Learn about Western Europe in 5 minutes

Europe, a place we are familiar with and unfamiliar, is familiar because in the fields of news, film, entertainment and other fields, we will hear the names of European countries or cities, saying that strangeness is because our understanding of this area is only fragmented memories .


This article will be divided into 3 sections to briefly explain and provide some help for your European travel decisions.

  • Country and city recommendations
  • Route planning
  • Travel Guide

Foreword: Europe must be an indispensable piece of land during our travels. The overall area of Europe is 10.16 million square kilometers and the population is 740 million. However, there are 45 countries and regions. Different races, languages, and religions make different Regional culture, you can feel the romance of France, the unrestrained freedom of Spain, the arts and literature of Italy, the openness of the Netherlands, the rigor of Germany, the purity of Northern Europe, the Swiss countryside, and so on. At the same time, the long history and the bright culture , Affecting the historical process of the world.
For Europe, different people prefer different cities. Here are a few places that I think are worth visiting.

Country and City Recommendations

1、Romance: Paris

Paris is one of the most loved European cities, with ancient streets, dazzling history, fashionable passersby, romantic culture, and a paradise for art. The true Parisian romance may not be the “Midnight Paris” romance seen by Woody Allen five or six times, it may be the “New Bridge of Love” not far from the Louvre. The love and unattainable reality may not be the righteous seat in the Paris Opera House, the Yinggeyanwu of the Moulin Rouge, or the joy of a French meal, or the toast of a small cafe on the Ares Square.
Paris is a bit long, but Paris should be an essential stop for your trip to Europe, of course, if you want to feel romantic.

Eiffel Tower

Paris, in fact, has another side, that is, cigarette butts on the ground, entertainers everywhere, prostitutes, thieves, shit on the ground, and urine smell in subway stations.
You want to ask, where are the tourists?
They lined up at the Louvre, under Fragrance Street, under the Eiffel Tower, Galeries Lafayette to grab LVs, and waved to the students who drank on the Seine cruise boat and walked across the banks.

Different Paris

Recommended words: love to travel, must come to Europe, come to Europe, must come to Paris.

2、Pearl of the Mediterranean: Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona are similar to the streets of Paris, but they are more reasonable, with more people living on average. Barcelona is known as the pearl of the Mediterranean. Those who like architecture will love Barcelona because there is another name called “Gaudi City”. The famous architect Gaudi has built many famous buildings here, such as : Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, etc., which have not yet been completed.


In addition, the Picasso Museum, the Chocolate Museum, the Spanish Chef School, Spanish seafood tasting at the Olympic Pier, walks on Rambla Street full of street performers, flowers, supermarkets, thieves and scammers, keep your bags carefully After drinking a glass of Spanish national wine Sangria, I also felt differently.


Recommended words: I looked at the Sagrada Familia and realized that the straight line is left to the world, and the curve is dedicated to God.

3、Renaissance Capital: Florence

Italy’s best recommendation is probably not Milan, the fashion capital, Venice, which is a tidal wave of tourists, or Rome, which has historical stones 2000 years ago. (Of course, for the first time, the above areas are still to be visited). Is the birthplace of the Renaissance-Florence.


As the only birthplace of renaissance, Florence is the most developed area of ​​many small handicrafts in Italy. Especially leather products are particularly cheap here. At the same time, it is also a place of pilgrimage for architecture, sculpture, painting and other lovers. Because, da Vinci, Milan Langiro, Raphael, Dante and other famous gods have left their footprints or works here.
In the mountains around Florence, as soon as autumn arrives, the colorful sun shines on the hills in Tuscany. A tall dome church stands in the distance. Yes, it is the Church of Our Lady of the Flowers.
In addition, the best red wine and the best beef in Italy are basically here.


Recommended words: When you come to Florence, you don’t eat a T-bone steak, but I’m sorry for the trip.

4、Music Capital: Vienna

If Paris represents the capital of literature and art, then the capital of music and music must be left to Vienna. Here are the four best names of the Vienna Conservatory: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert.
The Austrian writer Szweig once said: In Europe, few cities are as passionate about cultural life as Vienna. Seven immortal music stars-Gluck, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, John Strauss have lived here and radiated to the world. This kind of compatible art, this kind of soft and excessive music, can be seen from the appearance of the city.

Music Capital

Of course, Vienna can see more than just music. He also has Schönbrunn Palace, the Palace of Beauty, the Princess Sissi Museum, the famous Central Cafe, and the delicious Sacher cake shop.
During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, almost all the former glory and achievements were concentrated in this city. Now you can see the luxury of the buildings and palaces in the whole city.


Recommended words: You will know what it is like to be the first place in the world to be the most livable city in the world for 9 consecutive years after visiting Vienna.

5、Mysterious Capital: Prague

Paris represents the capital of fashion and the capital of art, and Vienna has taken the capital of music. So what represents the characteristics of Prague? It can be said that in the streets of Prague, if you change a street, you will change a landscape and live another. On the street, a different style of architecture was created, so Prague is also known as: “Mysterious Capital”.

Charles Bridge

For a short trip, Prague is worth staying for three or four days. In the setting sun, the Charles Bridge is still crowded with people. The sculptures of the bridge railings silently watch tourists from afar. Every hour on the Prague square, everyone is watching that. Astronomical clocks made hundreds of years ago, in order to watch puppet shows, everyone waited a long time under the clock tower. In Golden Lane, it seems that everyone is still following Kafka’s footprint, and the famous Milan Kundera, who also lived in this city before moving to France.

