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There are countless impressions of Macao, colorful, rich in Chinese and Western culture, and dynamic and playful elements. Speaking of large hotels in Macau, when you think that only casinos can enter, in fact, large hotels in Macau are all about eating, drinking, playing, and buying.

Tour Classic, Lisboa & Grand Lisboa

Macau Hotel

The large birdcage building that I once saw on TV is it: Lisboa Casino in Macau.

Macau Lisboa Casino is a long-established hotel and casino in Macau. From a distance, it looks like a yellow and white bird cage. The exterior wall of the hotel is equipped with large color-changing lighting and neon signs. This has become one of the most important landmarks in Macau. Lisboa has a long history and you can see a large number of gamblers coming here every day! Lisboa has an irreplaceable position in the Macau gaming industry!

Macau Hotel

At night, the Lisboa lights are bright and the paper drunk gold fans also reflect another feeling in Macau!

Famous Hand Letter-Cashew Cookies

Macau Hotel

In addition to dried pork, Portuguese tarts, and almond cookies, the hot food letter also has this “Macao version of Jenny Cookies-Le Gong Cookies!”
Le Palace Cake Shop’s most famous cashew nut cookie is especially loose, full of rich butter flavor; especially recommended!
Le Palace Cake Shop is located in the basement of Lisboa Hotel. Don’t miss it if you are in Lisboa.

Must eat restaurant

The restaurant in the old and new Lisboa Hotel is very famous, especially for Michelin fans. The restaurant here is a fusion of cuisines from all over the world, and one hotel brings together four Michelin-starred restaurants!

1.Tianchao French Restaurant

Macau Hotel

Tianchao French Restaurant is hosted by Mr. Joël Robuchon, a star chef, and is a famous chef who has won many Michelin star restaurants!

Tianchao French restaurant attracts many people to make special trips every year. In addition to exquisite French cuisine, the restaurant also serves the most complete range of fine wines in the region. Tianchao French restaurant is located at the top of the Grand Lisboa Hotel, which is 238 meters high. The oversized crystal lamp inlaid with more than 100,000 Swarovski crystals is gorgeous! At the same time, the dining table and tableware combination are also selected from luxury brands.

Hope to enjoy fine food and wine, top star enjoyment in Macau, Tianchao French Restaurant is highly recommended for you!

2 . 8 restaurants, Samsung Chinese

Macau Hotel

8 Restaurant is the only high-end Chinese restaurant in Macau that has been awarded the “Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau” for four consecutive years. The restaurant specializes in exquisite dim sum and new Cantonese cuisine!

Macau Hotel

The new school restaurant also displays traditional Chinese characteristics, and there are more than forty snacks at noon! Each is exquisite and delicious; highly recommended for those who love Cantonese cuisine.

Large Tour, The Venetian Macao

Macau Hotel

European-style architecture, small arch bridges, grand canals, street performers … nothing wrong, this is the largest hotel in Macau-The Venetian!

The Venetian is located in the center of Cotai Strip, Cotai, Macau. It is the second largest complex in Asia and the largest casino resort in Asia. The whole building is based on the theme of Venice, Italy, and is full of romantic exoticism. In addition to super-large casinos, here is also a concentration of famous shops, luxury brands can be found here! I hope that shopping will take a walk around Grand Canal Street.

Venetian gondola boat

Macau Hotel

The Venetians are best known for the characteristic Gondola River. The Gondola boat is exquisitely Venetian and attracts many tourists every day. During the sailing, the boatman will sing for you with beautiful singing voices, and friends can enjoy feelings together.

tips:The boatmen of Gondola Boat River are happy to take pictures for you, but of course you can choose to pay them to take a picture for you as a memorial.
Teach you, thanks in italian is Grazie.

Recommended restaurant

Michelin Indian Food

Macau Hotel

Huangque Indian Restaurant in The Venetian is the first Indian restaurant to win a Michelin star in Asia!
The “King Jay Indian Restaurant” is the main dish and it is very Asian. Here you can taste a variety of Indian curry dishes and
Indian cuisine.

Macau Hotel

The restaurant has a variety of food choices, and the buffet lunch cp value is very high.

Lunch Buffet Adult: MOP 198 | Child: MOP 99
11:00 am to 3:00 pm daily
The price does not include service charges.

View-style, Parisian Macao

Macau Hotel

Eiffel Tower in Macau

Have a romance in the Venetian and want to feel the strong French style? No more flying!
The Parisian Macao is designed with half the proportion of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This “Eiffel Tower” in Macau is its landmark. You don’t need to go to Paris, you can come to Macau.

