Hotel accommodation considerations

When traveling abroad, you can’t avoid staying in a hotel, but there are many differences between foreign hotels and domestic ones, so what do you need to pay attention to when staying in a hotel while traveling abroad? Don’t worry, here is an inventory of common knowledge about travel abroad, that is, precautions for hotel accommodation abroad.

【Hotel reservation】

  • It is best to book in advance at a domestic travel agency and a trusted website for overseas travel, and save and print out the relevant information about the reservation. Sometimes a hotel reservation certificate is required when entering the country.
  • Know the location and surroundings in advance, and choose a place with convenient transportation, safety and comfort as much as possible; after booking, copy its name, address and phone number on 2-3 notes and store them separately for future use Need.
  • After booking, you can call the service phone of the accommodation to confirm it, and ask about the availability time.

【Facilities and Services】

  • Most foreign hotels do not provide personal items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, slippers, razors, and tourists need to prepare them by themselves.
  • Tap water in most countries in the United States and Europe can be drunk directly, hot water is not drinkable; therefore, there is no electric kettle in the general room; tap water in Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries cannot be directly drunk and electric kettles are not provided; tourists can rent them at the front desk Or bring a small electric hot water cup, or buy drinking water.
  • Most of the voltages and plugs are different from your own. It is best to prepare a conversion plug in advance.
  • It’s more expensive to call an outside line from a phone in a hotel room in a foreign country, or it’s more cost-effective to buy a phone card locally
  • Some rooms have a pay TV “pay tv”. Please understand the payment method before using.
  • After check-in, please familiarize yourself with the use of various equipment in the room, and then check the hotel regulations. Are there any special regulations? Like bathing in a hotel in the United States, some bathtubs will have plastic hanging curtains. Put the hanging curtains in the tub before bathing. If the bath water soaks the carpet, compensation is required.

【Tips common sense】

  • Tipping rules in the hotel must be understood, otherwise it will be embarrassing to be despised or demanded, this is one of the common sense of travel abroad!
    Tipping is generally not required in Asian countries. Tipping in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore would be considered rude; instead, tipping in Thailand must be 20-30 baht, or RMB 4-5, but remember Do n’t give coins for living, because when traveling in Thailand, coins are for beggars, others will think you do n’t respect him; in India, if you do n’t give tips, you may be forced to ask for it. Rs. 7 (Rs. 7), a tip of Rs. 200 (Rs. 28) will be given to the room attendant every day. Just put it on the bedside. In Turkey, if you hear someone say “Bakschisch”, it means You give a tip. If it is not considered polite at all, it should be given a little. Generally, tipping is not mandatory in European countries, because service fees are often included in your expenses, such as meals Fees, etc., but the United States, Canada, Africa need to give!
  • Tipping staff are usually bellboys, cleaning staff, restaurant staff, and tippers at the front desk as appropriate.
  • Tips should be given in person as much as possible, preferably using paper money; coins feel like they are for beggars. Except for the tip for cleaning staff, please put the rest of your money in a purse or bag, not under a pillow or quilt, it may be taken as a tip.

【 Other common sense 】

  • Foreign hotel accommodation will be divided into smoking and non-smoking rooms. Please check before you check in.
  • Some are not allowed to drink alcohol, especially in Muslim areas. Please understand beforehand.
  • Please take good care of the hotel facilities, if it is damaged, you need personal compensation. When bathing, please pull the shower curtain bottom into the inside of the bathtub. If you accidentally “water floods the golden mountain”, wet and carpets in the room, you must also compensate; do not hang laundry outside the window or balcony.
  • When checking in, if you are a visitor, you must confirm your identity again and again. If you have any questions, please contact the front desk directly.


  • Is there a bug
    Bed bugs are a kind of pest, and if we are bitten by it, we will feel very itchy. In recent years, due to the large-scale breeding of bed bugs, the tourism industry in Australia and the United States has been greatly affected. Upon arrival at the hotel you are staying at, check the mattresses, bed frames, and bedside tables thoroughly. Bed bugs generally hate light, so they hide in hard-to-reach places such as gaps in walls, so you need to pay more attention. Also, please make sure there are no blood stains on the mattress under the sheets when the bedbugs suck blood.
  • Is there sterilization?
    The room looked neat, but it was probably unsanitary. Room cleaners may clean bathtubs and toilets, but in many cases, places like remote controls, electrical switches and door handles are not sterilized. So it is recommended that you quickly wipe these places with a sterilizer or a sterilizing wipe.
  • Is the air conditioner broken?
    It is recommended that you check the air-conditioning of the room immediately after check-in. In the middle of the night, if you wake up because it is too hot (too cold), and you want to use the air conditioner, you will find that the air conditioner is broken. Because traveling abroad is not the same as in Japan, maintenance workers can come to repair immediately if a fault occurs, so if the problem occurs, it is too late to think about solving it.
  • Is the quilt clean?
    Although sheets and pillowcases can be washed frequently, what about quilts? According to Mr. Reneta McCarthy, former room service manager of major hotel chains in the United States, quilt covers are rarely cleaned, and some only wash quilts four times a year. Remove the dirty quilt before lying down on the bed.
  • Emergency exits and escape routes
    It is easy to ignore when checking out for outbound tourism, but it is also an important thing that needs to be confirmed. There must be a map in the hotel room showing emergency exits and escape routes. Although there are few opportunities to use it in real life, it is still necessary to pay attention to confirm it in case it is needed. Some small actions are likely to be the key to saving your life.
  • About personal privacy and security
    Frequent business trips or outings, it is impossible to book a familiar and secure hotel every time. However, in recent news, cases of installing a pinhole camera in a hidden place in a hotel are common. We should learn how to identify hidden cameras in the room.
    First, you need to know what items a pinhole camera can “camouflage” into: for example, sofa cushions, air fresheners, lighters, tissue boxes, socket holes, hooks …
    Secondly, remember to check several “heavy-hit areas”: they are trash cans, air conditioners, lampshades, ceilings, makeup mirrors, smoke sensors, vases, sockets, TV stands, and everything facing the bed; besides, Also look at the shower heads and shelves in the bathroom.
    Finally, it is important to remember the inspection method: ordinary pinhole cameras can only take a clear picture when the light source is sufficient, so after entering the hotel room, try to turn off the room lights and pull the curtains to reduce the brightness in the room. Prevent candid shots. Turn on the camera function of the mobile phone and make a circle around the room to check the suspicious location. If there is a pinhole camera, you will see red dots on the phone screen.

When you go out and you are not familiar with your life, you need to know more, pay more attention to it, treat others with courtesy, act in a civilized way, and take safety as the basis for everything, so that you can have fun and return safely.


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