Hotels near Macau International Airport

Macau International Airport

Macau International Airport is the first stop for many people to Macau, but do you know which hotels are near Macau International Airport? This article introduces the 10 closest hotels to Macau International Airport for reference.

1. Golden Crown China Hotel

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 0.38 km.

Golden Crown China Hotel

Golden Crown China Hotel is located opposite the Macau International Airport, only 5 minutes and 15 minutes drive from Taipa Ferry Terminal and Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, and 10 minutes and 20 minutes drive from Hengqin Port and Macau Border Gate. The hotel is backed by the Tai Tam Mountain Country Park, with a panoramic view of the Macau International Airport and the charming scenery of the South China Sea. The Cotai Avenue in Cotai is within easy reach. It is quiet and quiet. It is an ideal choice for you to reach the Macau International Tourism and Entertainment Center.

Golden Crown China Hotel is 21 floors high. The underground lobby of the hotel runs through the departure hall of Macau International Airport. There are 300 luxurious rooms of various types to meet your different needs. Chinese and Western restaurants and bars, conference and exhibition facilities and swimming pools are all available.

Near the subway, around the airport

Address: Macau, Cotai, Macau Taipa Chicken Neck Road 1166A to 1166E
Opening time: Opened in 1999
Number of rooms: 300 rooms
Phone: 00853-28851166
Fax: 853-28851199

2. Inn hotel Macau

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.23 km

Inn hotel Macau is a brand new hotel brand under Emperor Hotel Group.

Inn hotel Macau

Inn hotel Macau is a hotel operated by Emperor Hotel Group under the brand name of Shengshi, located in Taipa. Guests can enjoy a new and unforgettable stay in its 287 guest rooms. The Macau Shengshi Hotel has a unique design, with its contemporary decoration and advanced equipment showing the dynamic charm of an international city. Simple and comfortable guest rooms make guests feel noble and value for money

Inn hotel Macau is adjacent to the Souvenir Street in Taipa’s Old Town and many places of interest (such as Dragon Ring and Pu Yun), about an eight-minute walk away; close to the major resorts in Cotai, a three-minute drive away; direct access to Macau International Airport takes only five minutes It only takes 10 minutes by car from Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminal. The transportation is convenient and fast, which brings perfect journey for passengers.

Leisure vacation, romantic couples, seaside scenery, around the airport

Address: Macau, Cotai, Taipa, Governor’s Avenue, No.822
Opening time: Opened in 2005, renovated in 2017
Number of rooms: 287 rooms
Phone: 00853-28821666

3. Morpheus Macau

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.36 kilometers

Designer hotel, near subway, gourmet forest restaurant, leisure vacation, business trip, Michelin restaurant

Macau Morpheus Hotel
Macau Morpheus Hotel

City of Dreams-Morpheus Macau has 772 guest rooms and suites, facilities that surpass the standards of star-rated hotels, and give a new definition to contemporary luxury enjoyment with superb taste, unique mind and soul-stimulating experience. The hotel has 3 international-class restaurants, luxurious The executive lounge, the sky swimming pool, the VIP entertainment hall, and the duplex villa. This unique building was designed by the world-renowned late architect Zaha Hadi (Zhaha hadid) Dame DBE, presenting its predecessors in Asia Unseen movement, perfect interpretation of the noble experience that touches people’s hearts.

Address: Macau, Cotai, Cotai Highway
Opening time: Opened in 2018
Number of rooms: 772 rooms
Phone: +853-88688888
Fax: 00853-88676688

4. Grand Hyatt Macau

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.38 km

Near subway, butler service, leisure vacation, parent-child hotel, romantic couple, relaxing spa