Location: 5th floor of Parisian Shopping Center
Opening hours: 11:00-23:00 daily (depending on weather conditions)
Last admission: 22:30
MOP 100 (adult)
MOP 80 (Children -12 or below)
MOP 288 (family ticket-two adults + two children)

See Qiang Xiu, City of Dreams

Macau Hotel

After feeling the romance, you can watch some exciting performances.
The City of Dreams is a rich and diverse integrated hotel project that integrates casinos, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. Famous for its young and avant-garde architecture, the new modern decoration of City of Dreams has attracted many young generations!

Water Dance Show

Macau Hotel

The wonderful show that can’t be missed in City of Dreams is of course “Water Dancing House”!

Macau Hotel

The theme of “Water Dancing House” is a love story that travels through time and space, a collection of high-tech, light and shadow, dance drama, difficult acrobatics ~ 360-degree loopback visual effects, visual effects “super gorgeous”, special pools, etc. using the most advanced equipment .

Macau Hotel

Every day attracts a lot of people to come and have a special trip to see, the entire performance did not have a cold show for a moment. The degree of shock and spectacularness is definitely highly recommended.

Adult HKD $ 580 ~ $ 980
Child HKD $ 406 ~ $ 686

Macau’s only one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants

Macau Hotel

Yulongxuan is a two-star Michelin restaurant and the only one in Macau to be selected as one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia. The restaurant focuses on high-end refined Cantonese cuisine. The cuisine combines traditional ingredients with creative ideas to create different new dishes. The chef focuses on seasonal ingredients , It will also cooperate with different medicated diet principles and high-quality gourmet products, it is worth a try! “Yulongxuan” restaurant is gorgeously decorated, you need to book in advance if you want to eat!

Play Technology, Studio City

Macau Hotel

Studio City is also known for its rich and varied entertainment facilities in Macau. It also provides catering, shops, conventions and other ancillary facilities.
What do you like here? Unlike other casinos, Studio City has a sense of technology and trends!

Macau Hotel

The most recommended is the figure 8 Ferris wheel “Shadow Star”!

With a height of 130 meters, the Star of the Film Exchange is the tallest in Asia and the only Ferris wheel designed in the shape of a figure. Its shape is like the sci-fi scene of a Hollywood movie.

There is a piece of transparent glass under the carriage, and looking down is really exciting.

Macau Hotel

After the light at night, I feel very beautiful, and I want to check in, right?
Here you can see the city view of Macau. I think it is a good experience to see the night view here.
The sparkling lights, compared to the calm of the day, Macau’s nightlife is really good!

Unlike the gorgeous classical buildings of ordinary hotels, Studio City is like a movie scene! cool!

Highlights-Macau Food Street Tour:

Macau Hotel

Located on the second floor of Studio City, there is a food street called Macau Food Street Tour, which gathers local authentic food and famous snacks in Macau. In the food street, there are pork chop buns, hot Portuguese tarts, Hong Kong-style tea restaurants, Hong Kong-style food stalls, ice cream sandwiches and more! Many times there are different offers too!

Most Designed, Morpheus Hotel

Macau Hotel

The Morpheus Hotel is a key project of City of Dreams. It is designed with free-form exoskeleton structure. The unique and complex construction has made people from a distance!

Macau Hotel

This characteristic hotel was designed by the late architectural master Sir Zaha Hadid. Architects need to overcome many structural challenges. The result is an architectural work that embodies detail and concept. Photos can’t truly show its super design sense!

The details are meticulous, and the hotel’s high-speed sightseeing elevator has a full sense of the future! Of course, new generations of friends must see this new landmark in person!


Macau Hotel

Pastry World Picasso

Macau Hotel

There is an “Elman Shang Gallery” in the Morpheus lobby in cooperation with French dessert master Pierre Hermé; Pierre Hermé is known as the “Paseo Picasso”; elegant desserts like art always bring a pleasing sensory experience. The chance to have a French dessert in Macau is really rare. I recommend it to those who like art and delicate desserts! Friends who love delicate desserts must not be missed.

Tips: Take a look ~ The layout of the restaurant next to it is full of design features. Friends who like design can certainly have a lot of fantasy here.

Macau Hotel

The hotel is full of artistic atmosphere. On the 23rd floor of the hotel, Art on 23, you can admire the famous sculpture “Good Intentions” by KAWS. Familiar masterpieces attract a lot of people to come here every day.

Fun, Galaxy Macau & Broadway Macau

Macau Hotel

Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau are also located on the Cotai Strip, with magnificent architecture and popular hotels!

The Broadway Hotel in Macau uses the Broadway Theatre as its theme, and shows or concerts are held regularly.

Macau Hotel


Broadway in Macau is the most distinctive. It is not allowed to share “Broadway Street”.