Charles Bridge

Recommended words: Prague has so much to see and you are afraid of leaving something by car, so the best way to visit Prague is to go by foot.

Route planning

1、Short-term travel (3-5 days) is mainly based on the above cities and surrounding areas.

1) Paris and its surroundings
It is mainly based on classic attractions, plus some places of interest, such as the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine, the Montmartre, the Orsay Museum (must visit Impressionist), Orange Park Art Museum (must go to Monet), Versailles (must visit to the Royal Palace), Pompidou Centre (must go to modern art), Moulin Rouge (must go to the art of song and dance show), these basic It will take 3 days.
If you still have time to drink, you can go to REMI 200 kilometers east, where there are various famous champagne wineries. If you have time, you can go to the town of Giverny to see the garden of Monet’s former residence. If you go west, you can transfer to Rennes to Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel.

2) Barcelona and surroundings
First look at the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, Park Guell, La Rambla, Olympic Port, and you can go to Montjuic to see the panorama. If you have time, you can go to the suburbs. Montserrat Monastery, if you are free, you can drive half a day to Andorra, a small country between Spain and France. (Although Andorra is visa-free, you’d better prepare a Schengen visa for multiple round trips to the EU.)

3) Around Florence
Florence can go to the Church of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Church of the Holy Cross, the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio. If you are nearby, you can go to Pisa, more than 90 kilometers away, to see the Leaning Tower, Lucca, the surrounding villages and wineries. As far as the distance is concerned, half a day north to Milan, half a day northeast to Venice, and half a day south to Rome can be increased.

4) Vienna and surrounding
There are so many regular sights in Vienna. Schönbrunn Palace, Palace of Beauty, Princess Sissi Museum, etc., mainly have time to listen to a concert. They are all top masters. You may throw a brick on the street and hit the music. Family. The surrounding area can go west to Melk Abbey, Wachau Valley and more.

5) Prague
Prague recommends walking in the city, walking is the most convenient. No Charles Bridge, church, powder tower, Prague square, clock tower, are not too far away. Various bohemian buildings are in sight. You can go to the Bone Church, Pilsen Brewery, CK Town, etc. for three or five days.

2、Normally travel for 10-12 days, you can refer to the itinerary of each travel agency or OTA website to modify it.

Travel guide


When you travel to various places, you still have to taste the local food. You may feel that you are not used to eating and have different eating habits.
Tips still have to be paid, usually 10% is enough, but if you eat a few hundred euros and pay 10% is also very distressed, just mean it, don’t be too little or too painful.
European food may not be delicious, but food safety can be guaranteed, although some are difficult to eat.
But France, Italy and Spain are still reliable.


Basically, it is convenient to stay in a hotel in the city center, but if you have a car to drive, you can live a little farther. There are various villas and homestay options, and the price is OK.
However, rooms in Europe are generally not large, and some hotels may not have air conditioning in summer.
Other countries can live more than 3 stars, Italy must stay more than 4 stars, must be more than 4 stars, must be more than 4 stars. The important thing is said three times.


European shopping is basically as long as you do n’t buy things at roadside stalls, the quality and price are still guaranteed, branded things, chain stores are basically the same thing, the price does not fluctuate very much (except for Switzerland, the tariffs are different), the tax refund methods are basically the same Similar, but the threshold points are different, Spain is 92 Euros, France 175, Italy 150, Germany 50, Austria 50, Switzerland 300 Swiss francs, if you remember correctly, this is almost the case.
Retail stores have fewer people, but they need to open a lot of tax bills, and department stores have more people, but they only need to open a tax bill, which is more convenient.

4.Security issues

Question: Beside the Roman Colosseum in the capital, dressed as ancient Roman fighters, stopped tourists to take photos and take photos, asking for a large amount
Solution: Either leave it alone or negotiate the price.

Question: At Termini Station in Rome, Italy, the child cried and said that he was miserable and asked for money
Solution: Don’t talk to strangers.

Question: Someone asked you to take a picture, and their associates stole it.
Solution: Don’t take pictures of strangers casually, and take care of yourself.

Question: There are a lot of pigeons in Milan Cathedral Square. Some people give you corn for you to feed and then ask for money. Some people put colorful threads in your hands for you to pay.
Solution: Do not feed the pigeons, do not color the line, stay away from them.

Question: European hotels are not responsible for room stuff
Solution: Before going out, check whether the room has been closed and the windows are locked.

Question: Going alone at night, someone robs
Solution: Either not go out, or don’t go out alone.

Question: Keep your backpack out of sight when eating
Solution: Keep things visible.

Question: People often cheat at Rambla in Cerona
Solution: Do not be greedy and cheap

Question: People often take a paper case to block their sights and steal things next to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany
Solution: Don’t put your backpack on the back, be careful.

Question: When driving, people are not in the car and they are easily smashed
Solution: cover valuables with a box when driving

Question: Posing as a police officer, checking your luggage, holding your hands
Solution: Do not give him, go to the police station together.

5.Freedom or participation

Is it free to travel in Europe, of course, if you have enough time to do the guide, and the foreign language is good, and you can drive, then it is absolutely OK. If this is not the case, joining the group is also a good choice. If you feel that there are a lot of people who are a bit uncomfortable, and you have strong strength, then you can choose a private custom and family charter.

The humanities history and natural landscape of Western Europe, absolutely nothing, many places are still very safe,
The German department is relatively safe. People who want to travel to Western Europe must spend five minutes reading this article and do a good job.

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