Grand Hyatt Macau

Grand Hyatt Macau is located in the City of Dreams, a coherent highway in Macau, close to Sands Plaza and Venetian Shopping Center, making it easy to travel on vacation.
The design of Grand Hyatt Macau is stylish and luxurious. The high ceiling lobby has a strong three-dimensional effect, full of modern and cultural texture. The room layout is dignified and generous, with light brown accents, and the atmosphere is comfortable and cozy. The wide-view floor-to-ceiling glass allows you to see the charming night of Cotai and the west bank of the Pearl River. Free wireless broadband makes business and leisure easy.
The mezza9 Macau restaurant plans a new buffet dinner experience of “Enjoy with the chefs at mezza9 Macau”. You are invited to walk into the open kitchen and experience the steaming temperature, frying temperature and cooking time. May wish to ask the chef for special recipes, understand the essence of each dish, and let the taste bloom on the tip of the tongue.
Another signature restaurant, Mantangcai, specializes in authentic northern cuisine. It has 2 traditional brick oven roast duck areas, using jujube trees and almond wood as raw materials; there is also an open oven small stir-fry area headed by 10 chefs, full of food culture charm.
Many business meeting rooms are equipped with advanced equipment, suitable for holding various conference affairs and training activities. With the bright night view, the executive lounge is a good choice for business negotiation and friends gathering.
Yi ∙ Spa helps you relieve fatigue and rejuvenate. In leisure time, swimming pools, tennis courts, and gyms are all good choices.

Address: City of Dreams, Cotai, Macau
Opening time: Opened in 2009
Number of rooms: 791 rooms
Phone: 00853-88681234
Fax: 00853-88671798

5. Wynn Palace

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.45 km

Designer hotel, near subway, gourmet forest restaurant, butler service, leisure vacation, Michelin restaurant

Macau Wynn Palace
Macau Wynn Palace

Wynn Palace is located on the bustling Avenida da Avenida Cotai Stadium in Macau. This gem of the South China Sea is about a five-minute drive from Macau Airport and Taipa Ferry Terminal.

Wynn Palace is proudly located in the prosperous area of ​​Taipa, adjacent to various exciting tourist and entertainment hotspots, and is about 63 kilometers west of Hong Kong. It is closely connected to Macau International Airport, Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal and Lotus Port. It only takes about 20 minutes to travel to and from the Macau Peninsula. There are large shopping malls, restaurants, fitness centers and swimming pools.

At the entrance of Wynn Palace, there is an 8-acre performance lake, a 25-story musical fountain, and a golden dragon. The sightseeing glass cable car around the lake will take you into a new world of Wynn Palace.

Step into the Wynn Palace, the breathtaking large-scale flower arrangement and the dazzling collection of art treasures from the Central European dynasties are all spectacles. More than 1,700 guest rooms, suites and villas are the masterpieces of Wynn Palace. The meticulous decoration, luxurious design, and noble supplies are no accident.

There are 13 restaurants gathering high-end world chefs, a spa that balances your mind and body, and 52 high-end brand shops, all in Wynn Palace.

Address: Macau, Cotai, 50 meters west of Avenida Cotai Stadium, Macau
Opening time: Opened in 2016
Number of rooms: 1706 rooms
Phone: 00853-88898889
Fax: 00853-88893500

6. The Countdown Hotel

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.51 km

Near the subway, leisure vacation, romantic couples, relaxing spa, seaside scenery, around the airport

The Countdown Hotel

City of Dreams • The Countdown Hotel is located on Macau’s Cotai Highway, close to Weilong Ma Road. The surrounding dining, entertainment and other living facilities are complete and convenient for travel.
The stylish and dazzling hotel perfectly interprets the innovative style of City of Dreams. There are more than 300 well-equipped rooms here, allowing you to enjoy the stunning views of Cotai City in a comfortable space, and you can also enjoy luxurious facilities such as spa treatments, swimming pools, and jacuzzis, giving you a taste of extraordinary accommodation experience.

Address: Macau, Cotai, Macau Cotai Highway
Opening time: Opened in 2009
Number of rooms: 326 rooms
Phone: 853-88683333

7. The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Strip

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.52 km

Near subway, butler service, leisure vacation, romantic couple, relaxing spa, around the airport

The st. regis macao
The st. regis macao

The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Strip is located on the Cotai Strip in Macau, in the bustling entertainment center, with 400 elegant and gorgeous guest rooms and suites.