Macau Hotel

Broadway Street is located outdoors and also gathers many snack restaurants in Macau. Friends who have a chance to visit can taste different dishes from many countries!

Shine, Wynn Palace & Wynn Macau

Macau Hotel

Cable car around the lake

Macau Hotel

Wynn Palace is located in Cotai, Xiaobian feels that the hotel’s entertainment facilities are also very distinctive, the most famous is the cable car and cable car around the lake overlooking the Wynn Performance Lake, where you can enjoy the night view of Macau There is also a sound system in the cable car to listen to love songs, and watching the scenery with the other half is also a good experience!

Wynn Performance Lake

Macau Hotel

Large-scale flower art and fine art collections can be seen everywhere in Wynn Palace, which is of great value, which can reflect the importance that operators place on quality!

Macau Hotel

Wynn Macau

Macau Hotel

Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace belong to the same group. The most famous is the gorgeous decoration. Apart from the casino, the hotel also has many representative facilities, such as music fountains, golden dragons, auspicious trees and so on.

The music fountain is located at the main entrance of the Wynn Hotel. It will perform with the flames and music. The music fountain performance will be staged every day for more than 10 minutes. Another iconic performance is the auspicious tree, a magnificent installation, powerful background music, and luxury! If you want to feel the local tyrant atmosphere, you can have a look.

Find Art, MGM & MGM COMA

Macau Hotel

MGM and MGM COTAI are located in Macau and Cotai, respectively. The biggest feature is that the two hotels also have a beautiful Sky Plaza.

Canopy square

Macau Hotel

Tianmu Square is a large-scale installation with different artistic themes, with different characteristics depending on the season! It’s a pleasant walk here under the sun!

Janice Wong Dessert

Macau Hotel

MGM COTAI also has a dessert master Janice Wong, which is famous for its beautiful desserts!

Enjoying art-like desserts adds to the dining pleasure.

Macau Hotel

At night, MGM also has a sense of fantasy!

Tips for MGM Macau

The hotel is located in Macau, China. It only takes 10 minutes to the airport. It is 820 meters from The Venetian Casino in Macau, 300 meters from Dream City Casino, 310 meters from Sands City Casino, and 4.86 kilometers from Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center. Tips The hotel is equipped with meeting space, spa facilities, retail shops, and dining packages. The hotel is equipped with Digital Imaging Technology, as well as the size of a standard football stadium.

Casino Most Frequently Asked

1、How do I get to these hotel casinos?
Most large hotels in Macau also have casinos, and they all have free shuttle buses; the ride locations are mainly concentrated at gates, airports, and docks; they can save you a lot of transportation costs, and you can use it wisely!

2、Can my little child enter?
Macau gaming venues are forbidden for friends under 21 years of age, and children who are children may be checked for identity cards outside the door! For the occasional need, it is recommended that young friends bring ID cards with them!

3、The casino is so beautiful. Is it OK to take a photo?
To enter the casino, you must pass through a security gate to undergo security checks. The inside of the casino is not allowed to take pictures, and you are not allowed to bring in cameras and video equipment. If you try to take a photo, you will be asked to go out!

4、There are so many hotels in a small place in Macau! What can you do without gambling?
Many large hotels in Macau also have casinos. In recent years, hotels and resorts are really more luxurious and gorgeous than basic ones. What’s more, apart from the casino, each has its own unique play equipment! After reading this! Ferris wheel, large fountain, animated projection show you want to play; all the famous bags you want to buy are here. If you don’t gamble, you will definitely find where you want to go.

5、Ask the weak, will there be a public holiday in the casino?
The casino is open 24 hours a day, never closed on holidays, no matter during the day or night, whenever you want to win a game, the door opens for you.

6、Everyone in the casino is gorgeously dressed, really?
The casino has friends from all over the world, and there is no certain limit on clothes; but the air conditioner is really strong; girls are recommended to wear jackets! Hot drinks are also served in the casino for friends who have been looking forward to the casino.

7、What is the minimum bet amount in Macau casinos?
Each casino is different, and the minimum bet amount is listed next to it. If necessary, you can check it out before placing a bet!

8、What does it feel like to come to Macau casinos?
“Luxury”; the other is inexplicable “Nervousness”! You will understand it if you come to experience it. At the same time, Macau casinos are not smoke-free. Friends who do n’t smoke or are sensitive to the smell of smoke can know it first! In the end, the main points are a variety of gambling items: baccarat; a little poker; Sic Bo, sparrows and so on; you will understand when you see it.

Don’t know which personality you like to visit?
Looking forward to seeing you someday in a brightly lit night in Macau!

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