Macau 5-star hotels list

Macau 5-star hotels list

Macau consists of the Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane, with a land area of 32.9 square kilometers and a total population of 678,600. On this small island, it can provide nearly 13,000 hotel rooms. Today, let’s take an inventory of Macau 5-star hotels.

The 5-star Deluxe Hotel in Macau is the best hotel in Macau. From hardware facilities to hotel services; from restaurants and food to entertainment venues, here can give you the best experience.

5-star Deluxe Hotel

5-star Hotel is the highest level among “star-rated tourist hotels”. It is assessed by the National Tourism Star-rated Hotel Evaluation Committee established by the National Tourism Administration in accordance with the “Classification and Evaluation of Tourist Hotel Stars”, as of February 2013 There are 758 5-star hotels in China. Of these, 25 are in Macau.

 5-star Hotel

The above is the Macau 5-star hotels list. The National Day of China and the Mid-Autumn Festival are coming soon. There are many celebrations in Macau. It is very suitable for fun. Choose a Macau hotel to stay!


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