How to choose the nearly 20 luxury hotels in Macau?

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The first half of 2020 has quietly passed, and many people have not traveled because of the epidemic. Now the epidemic has basically achieved zero growth in new cases. The policies have been relaxed in various places. What are you still hesitating? Hurry up and play.

Speaking of traveling, Macau is really a good destination, not to mention there are really too many hotels here! Nearly 20 luxury hotels have their own characteristics, and I can’t wait for people to visit the hotel once a month.

1. Macau Morpheus Hotel

Internet celebrity landmark hotel

Macau Morpheus Hotel
Macau Morpheus Hotel

The Macau Morpheus Hotel, which opened in 2018, has established a new standard for Macau’s top luxury hotels, bringing a series of unique “world firsts” projects, which is also one of the last design drafts completed by Zaha.

The hotel is named after Morpheus, the god of dreams who changed dreams in Greek mythology. Just like its name, the exterior of the hotel is a twisted boxed structure building in the center, like an ultimate sculpture with unique bones. This building that should only exist in the virtual world has become a new landmark of Macau!

The three hollow designs in the center of the hotel create a “negative space” in visual art, which is the focal point of the building. A closer look reveals that the hotel is actually composed of two buildings connected by a sky bridge. From the towering atrium to the bright installations of the entire building, the reflection and refraction of light are cleverly used in every detail to create a dream and luxury experience.

It is said that the cost of the hotel is as high as 6.5 billion yuan. It consumes 28,000 tons of steel, 48,000 square meters of glass materials, and 70,500 square meters of reinforced concrete. It can build almost 4 Paris Eiffel Towers, or build 28 standard Olympic swimming pools.

Entering the hotel is like being in a scene in a sci-fi movie, once again impacting people’s vision. The reflection and refraction of light are used in the design details to create a dreamlike interior architecture, which is breathtaking.

Macau Morpheus Hotel
Macau Morpheus Hotel

The 35-meter-high magnificent atrium lobby and the high-speed panoramic elevator are also the most eye-catching.

Macau Morpheus Hotel is based on the research results of Zaha Hadid Architects in various fields over the past 40 years. It includes architectural interior and exterior, public and private, virtual and real, Cartesian system, and Einstein theory. Exploration. Space is formed in the entanglement and weaving of the structure, and the originally separated functional systems are tightly integrated and are continuously related to each other.

Maybe this hotel just wants to weave a dream for people who come to see it from all over the world!

2. Studio City Hotel

Owns the only figure 8 Ferris wheel in the world

Investment 3.2 billion; owns the world’s only figure-eight Ferris wheel, and its height is also the highest in Asia (130 meters); before the opening, he invited Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert · De Niro, filmed microfilm “The Audition” specifically for Studio City Hotel.

As Macau’s first integrated resort with the theme of a movie, the words “drenched into the sky” and “brilliant” in my mind, when I saw the “true face”, I could only sigh “Wow”.

Compared with other hotels in Macau, Studio City Hotel is not only luxurious but also has more feelings for Hollywood movies.

In addition to the regular equipment for casinos, food, and shopping in Macau hotels, her highlight lies in the addition of more colorful and entertainment facilities for all ages, such as Movie Star, Variety Arena, “The Wizard of Oz” jungle swimming, Warner Mansion FUN Children’s Paradise and so on. There is also the world’s only Batman-themed interactive experience, a magical room full of magical sense, and of course the world’s tallest 8-shaped Ferris wheel.

The two buildings provide 1,600 guest rooms, and the all-suite “Superstar Hui” occupies 600 rooms. The warm color style becomes elegant and low-key here, but it reveals noble temperament everywhere.

The remaining 1,000 guest rooms are located in the more fashionable and relaxing “Star Club”, where movie elements can be seen everywhere, the design is the protagonist here, film films become decorations, and future sci-fi murals, I don’t know. Sleeping in such a room will travel to which science fiction masterpiece.

The hotel’s commercial area also has more than 20 gluttonous restaurants, a 30,000 square meter shopping street, etc., even if you don’t leave the hotel, you can enjoy shopping.

3. Grand Lisboa Hote

Macau hotel with the most Michelin stars

The Grand Lisboa Hotel, with an investment of more than 3 billion patacas, has always been a landmark and symbol of Macau and looks like a lotus about to bloom. Not only is it one of the tallest and most luxurious buildings in Macau, but it was also selected as one of the 20 most iconic buildings in the world in 2011.

The hotel’s main entrance faces the Governor’s Bridge (Old Macau-Taipa Bridge), next to Hotel Lisboa Macau, and there is a sky bridge connecting Hotel Lisboa Macau and Jinbi Casino.

In addition to the stunning architecture, the Grand Lisboa Hotel is also a place that is coveted by gourmets all over the world. The entire hotel has 7 Michelin stars, two Michelin three-star restaurants, and one Michelin one-star restaurant; it is also the only one in Australia to receive five Michelin stars in the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide. Diamond honor hotel.

