Macau Hotels accommodation with spa bath

Macau Hotels SPA

SPA means water to achieve health. It refers to the use of water resources in combination with bathing, massage, applying skincare products and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, satisfying human vision, taste, touch, smell, and thinking to achieve a kind of enjoyment of mind and body. There are a total of 32 spa hotels in Macau. After a day of sightseeing, experience the luxurious facilities and services provided by the hotel, such as hot tubs, hot water pools, and professional massage services, to enjoy maximum relaxation.

Want to know which hotels in Macau offer spa services? Then go ahead!

1. Macau Wynn Palace

Physiotherapy and wellness center, enjoy top SPA

Among the SPA services provided by Macau Wynn Palace, Australian-Portuguese massage and Oriental incense are the two most popular signature treatments, especially the Australian-Portuguese massage, which is mixed with Asian essential oil massages. The strength is moderate and is deeply loved by guests. . The aroma therapist presses his hand to the “itch” every time he takes a shot. After two hours, he feels comfortable enough to fall asleep. Before enjoying the spa, remember to soak in the luxurious bath and use the steam room to enlarge the pores. After the treatment, don’t forget to taste a cup of special treatment tea and ginseng tea to make the journey of perfect hydrotherapy massage reach the highest level of relaxation.

2. Crowne Plaza Macau

Yangri Spa, using Elemis aromatherapy products on vacation

Crowne Plaza Macau grandly introduces luxurious day spa services, Yangri brings customers extraordinary quiet enjoyment, so that customers’ body and mind are rejuvenated and refreshed. Located on the 15th and 16th floors of the hotel, Yangri covers an area of ​​6000 square meters. It has 12 uniquely designed, luxurious and spacious spa suites, including a VIP area and a beauty care center. In addition to the usual 12 luxury spa rooms, there are also 12 luxury spa suites for two, so that couples can enjoy the spa facilities in Yangri together.

Yangri provides a series of spa services specially designed for male and female guests, including the Crown Prestige treatment that can invigorate the body and mind and the Yangri spa service combination in the comprehensive room. Yangri also resorts to using well-known brand ELEMIS aromatherapy products and dedicated spa treatments. ELEMIS is a well-known brand of professional spa products and anti-aging skin care products; and the spa equipment uses decke lmann wellness equipment that is used in deadly hotel SPAs in the world.

3. Mandarin Oriental Macau

Physiotherapy center, beautifully decorated for relaxation

Loyal SPA enthusiasts who come to Macau will never miss the aroma therapy center of Mandarin Oriental Macau. The center is located in a tropical garden, connected to an outdoor heated swimming pool and a waterfall. The professional therapists here provide more than 30 kinds of fitness and beauty therapies, such as Massage, body treatments, facial treatments, etc. The massage methods are well-known Swedish ancient methods, Chinese ancient methods, Thai ancient methods, Chinese foot reflexes, and Reiki therapy. At present, the aromatherapy treatment center has 4 single treatment suites, each with a private outdoor courtyard, hydromassage pool or rain shower, etc. Even the skin care products use Italian brand aromatherapy associates. Guests can Under the conditioning of natural essential oils and cutting-edge technology, take a shower in the natural atmosphere to stretch the body and relax the mood.

4. Rio Hotel Macau

Spa Finnish bath, a paradise for men to soothe the body and mind

Rio Hotel Macau SPA

The experience of staying at Rio Hotel Macau is not a woman’s exclusive SPA. The Finnish bath in the hotel’s spa is well-known far and wide, offering male guests a good place to soothe the body and mind. In addition to the three large baths, the rest area also provides manicure, lower massage, and head massage. There are services such as head massage, no massage, ear-cutting massage, etc. As for the massage treatment, there are Thai traditional massage, aromatherapy body massage and other options. You can visit the fatigue during the day and enjoy the Finnish bath at night to completely relax.

5. Grand Waldo Hotel Macau

Spa workshop, super large spa facility

Grand Waldo Hotel Macau SPA

Grand Waldo Hotel Macau’s equipment and masseurs are carefully selected, attracting many non-residents to come. The most popular massage treatments include traditional Shanghai and Thai massages. The large spa baths are divided into noble aroma milk pools, healthy mineral salt pools, stylish smart massage baths and ultra-cool Arctic ice pools. The sauna room uses the most advanced LED color light for cellulite detoxification. If you add steam bath, Japanese shower area, jet massage shower area, ice machine water jet shower room, authentic Shanghai push back room, tropical rain forest resort swimming pool and The optical slimming spa and other facilities can be said to be one of the best SPA spa spaces in Macau.

In addition to the five Macau hotels described above that provide spa services, there are other hotels that also provide spa services. The space limitation is not detailed here. You can follow our website and we will introduce them one by one in the future.


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