a lot of romantic color to the bridge. This can be used as a starting point for visiting the West Lake, suitable for winter.
  • Liu Lang Wenying: A large park located on the east bank of West Lake at Qingbomen, a good place to relax. The quiet environment is popular with the elderly. Visitors can also rest here. It is a good place to enjoy Xizi’s heavy makeup .
  • Nanping Evening Bell: Every day around 16:00, you can hear a strong and powerful bell sound. On New Year’s Eve, you can leave the old and welcome the bell-crashing venue. The ticket is 10 yuan.
  • Twin peaks intersect with clouds: In the beautiful spring and autumn days, the turquoise and misty white, the tip of the tower enters the clouds, and appears from time to time, looking far away like a fairyland. Due to the air quality of the existing vegetation and other reasons, it is difficult for ordinary tourists to see. The North God Peak Fortuna Temple of Fortune signing + cancellation of 50 yuan, entrance tickets to 8 yuan per person.
  • Fish viewing in Huagang: Located in the south of West Lake, the most famous in the garden is the group of red carps in the red fish pond. The park has three main entrances, the south gate is on Nanshan Road, the west gate is on Yanggong Embankment, and you can go north to Sudi.
  • Leifeng Xizhao: Leifeng Tower is the iconic sight of West Lake. Whenever the setting sun goes down, the tower shadows become empty, so it is called “Leifeng Xizhao”. As long as the weather is good, you can overlook the rippling West Lake at the top of Leifeng Tower.
  • Santan Yinyue: Also known as “Xiaoyingzhou”, it is the largest of the three islands in the West Lake. The only island that can be visited on the island is known as the first scenic spot of the West Lake. Three stone towers are the essence. If you want to go to Santan Yinyue, you must take a boat to the island.

Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple, adjacent to West Lake, is the earliest Buddhist temple in China and one of the top ten ancient temples in China. It is a rare ancient cave art treasure in Jiangnan. This is the home of Ji Gong. It is said that the desire is very efficacious, and there are a lot of pilgrims who come to pray and pray daily.

Opening hours:Opening hours 7: 30-17: 30, the visit takes 2 hours; Feilaifeng RMB45, Lingyin Temple RMB30. To enter Lingyin Temple, you must buy tickets for Feilai Peak. Ticket sales will stop at 17:30 and check-in will stop at 17:45.


  • The Lingyin Temple is not large, it can be finished in about an hour, but the Lingyin Scenic Area is not small, and it takes 2-3 hours to walk and watch the flowers, and it takes at least half a day to play carefully
  • In addition to Lingyin Temple, there are Yongfu Temple and Taoguang Temple in Lingyin Temple Scenic Area; there are two peaks, Feilai Peak and Beifeng Peak;
  • It is recommended to purchase online in advance, you can directly swipe tickets;
  • Asking incense to go to the temple to buy incense is called “please”. Incense should be requested by yourself. You cannot pay incense money on behalf of others. It is advisable to ask three incense sticks;
  • Men, women, and right legs cross the threshold, remember to step on the threshold, and do n’t use your fingers to point at the Buddha statue;
  • Lingyin Temple can not bring incense, there will be a fragrance gift, sincerity is spirit.

Hangzhou West Lake Music Fountain

The West Lake Music Fountain, located on the lake near the lakeside park, is a music fountain that can express music through water shape changes. There is one each at 19:00 and 20:00 each day. Three songs are played each time. Holiday people are really super super super many, can be squeezed into meatloaf! Especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day, do n’t even want to squeeze in even if you do n’t catch up. Even if you squeeze in, you ca n’t see anything. You can enjoy it when there are few people.

Hangzhou Liuhe Tower

The Liuhe Tower in Hangzhou was built by a monk from the Northern Song Dynasty for the Qiantang River in the town. The ancient tower, which is nearly 60 meters from the outside, has 13 floors. There are 104 iron bells hanging on the eaves of the tower. You can climb the tower, and you can go out to view on each floor. You can see the rolling Qiantang River on the top of the tower. After coming out of the Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University, walk along the mountain side road for about 10 minutes to arrive.

Opening hours:6: 00-18: 30 in summer, 6: 00-17: 30 in winter, visit for 30 minutes.
Tickets: 20 yuan for Liuhe Park, 10 yuan for the tower and 10 yuan for the bell.

Hangzhou Song City

Song City, Hangzhou, in the southwestern suburb of Hangzhou, is the largest Song cultural theme park in China. There is also a large-scale song and dance performance of “Eternal Love in Song City.” On the ground, there are living Qingming Shanghe Tu, Liao Zhai Haunted Haunted House and other projects. Songcheng has a paddling area, a living Qingming River chart, a haunting haunted house, a Liaozhai haunted haunted house, a strange street, and Songcheng eternal love; Songcheng requires tickets to enter. Most of the small attractions and experience items in it are free. The main “Song City Eternal Love” performance is included in the ticket.

Opening hours: Open from 10:00 to 24:00, visit 4-5 hours;
Tickets: VIP seat adult ticket RMB320, network RMB300; auditorium RMB310, network RMB290; luxury seat RMB580, network RMB480.

Zhijiang Campus of Hangzhou Zhejiang University

The Zhijiang Campus of Hangzhou Zhejiang University, formerly Zhijiang College, is now the campus of Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University. The entire campus is built along the Zhijiang Road by the Qiantang River. The style of the Republic of China and the strong book atmosphere are called “the most beautiful university campus in Hangzhou”. It is free to visit, but you need to enter the door with your ID card. The reference time is 2 hours. Zhijiang Campus was one of the three Christian universities at that time. The nearby lover’s lake is green, and there is a stone bridge on the lake, which is the most romantic place on campus.

Hangzhou’s Old Street

Southern Song Yujie. It is a major street paved in the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, starting from the north gate of the imperial city and the north gate of Ningmen, passing the Tiantian Gate and Zhongshan Middle Road. North Zhongshan Road, Guanqiao to Jinqi Road, and the intersection of Wulin Road, with a total length of 4185 meters.

  • Open all day, reference 2 hours (South Song Yujie + Hefang Street), free of charge;
  • In fact, it is a commercial and leisure street with a historical temperament;
  • Commercialization is serious, and there are many special products and silk gadgets. You can take a look and do not recommend buying them;
  • It’s more interesting at night than during the day. You can come here for a night view.

Hefang Street. It is an ancient street with a long history and profound cultural heritage. It is connected to the Royal Street of the Southern Song Dynasty. It was once the “Huangcheng Gener” of the ancient capital Hangzhou, and it is also the cultural center and economic and trade center of the Southern Song Dynasty. One of the historical and cultural streets. Here are special snacks, antique calligraphy and paintings, as well as shops. There are more than 100 shops of all kinds in the old and famous Hangzhou. Each city has a street full of online red shops.


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