It is also a paradise praised by wine lovers all over the world. There are more than 17,000 famous wines from all over the world, and the wine library has more than 490,000 bottles of wine.

Let me first talk about The Eight, the first Michelin restaurant. As far as the restaurant is concerned, The Eight is one of the soul elements of its own restaurant, and it also has a good meaning for all visitors to encounter good luck.

The specialty here is a variety of exquisite dim sum and new Cantonese cuisine. There are more than 40 creative snacks to choose from at noon. The chef is good at creating unique and innovative dishes with fresh ingredients from all over the world. Blue Sky Makes Goldfish Dumplings, Crispy Barbecued Pork Buns, Shredded Suckling Pig, etc. are the signature dishes of The Eight.

Another three-star restaurant, “Robuchon au Dôme”, located in the gorgeous dome of the 238-meter-high Grand Lisboa Hotel, interprets the definition of French cuisine with stunning visual effects and taste buds.

Beginning in 2009, this restaurant has been on the three-star throne for 11 consecutive years.

The decoration in the restaurant can be called luxurious. There is a crystal chandelier made of 131,500 Swarovski crystals pouring from the dome, magnificent and magnificent. The millions of handmade classical pianos under the chandelier, the famous French paintings from the private collection of the gambling king, and the Baccarat crystal floor lamps complement the dazzling chandelier, successfully setting off the three-star Michelin facade.

The “Robuchon au Dôme” is very detailed, and the menu is naturally rich. From weekday set meal, weekend set meal, lunch set meal to a la carte menu, it is thoughtful and cost-effective. It is very suitable for people who want to experience 3 Michelin stars for the first time. But if you want to really taste the taste of the legendary chef Joël Robuchon, I recommend the selected menu “Prestige Menu” and the seafood menu “Crustaces Menu”, because the creative ideas of these two menus come from Joël Robuchon himself.

4. The Parisian Macao

Another legend after The Venetian Macao

The Parisian Macao
The Parisian Macao

There is The Venetian Macao in the front, and The Parisian Macao in the back. The Parisian Macao is a hotel, and it is a super dreamy attraction, even like a city. It takes a lot of time to go around the business district downstairs of the hotel, not to mention that the hotel has 2500 rooms, and there are more than 300 normal five-star hotels.

As the fourth major project of Sands Group Cotai, costing US$2.7 billion to build, The Parisian Macao fully replicates the French romance on the landmark of Macau (the tower is deliberately constructed in accordance with one-half of the Eiffel Tower prototype. ), so that visitors close to Macau can also feel the feelings of France.

The Parisian Macao
The Parisian Macao

The entire hotel is full of French art. Connecting the hotel entrance, a series of green iron corridors are designed to linger, creating a green space, vaguely depicting the shadow of the green arcades of the Grand Palais in Paris. Inside, you can see magnificent glass domes, lifelike artistic sculptures, majestic marble pillars, literary and retro colors, and romantic music.

5. Mandarin Oriental, Macau

Few Macau hotels without CES

Mandarin Oriental Macau
Mandarin Oriental Macau

Mandarin Oriental, Macau has a unique taste and tonality to enter Macau, ingeniously combining Macau’s unique European cultural traditions in the design.

Located in the famous Plaza One, it also has a proud wide view. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Taipa Island, the lake view on the west side of Nanwan Lake, and the distance from the Macau Tower, and you can also overlook the Pinnacle Mountains on the southern coast of mainland China.

Although it is not the largest, most glorious and expensive hotel in Macau, it is definitely one of the top three hotels in terms of accommodation experience, and one of the few top hotels in Macau without CES!

MO’s design is never overly provocative. At first glance, it looks plain and watery, but usually the more it tastes, the more flavorful it is. Mysterious, elegant, quiet, well-living, and good-looking are all MO’s personality labels.

The 213 elegantly furnished luxurious rooms and suites create a peaceful and elegant pattern for you; these rooms are all sitting on the bright night of Macau and the calm waters of the South China Sea.

Mandarin Oriental Macau
Mandarin Oriental Macau

The restaurant and spa are very worthy of the experience. The 25-meter heated swimming pool can enjoy the South China Seascape in the pool. It is unexpected that a city hotel can also attract the style of a resort hotel.

6. Galaxy Macau

Gathering 6 top hotels

For hotel controllers who “choose a destination is to choose a hotel”, Galaxy Macau is undoubtedly a very suitable choice.

There are 6 top hotels in The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, Banyan Tree Macau, Hotel Okura Macau, Macau JW Marriott, Galaxy Hotel, and Broadway Macau. Even if you stay 2 at a time, you will have to come 3 times before you can finish!

(1) The Ritz-Carlton, Macau

The Ritz-Carlton, Macau
The Ritz-Carlton, Macau

The executive lounge has a super high value, and the drop-shaped viewing window is unforgettable

In magnificent Macau, The Ritz-Carlton, Macau can still interpret the noble elegance in the blood to the extreme. As an all-suite hotel, the design of The Ritz-Carlton, Macau can be called Ambilight. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the room have excellent viewing angles that are frequently seen by Internet celebrities. There is also an all-marble bathroom that cannot be rejected. As Christmas approaches, various holiday elements have been dressed up, and the dreamy afternoon tea will surely make your heartbeat!