The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Strip will inherit the legend of the St. Regis Hotel and provide guests with tailor-made, meticulous and thoughtful services.

The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Strip provides all guests with the well-known iconic St. Regis butler service, creating a precedent in the hotel industry in Macau.

The St. Regis Butler Service will provide guests with a personalized and extraordinary check-in experience 24 hours a day according to the specific needs, tastes and preferences of the guests.

Address: Macau, Cotai, Cotai Road, Cotai Strip
Number of rooms: 400 rooms
Phone: 00853-28828898
Fax: 00853-28828890

8. MGM Cotai

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.57km

Near the subway, leisure vacation, romantic couples, relaxing spa, around the airport, around the university

MGM Cotai

Combining the dazzling jewellery box exterior design, MGM Cotai’s eye-catching building resembles a modern sculpture art, making it a symbol of innovation in Macau. MGM Cotai will have 1,390 guest rooms and suites, huge meeting spaces, spa facilities, retail stores, and catering facilities. For the first time, Las Vegas will bring unique Tianle Pavilion and luxurious Yonghua Mansion To Macau. Only here can you enjoy all kinds of wonderful and colorful innovative experiences.

Stepping here, you can experience the Asian dynamic theater, and have the world’s first spectacular digital imaging technology, the size of a standard football stadium, the Shibo Plaza. MGM Cotai uses revolutionary technology to create unprecedented entertainment and sensory enjoyment for you. In addition, MGM Cotai has nine restaurants and bars, each with its own characteristics, and is committed to presenting you an extraordinary shopping and family experience.

Address: Avenida Stadium, Cotai, Macau
Opening time: Opened in 2018
Number of rooms: 1390 rooms
Phone: 00853-8806 8888

9. Altira Macau

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.68 km

Gourmet Forest Restaurant, Leisure Vacation, Michelin Restaurant, Romantic Couples, Coastal Scenery, Good Scenery Outside the Window

Altira Macau
Altira Macau

Altira Macau is located in a prime location in Taipa, close to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s main road, the surrounding is prosperous and fashionable, and the transportation is convenient. The 38-storey hotel has a casino area of approximately 183,000 square feet, with about 220 high-end gaming tables and more than 500 slot machines, providing you with high-end entertainment, elegant facilities, excellent services and gorgeous decoration. The environment of the guest rooms is elegant. Located in the lobby of the hotel on the 38th floor or in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the room, the entire Macau Sea can be seen. You can also enjoy the famous restaurant-Aurora by the bay, adding joy to your trip to Macau.

Address: Macau, Cotai, Avenida de Guangdong
Opening time: Opened in 2007
Number of rooms: 216 rooms
Phone: 853-28868866

10. Conrad Macao Cotai Strip

The straight line distance from Macau International Airport is 1.70 km

Near the subway, leisure vacation, family hotel, romantic couple, around the airport

Conrad Macao Cotai Strip

Conrad Macao Cotai Strip, as the world’s high-end luxury resort hotel, is a Conrad hotel in the world that has been awarded a star by Forbes Travel Guide. It is committed to providing customers with first-class facilities and personalized distinguished services. All rooms and suites are designed by famous teachers, stylish and unique, extremely luxurious. Staying here, you can explore the world heritage area of Macau, explore the shopping pleasure of about 850 duty-free shops at Sands Shopping City Macau, taste mouth-watering Cantonese cuisine, Portuguese cuisine and other Asian specialties buffet, and go to the poolside or Bodhi spa Relax and enjoy a special wonderful holiday!

Address: Macau, Cotai, Macau Cotai Highway
Opening time: Opened in 2012
Number of rooms: 654 rooms
Phone: +853-28829000

The above are the 10 closest hotels to Macau Airport. If you want to know more about Macau hotels, please follow me!


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