Macau Hotels National Day quote reference

Macau Hotels National Day quote reference

Hotel prices are never set in stone, and so are the prices of hotels in Macau. This article gives some hotels in Macau the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day offer on October 1, 2020.

Macau hotels generally have relatively flat prices from Sunday to Thursday, and prices rise a bit on Friday. Saturday is the most expensive of the week. Of course, Macau hotels are more expensive during holidays. But this is true for hotels everywhere.

Macau Hotels National Day quote reference

According to previous experience, for example, if the Wynn Palace usually quotes ¥2000 to ¥3000, if you don’t book early during the New Year, the quote will be over 10,000 RMB. Therefore, if you are visiting Macau on holidays, it is best to book in advance.

This will not only get preferential prices, but also avoid high prices or even no place to live.

The following share the possible quotations of different stars and different times in Macau hotels, which is convenient for friends who are preparing to travel or preparing to travel.

Five-star hotels in Macau, as long as the money is not a problem, the five-star hotel services and facilities are very good, you can rest assured. If you want a high-cost performance, it is recommended to choose Hotel Lisboa Macau, the location is good, although it is a bit old the interior supplies are high-end ;

Macau’s two-star or three-star hotels depend on the location and facilities. Some two-star hotels are located on Xinma Road and the price is affordable, but there are many internal problems. The quilt and bed sheets are a bit dirty and smelly If you want to stay at a budget hotel, I suggest staying at Pensao Lotus. The single room is good, the location is excellent, and it is clean.

If it is not particularly demanding, the Samsung hotel is also suitable for a family of three. For example, Metropole Hotel Macau has a good location, clean and tidy, with breakfast, good service, and cheaper prices.

The following is the Mid-Autumn National Day quote on October 1, 2020.

NameStar ratingPriceLocationScore
Hotel Lisboa Macau5547Good4.6
Grand Lisboa Hotel51469Good4.8
Wynn Macau52609Good4.8
Macau Wynn Palace51753Good4.9
MGM Macau52530Good4.7
Hotel MGM Grand51465Better4.7
StarWorld Hote51855Good4.7
Galaxy Hotel5950Better4.8
The Venetian Macao51976Good4.7
Sands Macau51763Better4.6
The Parisian Macao51044Better4.7
L’Arc Macau Hotel51485Good4.7
Sofitel Macau at Ponte 165846Better4.6
Grand Coloane Resort Macau51004Farther4.5
Metropark Hotel Macau4580General4.7
Metropole Hotel Macau3545Good4.5
Hotel Fortuna3712Good4.5
Hotel President3600Good4
Pensao Lotus21335Good3.9
Macau Hotels National Day quote reference

Unit: RMB.
location: Refers to the distance from the central area (such as the distance from several major gaming places), divided into better, good, general, and farther.
Score: Generally, a score of 4 or more is acceptable. Five stars are all very high, but some 2 stars also have 4 points or more.

Note: This is a reservation, and it may become more and more expensive later. The reservation time is September 10th, the price may be a little different, subject to the hotel quotation, you can call in advance to inquire, here is for reference only.


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