Macau Hotel: This kind of scenery should not be missed

Macau Hotel scenery

Macau can be said to be a popular tourist destination. Many tourists gather during the holidays every year. It will soon be the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, and Macau tourism will start. Macau hotel recommendation, here it is!

If you are traveling, the choice of the hotel is the top priority. It needs to be comfortable enough to take a good rest to relieve the tiredness of the day; the transportation needs to be convenient to save more time on the road. So which hotel can meet all the requirements? Macau hotel recommendation, look here!

When it comes to hotels in Macau, I have to mention Parisian Macau and Venetian Macau. These two hotels are the premier luxury hotels in Macau. More precisely, they are a combination of luxury hotels, shopping, dining, and leisure. One resort area.

The Parisian Macao and the Venetian Macao have a unique geographical environment. The two hotels are adjacent to each other and are located in the center of Macau-Cotai Strip, and transportation is very convenient. In addition, the services of these two hotels have always been praised by tourists, which can be felt from the moment they arrive in Macau. As long as the tourists pass the customs, they can see the hotel staff guide them to take the free bus. The bus goes directly to the hotel entrance. When they get off the bus, there will be staff to help with luggage to check-in. It can be said that after entering Macau, you can feel at ease playing.

Of course, these two hotels can be so famous, of course, they cannot do without their own strong characteristics. The Parisian Hotel, as its name suggests, takes the urban culture of Paris as the theme, and is full of French art everywhere. It is not only a hotel but also an attraction. The front of the hotel imitated the Eiffel Tower in Paris with a ratio of 2:1. Every detail is very close to the original building and has become a must-see landmark in Macau.

The decoration in the hotel is designed in a contemporary French style. There are a variety of room types to choose from. Whether you are traveling for business, married couples, or friends/family, there are corresponding room types to meet your needs. The most distinctive feature is that the hotel’s Eiffel Suite has a complete view of the Eiffel Tower. When the sun sets on the Cotai Strip, the lights of the Eiffel Tower start to dazzle. At this time, you can learn in front of the window, relax and feel the uniqueness of Parisian Macao The landscape is beautiful.

The Venetian Macao is a hotel with the theme of Venice’s urban culture. The hotel retains the folk customs of the water town of Venice. It is decorated in Italian style everywhere, and it also reproduces the Venice Canal and Gondo in the Grand Canal Shopping Center. Pull.

The Grand Canal Shopping Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Venetian Hotel. It is the largest shopping mall in Macau with a wide variety of more than 350 international famous stores, from street fashion to high-end clothing brands, trendy clothing, lifestyle, and electronic products, jewelry, accessories, and other products. Let you buy all over the world. In the middle of the shopping mall, there is a blue canal. On both sides of the canal are exotic buildings. From time to time, there are boatmen in the canal shaking gondolas and swimming past you with Italian folk songs. At that moment, it makes people feel like they really are in it. In the water town of Venice, you can feel the romance of Venice. I am afraid that this kind of shopping experience can only be experienced here!

It’s a pity if you don’t see this amazing scenery once in your life. So take advantage of the fine weather and take advantage of the official website is going to promote, buy a hotel + gondola/Eiffel Tower ticket, and go to Macau together!


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