Macau hotel version “Relax Live”, “Relax Play” and “Relax Restaurant” go live

macau hotel

The cause of the new crown virus has caused a strong blow to Macau’s hotels and Macau’s tourism industry. The heads of Macau’s hotel industry are also actively looking for ways to reinvigorate the confidence of tourists so that everyone can travel to Macau with peace of mind and experience luxury hotels in Macau.

Recently, the health codes of Guangdong and Macao have been mutually recognized, and the tourism industry in Macao, China has gradually begun to “thaw”. At present, the reopening rate of Macau hotels on the Meituan platform has reached 99%, and the number of Guangdong users booking Macau hotels in China has increased by more than 67% compared with the previous week. In order to help merchants to open safely and orderly, on June 8, Macao, China’s first tourism epidemic prevention self-discipline-“Macao Relief Travel Anti-epidemic Self-discipline Initiative” (hereinafter referred to as the “Proposal”) was released. Through the introduction of “safe” service standards in the Mainland and the technical support of Meituan, the “Proposal” will make tourists’ “eating, housing, traveling” consumption environment more secure and more convenient.

The “Initiative” was initiated by Meituan Dianping and cooperated with Macau Tourism Council, Macau Tourism Chamber of Commerce, Macau Travel Agency Association, Macau Leisure Tourism Service Innovation Association, Macau Hotel Association, Macau Hotel Tourism Chamber of Commerce, Macau Small and Medium Catering Chamber of Commerce, Macau Tourism Association and Published jointly by Agoda. In terms of facility disinfection, personnel health, reservation flow restriction, and non-contact services, the “Proposal” provides clear guidance on the health service work of Macau hotels, scenic spots, and restaurants.

macau hotel
macau hotel

Wang Shuxin, President of the Macau Hotel Association, said: “The “Proposal” was formulated by experts in various fields and referenced from the successful experience in epidemic prevention and control in the mainland tourism industry. The resulting epidemic prevention work guide has the characteristics of strong practicality and high standardization. I hope to help Macao’s tourism market prepare for various recovery.”

Meituan will promote the “Initiative” to more platform merchants, and use big data and other technical support to promote the implementation of contactless services such as “mobile phone booking hotels”, “mobile phone bookings” and “mobile phone group bookings” in Macau, China. At the same time, Meituan will also mark the merchants who promise to implement the service standards of peace of mind as “safe to live”, “safe to play” and “safe restaurant”. This marks the landing of the first overseas “Relief” series of service products.

Macao’s hotel tourism industry epidemic prevention has a “relief” norms, more than 130 merchants have responded

“Relief” has become an important decision factor for Chinese people’s tourism consumption. The survey shows that 91% of Meituan users who are planning to book hotels pay more attention to epidemic prevention, disinfection and cleaning, and the health of hotel employees. However, it is difficult for mainland tourists to directly understand the promises of anti-epidemic measures made by Macao merchants. The release of the “Proposal” will make up for this gap.

Taking the cleaning and disinfection of facilities as an example, the “Proposal” requires that elevator buttons and gate handles can be disinfected once an hour when the frequency of use is high. Restaurant staff is required to provide a valid personal health statement and undergo a pre-job temperature test. When the scenic area resumes opening, it is recommended that the number of people (including employees and guests) in the tour site is controlled to 50% or less of the general capacity; at the same time, the “Macao Health Code” is recommended to be displayed on site to actively respond to the Macau Health Bureau to collect guests Information of personal health statement to facilitate traceability of government management departments.

macau hotel
macau hotel

Up to now, more than 130 Macau hotels, scenic spots, and restaurants have responded to the “Proposal”, promising to strengthen the self-discipline of epidemic prevention and publicly display the health and epidemic prevention work through the Meituan App and the public comment app, so that tourists who come to Macao can eat, live, You can have a visible “relief” in the entire consumption process of “You”.

Advocating “Internet ticketing” and “mobile phone ordering”, etc., technology helps mainland users to facilitate consumption

In addition, the “Initiative” also recommends that merchants actively use Internet technology to achieve contactless services such as group purchases of mobile phones, online reservations, and ticket bookings, and improve the travel consumer experience.

There are already more than 50 scenic spots in Macau that use Meituan to book tickets online to facilitate mainland tourists to book tickets in advance through Meituan App and Dianping App to avoid queues caused by on-site ticket purchases. Statistics show that mainland tourists, especially Guangdong tourists, will become an important source of power for the recovery of Macau’s tourism industry. In the past month, Guangdong users’ visits to Macao’s scenic spot products have doubled month-on-month.

macau hotel
macau hotel

At the same time, many restaurant chains in Macau have also launched group purchase packages on Meituan App and Dianping App to facilitate diners to order through mobile phones and reduce the risk of contact between people. After the outbreak, the demand for “mobile group purchase ordering” continued to grow. The number of online group purchase package orders for Macau merchants in May increased by more than 153% from March. This is not only a normal choice for tourists under the epidemic but also a major trend in the long run, catering to the consumption habits of a new generation of young people. In the future, Meituan will deepen cooperation with Macau merchants and integrate digitalization into all aspects of Macau’s tourism industry.

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