How much you paid and how much you got during the trip

Someone will always ask, what can I get when I travel? Travel itself is a matter of paying money and time, but not necessarily seeing the real gains. We must see the nature of travel before we travel.


Some people like to travel with group tours. In order to spend less money, they choose low-cost tour groups. As a result, they are deceived and forced to shop, making travel a very unhappy thing.
For those who are particularly obvious that they are low-cost tours, those who are discerning at a glance are lower than the cost, even those with normal price differences, no clear travel contracts, or even legal business places and licenses.
Unscrupulous businessmen are using the low-cost tour to increase their profit points, which should definitely be punished, but they know that they should also pretend to be confused when they sign up for the low-cost tour.

If you do n’t have money and do n’t go out, it may hurt a bit, because everyone has the right to explore the outside world, but as the saying goes, the poor are rich and the way we have received education since childhood. If you do n’t have enough money, save your money and set off, or do your own strategy to save a bit of fun.
But if you know that the money you paid is not enough, and you can’t accept other group members to spend money or other people’s indifference on the side of self-esteem. It’s really better at home.


We need to understand the nature of travel properly.

Travel is a luxury in itself, it takes time, you need to set out, and you need to spend money on food, accommodation, travel and entertainment. Some people have money and no time, and some people have time and no money. People who have both, must have a healthy body and a mindset that likes to travel.
And, in fact, travel itself is a luxury that is consumed, not the same amount of exchange in principle. Unlike you bought two pounds of cabbage for 10 yuan, it is the same amount of exchange you see. At the end of the trip, in addition to buying the same amount of money you bought, all that remains is a bunch of photos and memories. Some people may have gone all the way and they have forgotten where they were before they returned. Others may have a deep memory and affect their lives. The memories you have experienced cannot be copied or remade.
Therefore, the return of travel to everyone is not a balanced and equal exchange.

However, the cost of travel, that is, how much money is spent, definitely accounts for a considerable proportion of your final satisfaction.
Travel is unknown. It may encounter wind, frost, rain, and snow. It can not be said that if you spend more money, you will definitely feel good. If you spend less, you must not play well. Because the expenditure is different, the expectations are different. Some people know how much they spend, and some people know that the cost of time is irreversible, but they want first-class services for economy class money. This must not happen.


Cost of travel

  • Material cost
    It is the money spent. Normally, how much money is spent and how much is done. The reduction of material costs actually brings many risks, and the same time and opportunity costs are increasing. For travel, booking flights in advance is economically cheap, but it locks up your future time plans early. It means that the time cost you can use increases, and the opportunity cost also increases.
  • Time cost.
    In fact, many times, this cost is much larger than the material cost. You think about a year of hard work to make up for such a holiday, or that the world is so large, you will only go to many destinations only once. If you miss it, you miss it. If you speak from this point. The travel experience is a one-time experience that cannot be reversed and irreversible, so for other costs, your time cost should be the most cherished at the beginning.
  • Psychological needs.
    Or this can also be called the mood cost. People will understand whether to spend money for cold eyes or respect. The team of 40 people and the customized tour group of 4 people certainly have different feelings, and everyone knows this.
  • Chance impression effect
    When traveling to a place, first impressions are often particularly important. It takes you time, and this destination meets you in the most beautiful season. Such memories are beautiful. The off-season and high-season scenery are different, and the hotel air ticket prices are different. Memories are naturally different. Spring, summer, autumn, you go to a place where there are beautiful scenery, and the memories you give are wonderful. In winter, you travel to the place where everything is withered. Although it is cheap, the feelings and memories for you are indeed dim.

In summary, if you are more concerned about the cost of time and pay more attention to the quality of travel experience and memories, then please pay the normal group fare or free travel with normal prices.
If you think that material cost is the most important and everything is cheap, then please go to the destination you want to go in the off-season. What you get is low material cost. Similarly, the effect of opportunity impression will be reduced.
If you want to be absolutely cheap, then you can continue to look for those abnormally low-priced groups that obviously take advantage, and then finally insist on not shopping, and you can accept ridicule. Then your time cost and opportunity impression effect should not have any requirements.


Before you travel, think about what you want: talk about services with high prices, talk about prices with low prices.
Therefore, it is a question worth thinking about whether money is important or the feeling that takes up your time is important.
The nature of travel: Remember, every penny you spend on travel counts.

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