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Macau Airport Information

Traveling to Macau, Macau’s entry and departure have strict regulations, do you really clear the specific regulations inside? What is the process of transit? This article will share with you the specific information regulations for you, let your Macau The airport journey is smoother.


Immigration procedures can be handled at the immigration counters on each side of the airport passenger terminal building. Macau currently provides visa-free entry for more than 50 countries. Visa procedures for entry to Macau in many other countries can be handled at the visa counter in front of the immigration counter.

1.Entry procedure

1) Arrival counter
2) Baggage claim
3) Customs

2.Entry conditions

The Immigration Department of the Public Security Police Department is responsible for immigration and stay matters.

The following information is for guidance only:
1) Travel documents
All inbound passengers must hold valid travel documents, apply for a visa, provide proof of sufficient financial ability and explain the purpose of entry.
Macau International Airport does not recognize or accept documents issued by the World Service Organization.
2) Visa application
Inbound passengers must obtain permission or hold a diplomatic or consular visa that has been completed before entering Macau.
Those holding the following documents are exempt from visa application:

  • Macau Resident Identity Card
  • Macau Identification Card
  • Hong Kong ID card, Hong Kong permanent ID card or Hong Kong travel card, any of the above documents for passengers to enter Hong Kong.
    Note: Hong Kong identity cards printed with ““, “**” or “R” are considered valid.
  • Residence paper
  • Labour ID card of non-Macao residents
  • Visa-free countries
    Note: People holding d) and e) must present a valid travel document.

A. People holding valid passports or certificates of the following countries and regions do not need a visa to enter the country:

  • Macao residents;
  • Hold France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Egypt, Greece, Netherlands, Andorra, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom (six months), Ireland , Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Tanzania, Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, South Korea and Malta passport holders can stay for no more than ninety days;
  • Hold South Africa, Chile, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, Turkey, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, Samoa, Seychelles, Monaco, People with Namibia and Kiribati passports can stay for no more than thirty days;
  • Non-Portuguese people holding travel documents issued by Portuguese authorities;
  • Chinese nationals with valid entry and exit certificates in Macau, including Mainland residents, Hong Kong residents (excluding Hong Kong people in paragraph (6)), Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese can stay for no more than 30 days
  • People holding “Hong Kong Identity Card”, “Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card” or “Return to Hong Kong Card” can stay in Macau for up to one year;
  • People who hold diplomatic passports or “Laissez Passer” passports issued by the United Nations;

B. Entry visa can be applied to the Exit-Entry Affairs Office of the Public Security Police through the Embassy or Consulate of the People’s Republic of China abroad, and it should be used within the validity period, otherwise it will be invalid.

C. The holder is allowed to stay in Macau within the period stated on the visa. Visas can also be re-applied upon arrival in Macau. The length of stay usually does not exceed 30 days.

There are three types of visas for individuals, families and groups:

Individuals: MOP 100. Children under 12 years old are halvedFamily: The spouse or children under the age of 12 who can prove their blood relationship can be processed together. The visa fee is MOP 200.
Groups: Group visas must be applied for by a travel agency in Macau, with a minimum of ten people and a fee of MOP 50 per person.
For more information, please call (853) 2872 5488 or browse the following website:

3.Customs conditions

1) Customs conditions (item declaration)
Airport customs procedures are based on international standard procedures and the rules and practices established by ICAO (Annex 9). Airport customs officers are affiliated to Macau Customs and are mainly responsible for carrying out tasks related to the import and export of goods.
All passengers can carry items that are not included in the tax or declared commodity list and whose value does not exceed MOP5,000.00 without going through any formalities.

2) In addition, passengers can also bring the following personal items that do not need to be declared or free of additional tax:

  • 19 cigarettes, 1 cigar, 25 grams of tobacco or total weight not exceeding 25 grams
  • 1 liter of wine or alcohol
  • Clothing, jewelry or sporting goods
  • 1 camera and 5 rolls of film, 1 camcorder and film 2; 1 video recorder; 1 telescope; 1 portable audio player; 1 portable turntable and 10 records; 1 portable radio and 1 recorder ; 1 portable typewriter; 1 portable computer

Macao residents can enjoy the same treatment as the above regulations for carrying personal belongings.

3) Baggage claim
After going through the immigration formalities, passengers can return their luggage in the luggage transportation. Generally speaking, the processing time for unloading luggage from the aircraft to the conveyor belt is about 9 minutes, and all luggage should be retrieved within 20 minutes, otherwise, you can check at the nearby information desk. For the convenience of passengers, free luggage trolleys are provided at the airport’s arrival hall, entrance and taxi landings.


