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“Do you want tea or coffee?” Is a question often asked by dining people. Many Westerners choose coffee, while Chinese choose tea. Compared with people’s love of coffee in other countries, tea has an unshakable position in the hearts of Chinese people.

According to legend, an emperor in China discovered tea five thousand years ago and used it to cure diseases. During the qing dynasties, tea houses were spread all over the country. Tea drinking was transmitted to Japan in the sixth century, but it was not transmitted until the eighteenth century In Europe and America, tea is now one of the most popular beverages in the world, and tea is a gem of China. It is also an important part of Chinese tradition and culture.

Yanyu Jiangnan was drunk in Hangzhou when it was time to ask for tea. Qingming Hangzhou is busy picking tea, whether it is Longjing, Shifeng, or Wengjiashan, Meijiawu, the endless slopes, fresh green tea in the tea garden, refreshing. Although you and I are not tea collectors, I look at the green mountains from the side, gradually smell the scent of tea, soak in a pot of Longjing, and enjoy the poetic and artistic style unique to this season. The days are spent walking in the fragrance of tea. Speak.

So when traveling to China, you must not miss the taste of tea in Hangzhou. Now introduce ten hotels that are suitable for living in Hangzhou while enjoying tea, so that you can live comfortably in tea.

Hangzhou Qingcha Inn

The inn is located in the Zhijiang Tourist Resort. The 8 guest rooms are named after tea. In leisure, you can directly climb back to the mountain tea garden, or hike the Yunxi Bamboo Trail of the West Lake. The mountain here is deep and the bamboo forest is dense. At dusk in the morning, clouds often appear around the dock, like fairyland.
Address: [Xihu District] Meiling South Road, No. 20 Bridge

Hangzhou Boke Villa

Compared to West Lake, this is a quiet place, which is more suitable for self-driving tour or people who love tea. There is a terrace at the entrance of the hotel where you can drink tea to see the vista. The restaurant is very warmly furnished. The style of the house is more avant-garde and stylish. Window, sleep on the pillow, and wake up to see the sky too comfortable.
Address: [Xihu District] No. 88 Qianlong Road, Yangmeiling

Hangzhou old man’s house

The old man’s house is on the top of the Longweng family mountain in Manjue, West Lake, beside the old Longjing. At the highest point of Wengjia Mountain, take a deep breath of air and enjoy the green tea mountain scenery. Make a cup of fragrant and green Longjing, listen to the legend of Longjing, how beautiful it is!
Address: [West Lake District] No. 260 Wengjia Mountain

Huazhu · Hangzhou Xiyuan Homestay

The inn is located in the famous Shifeng Longjing tea production area, surrounded by a large area of ​​tea gardens. The inn also provides free bicycles, walking on the mountain forest path, breathing fresh air and a good place to relax.
Address: [Xihu District] No. 95 Shuangfeng New Village, Longjing Road

Hangzhou Ruo Xiaoyuan (formerly Ruoyi Station)

The outdoor courtyard is full of Mediterranean style, and the interior decoration is very petty, next to the Tea Museum. Living in such a blue and white Mediterranean villa between a green tea plantation is full of subtleties.
Address: [Xihu District] No. 34 Shuangfeng New Village, Xihu Street

Hangzhou Qijiantang Art Hotel

The hotel is surrounded by a tea garden in Longjing, and its 7 rooms are stylish and exquisite. You can have a panoramic view of Longjing Tea Field and the mountains by the West Lake. You can go to “Ask Tea” for tea and “Green Tea” for dinner; you can also sleep while smelling the tea.
Address: [Jihu District] No.53, Jilong Mountain, Longjing Road

Hangzhou Radisson Longjing Manor

The hotel is based on the theme of tea culture, walking in the tea garden trails, looking for traces of tea, watching the sun pouring down, breathing the enticing tea fragrance diffused in the air, hiding in the Longjing Radisson Manor will make you fall in love with this slightly Taste.
Address: No. 86, Jilong Mountain, Longjing Road

Luxury Home (Hangzhou Lingyin Temple)

Hidden in the mountains, it has extremely hidden front and rear large gardens, and there are only a few of its own Longjing tea plantation tea gardens in the scenic area. It is also close to Lingyin Temple, which is only a ten-minute walk. Let the casual time be just like that.
Address: [Xihu District] No. 255 Baile Bridge, Lingyin Branch Road

Hangzhou Yunlang Xiaolu

Located in Meijiawu, surrounded by Chashan, standing on the balcony of the cloud gallery, looking forward, the cascading Longjing tea is full of green, and the morning dew, with the fragrance, is refreshing. In the morning fog, it is even more special, as if in the cloud corridor, it seems like a dream.
Address: [Xihu District] No. 176 Meijiawu (at the foot of Langya Mountain in Shili)

Millennium Resort Hangzhou

The hotel is hidden among the smoke trees of Jiuxi, and deep in the tea garden. The morning mist is light and the sunset is gorgeous. Sitting on the balcony, you can taste a pot of Longjing. The poetry of the tea garden in the river is in the tea fragrance. It is said that Qianlong passed here when he came to the south of the Yangtze River. During the break, he asked the local tea farmers for tea, and after drinking the local green tea, he returned to endless sweetness.
Address: [Xihu District] No. 15 Jiuxi Road (Jiuxi Scenic Area)

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  1. Hangzhou Theatre is in walking distance of our hotel and the International Convention Center is just 13 minutes away by taxi. A visit to Hangzhou’s renowned West Lake scenery and Longjing tea plantations should be on every guest’s itinerary.


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