Le Buffet, Parisian Macao

Le Buffet Parisian Macao

The buffet at The Parisian Macao, a restaurant that can make you five pounds fat in three days, is truly a must!

Le Buffet Parisian Macao
Le Buffet Parisian Macao

In the first half of 2020, because of the epidemic, you need to stay at home and be isolated from the food. Going out for a meal to eat a meal is the strongest desire at the moment. I don’t know where to eat the first meal when I go out? Le Buffet, Parisian Macao is worth having. For perfect food, you can choose to stay at The Parisian Macao, one of the most classic hotels in Macau.

When you go to the Parisian Macao Hotel buffet, you have to open your belly. The Parisian Macao Hotel buffet is the most complete of all the buffets. Beef and mutton, seafood, fruits and vegetables, desserts are everything, and the ingredients are fresh to the naked eye. The service staff will supplement the dishes in time, and the phenomenon of empty dishes is not seen at all.

Seafood area: long-legged crabs, clams, conchs, mussels, kiwi prawns, crayfish…all seafood is abundant and fresh enough. For heavyweight dishes, try Boston lobster, which is a super popular dish with a very high number of dishes. The lobster meat is very full, the meat is firm and chewy, the rich cheese flavor is fully integrated into the lobster meat, the cheese lobster wrapped with brushed cheese is really satisfying to eat, the supplement is added with lemon juice and black pepper Taste, the taste level changes very much after entrance.

Le Buffet Parisian Macao
Seafood buffet at the Parisian Macao

Desserts and bakery area: It is estimated that the desserts will be out of control here. The Parisian hotel buffet offers more than 30 kinds of desserts, muffin cakes, marshmallows, macarons, and ice cream. There are too many classic desserts. The variety is very rich. I will be happy and dazzled. It is recommended to try the small egg tarts. When you come to Macau, you should try the Portuguese egg tarts. The egg filling is tender and sweet. You won’t get tired of eating a few more.

Le Buffet Parisian Macao
Buffet dessert at the Parisian Macao

Cooked food area: Pan-fried foie gras and black truffle bibimbap are very popular. The freshly prepared form is basically waiting in line because it is delicious. Others include roast duck, soup noodles, roast chicken, pork ribs, etc., taste Are above average.

Le Buffet Parisian Macao
Buffet at the Parisian Macao Hotel

In addition, there are Japanese food, salads, cold dishes, and cold dishes to choose from. Come here to eat a fat meal of 2 pounds, no problem. There are so many kinds of food and the food is too delicious. There is no big stomach to eat. The delicious food, it is normal to eat out the wall.

Le Buffet Parisian Macao
Buffet Salad at The Parisian Macao

The Parisian Macao Le Buffet has also won the Interior Design Award in 17 years. The overall lake blue tone makes people calm in the hot summer day, and they get a sense of tranquility. When they eat in the Parisian buffet, they can feel the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. As if you are on the food street in Paris, you can eat quietly here and enjoy a leisurely and slow life.

Le Buffet, Parisian Macao, it is recommended that friends who want to eat book in advance on the official website, the price is different on different platforms and during the week, the official website often has activities, and Sands members can enjoy a minimum of 20% off.

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