(2) Banyan Tree Macau

Banyan Tree Macau
Banyan Tree Macau

I really like the Yuexin Pool by the window of the room facing the outside view. The award-winning Banyan Tree Spa is still the signature

Banyan Tree Macau, which is also an all-suite room, starts from 100 square meters in size. Each room is equipped with a “Happy Pool” which is slightly smaller than the swimming pool. This is the first choice for honeymooners. It also has the first luxury spa in Asia, equipped with two spa pools full of tropical rainforest patterns, and a 3,400 square meter spa room. It is also an excellent choice to spend a day relaxing here.

(3) Macau JW Marriott

Macau JW Marriott’s Chinese restaurant is highly recommended. The improved cuisine is the best choice for Cantonese cuisine.

Macau JW Marriott
Macau JW Marriott

In the same building as The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, which is also JW Marriott, the largest JW Marriott sub-colon in Asia is located in Macau. The classic blue-green color is matched with Macau’s “Golden Sparkle”, and the design that is not wrong is the consistent style of JW Marriott. Even so, the basic room size is 45 square meters, which can be called “aircraft carrier” level configuration.

(4) Galaxy Hotel/ Hotel Okura Macau

Galaxy Hotel, cost-effective but no fooling, a full set of Hermes accessories are quite sophisticated

Hotel Okura Macau, the deep continuation of Japanese bathing culture, not only equipped with SPA bathtubs in rooms above superior suites but also private saunas

Galaxy Hotel and Hotel Okura Macau from Japan are listed in the two tallest main buildings in the center, with excellent views. At the same time, the former was also selected as a “premium and comfortable hotel” by the “Michelin HK Macau Guide”, which may not be as good as the luxury brand design, but the level of software and hardware is guaranteed.

7. Lisboa Palace Macau

Blockbuster project to open

Lisboa Palace Macau is an integrated resort built by Macau Gaming Holdings at a cost of 30 billion yuan. The location is adjacent to the Macau East Asian Games Stadium, covering an area of ​​over 520,000 square meters. Lisboa Palace Macau will be the largest hotel in the entire Lisboa project, with a total of 1,450 rooms expected, accounting for more than half of the total number of rooms. The shopping center here occupies more than 75,000 square meters, and you can go back to the hotel to rest if you can’t walk. It must be the most fashionable place in Macau once it opens.

The fourth wife of the gambling king, Liang Anqi, director and chief executive officer of SJM, revealed in an interview with “Prism” last year that SJM’s flagship project “Lisboa” will be completed and opened in 2020, and more than 90% of the business is non-gaming business.

Each of the three hotels in the 30 billion resort is a blockbuster.

8. Karl Lagerfeld Hotel

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel
Karl Lagerfeld Hotel

This is the first Karl Lagerfeld hotel in the world, and it is also the first time that Galeries Lafayette has designed the entire hotel.

Karl Lagerfeld is “very happy and proud” to be “participated in this important project”. In an interview with WWD, he revealed that the hotel will have a 19th-century style and a modern design. In general, his personal preferences for the hotel will be given priority. “I will only design the rooms I want to live in. It’s that simple .”

Hotel Metropole
Hotel Metropole

Hotel Metropole designed by Galeries Lafayette

“From the design to the choice of furniture, every detail of this hotel was done by Karl Lagerfeld himself. I had a meeting with him before. He explained that he would come in person at the opening meeting of the hotel this year. Unexpectedly, he died sick and this hotel became the only hotel in his life. Works.” Liang Anqi said. (Interview from “Prism”)

9. Macau Versace Hotel

Macau Palazzo Versace Hotel
Macau Palazzo Versace Hotel

Macau Versace Hotel Apartment is located in a 20-story single-family building with approximately 290 rooms designed by Donatella Versace’s team.

Macau Palazzo Versace Hotel
Macau Palazzo Versace Hotel

Versace Hotel in Broadwater Gold Coast, Australia

This will be the first luxury 5-star hotel in Macau designed by the world’s top fashion brands and the first Palazzo Versace hotel in Asia.

Policies are gradually being relaxed. Now wait for the Macau endorsement to be released, and then you can go to the hotel!

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  1. Waldo Hotel Macau is located next to the landmark “Golden Lotus Square” where it marks the most significant occasion in Macau’s history – the return of the former Portuguese colony to the People’s Republic of China. Located in the heart of Macau’s downtown area and with entertainment facilities, Waldo Hotel is the best hotel to stay in Macau. Adjacent to a number of Macau attractions, such as Grand Prix Museum, Wine Museum, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau Science Centre, Macau Cultural Centre, Macau Museum of Art, Handover Gifts Museum and Kun lam Ecumenical Centre, within a 10-minute walk from the Hotel.


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