Liangpi | Electric Rice Cooker


Beginning in 2020, the causes of the new type of coronary pneumonia, the Chinese stay at home and can not go out, developed a method of cooking rice cookers. Today I will teach you how to make Liang Pi with a rice cooker.

Ingredients for making Liangpi

Flour: 1 catty
Water: Moderate
Oil: a little
Sprouts: personal taste
Carrots: personal taste
Cucumber: personal taste
Chili oil: personal taste
Salt: personal taste

Steps to make Liangpi

step 1

Electric Rice Cooker

A pound of flour

Step 2

Electric Rice Cooker

Pour the water and knead the dough. It feels like kraft sugar.

Step 3

Electric Rice Cooker

Pour water to wash the gluten. The washed noodles can be a little yellow, and steam for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Electric Rice Cooker

The gluten-washing water is poured into another clean basin and left for 7 hours. It cannot be moved. After that, pour out the floating water to make cold noodles.

Step 5

Electric Rice Cooker

I use a rice cooker with a stainless steel basin, put a spoonful, a thin layer is enough, and the top is cooked.

Step 6

Electric Rice Cooker

This is done well and is very transparent.

Step 7

Electric Rice Cooker

After doing so much, make a picture of the front and back side and apply oil, otherwise it will stick together.

Step 8

Electric Rice Cooker
Electric Rice Cooker

Shred carrots and cucumbers.

Step 9

Electric Rice Cooker

Shred cold Liangpi, add carrot, cucumber and bean sprouts, and add chili oil to your taste.

The delicious Liangpi is ready.


Precise noodle water, do not pour the water too clean, leave a centimeter of water (the key to prevent cracking of the crust), put a drop of salt in the water, the crust has flavor and taste.

The rice cooker is easy and delicious to make cold skin, and it’s not fast enough.


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