The departure floor is located on the first floor of the passenger terminal. Its design features include marble floors imported from Portugal and brick walls that mark the history of Macau. In addition to the general entry and departure procedures, there is a post office and luggage storage at the departure level. The total length from the departure lobby entrance to the boarding corridor is 67 meters.

Macau Airport Information
Outbound baggage security check

1.Departure procedure

1) Check in
2) Checked baggage security
3) Security inspection
4) Immigration Bureau
5) Boarding

2.Checked baggage security

Macau International Airport will implement the new procedures for new checked baggage in the check-in areas A and B on September 23, 2019, while the check-in areas C and D will be implemented on September 25, 2019.

Starting from the above-mentioned days, after arriving at Macau International Airport, outbound passengers first check in at the counter of the relevant airline. If the outbound passenger does not have checked baggage, he can go directly to the departure lobby after checking in.

Ground staff will issue baggage tags to the checked baggage of outbound passengers. Passengers need to bring the checked baggage to the designated channel in the check-in area, and drop the baggage to the relevant X-ray machine for security check. When passengers drop luggage, they must pay attention to the display screen to ensure that the luggage passes through the X-ray machine. If the passenger’s name and flight number appear on the display screen, the passenger must cooperate to enter the security room to assist the security check luggage. If the passenger information does not appear on the display, the checked baggage has successfully passed the security check and will be transported to the flight. Passengers can go to the restricted area of ​​departure. After completing the formalities, all passengers should go to the restricted area of ​​departure as soon as possible to carry out passenger safety inspection and go through the exit formalities.

Macau International Airport has a self-service check-in counter for convenient outbound passengers. The airport encourages passengers to use self-service counters or online check-in procedures of relevant airlines.

Passengers can request assistance from airport staff if necessary, or call 28861111.

3.Safety Code

1) Prohibited items

Passengers are not allowed to bring any number of the following types of items into the aircraft cabin:

  • Firearms, including shotguns, air guns, rifle guns, signal guns, rifles, duplicate or imitation firearms, crossbows;
  • Ammunition, explosives, including military, commercial or homemade explosives, explosive devices, detonators, tear gas bullets, grenades, mines and other explosive arms, fireworks, signal fires, duplication or imitation of explosives or devices;
  • Original or modified sharp or bladed objects, spring folding knife, gravity spring folding knife, dagger, seven-headed, broad-bladed knives, other genuine or ceremonial knives regardless of their length Or types, including sheathed knives, daggers, sabers, swords, scalpels, ice crushers, swords, sword sticks, umbrellas with built-in blades, harpoons, spears or arrows, professional utensils, corkscrews, Flying standard, short-handled axe, hypodermic needle (unless medically proven), nail clippers with a length of more than 6 cm (not including files), pointed nail files, pointed scissors, round-tip scissors with a blade length of more than 5 cm;
  • Brass knuckles, bats, short sticks and flail, sticks, axes, hand clasps, ropes, martial arts devices for threshing;
  • Articles containing disabling substances, including tear gas, mace tear gas and various phosphorous acid;
  • Highly flammable substances or matches, gasoline, kerosene, lighter liquids or liquids in non-standard fiber bottles with a capacity exceeding the capacity of the lighter;
  • Gas ​​containers and sprayers, carbon dioxide cylinders, fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders with a capacity exceeding 500 ml and / or a total net weight exceeding 2 liters (unless there is a medical certificate);
  • Corrosive, toxic and infectious items, insecticides, paint;
  • Magnetic items;
  • Radiation items.
Macau Airport Information
Radiation items

2) Macau International Airport will implement the new security inspection regulations from March 1, 2019

It is forbidden to bring lighters, matches and cigarette lighters in any way to the aircraft and airport restricted area.
It is forbidden to carry tripods, monopods and selfie sticks with cameras or video recorders that are more than 30 cm after being folded in hand and hand luggage.

Macau Airport Information
Forbidden items

3) For detailed information, passengers can contact relevant airlines or browse the website of the Civil Aviation Administration of Macau Special Administrative Region for a link.


All transfer passengers are led by the airport staff to the departure hall on the first floor to wait for the transfer. Passengers can go to the service desk to inquire about the visa data of the connecting flight and destination.

Transfer procedure

1) Transit lobby
2) Security inspection
3) Departure lobby
4) Boarding

The above is the information about Macao’s entry, departure and transit regulations, please remember to save this article.

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