Macau’s bus line introduction

Macau's bus

Macau is relatively small. You can go to many places without a car, or you can take the shuttle bus provided by the casino for free. You can choose the transportation in the city. But if you go to farther places, you still need to take a car, such as the black sand beach of Coloane Island, For places such as Zhuwan and Shek Pai Bay, you need to take a taxi. You can take a taxi but the price is more expensive. The bus only costs 6 yuan to reach the farthest place.

Macau's bus

However, many people are not familiar with bus routes, making travel inconvenient. Below is a detailed list of public bus routes in the urban area of Macau for your reference. Here is a list of bus lines with digital routes. There are two labors for buses in Macau: Macau Bus Company and the New Welfare Bus Company.

Line 1

Faiziji Terminus-Taishan Market-Changming Garden-Yuetong Wharf-Ring / Hawker Alley-Yimage Terminus-Riverside New Street / Hawker Alley-Yihuo Chuantou Street-Shalitou Dafeng–Shalitou Seaside Street and Yilian Peak Swimming Pool No. 1 Second Superintendent’s Office-Fai Chi Ji Terminus

Line 2

Shun King Plaza 1-Youhan Park-Muras Lane-Erlong Hou Park-Aidu Hotel-John IV Main Road-Si Dakou-Ma Ge Terminus-Huo Chuantou Street-Shuikengwei Street-Holland Garden One Power Company–Bada New Village-Heisha Ring Road

Line 3

Guanzha Terminus One Triangle Garden–Red Market One-Seaside New Street–Yinhuangzi Road One Pujing Hotel-Polytechnic Institute One Waigang Wharf Malacca Street–Hexian Park One Middle District / Yinhuangzi Road One-Shalitou University Fengyi Admiral Road / Bailangguyi Gate Terminus

Line 4

Fai Chi Kei Terminus-Taishan Market-Red Market-Goldstar / Bank of Atlantic One Victory Garden-Ido Hotel-John IV Avenue-Xinma Road-Water Market-Admiral / Red Market-Lianfeng Temple-Second Superintendent One Chopsticks North Street One Chopsticks Terminus

Line 5

Guanzha Terminus 1-Triangle Garden 1-Red Market 1 Malacca Street 1 John IV Main Road 1 Si Dakou 1 Ma Ge Terminus 1 Huo Chuantou Street 1-Shuikeng Mei Street-Goldstar / Bank of China-Goldstar / Red A general Bailanggu Road, Taishan and Guanzha Terminus in the market.

Line 6

Shun King Plaza Terminus 1-Youhan Park-Muras Lane 1 and 2 Longhou Park-Changming Garden-Haibin New Street-Ma Ge Temple Station-Octagon Pavilion-Jiasilan Garden-Xinma Road-Shalitou Seaside Street-Holland Garden 1 -Youhan Second Street Yishunjing Plaza Terminus 1

Line 7

Youhan Second Street-Heishahuan Fifth Street-St. Francis of Assumption for the Elderly-Tower Stone Square-John IV Avenue-Si Kou Yihuan / Hawker Alley-Ma Ge Terminus-Yihuo Chuantou Street– Sui Keng Mei Street, a streak of victories, Road 1, Admiral Road / Bai Lang Gu Yi-You Handi_Second Street

Line 8

Qingzhou Terminus 1 Qingzhou/Water Supply Company 1 Taishan Market 1 3 Lights 1 Tapstone Stadium 1 John IV Avenue 1 Pujing Hotel 1-Song Yusheng Square 1-Immigration Department–Hexian Park-Jinghu Hospital-Australia CTV-Second Superintendent’s Office-Qingzhou Terminus

Line 9

Guanzha Terminus 1 Triangle Garden 1 Lucky Pavilion 1 2 Long Mouth Park-Bajiaoting 1-Minguo Road / Xiwan Road Yimage Terminus 1 Fengshuntang Street 1-Minguo Road 1 Shuikengwei Street-Goldstar/Peizheng-Golds De/Red Market–Taishan Market Yiguanzha Terminus

Line 10

A Sidakou of Mage Terminus/Lidao Lane-Yinhuangzi Road-Beijing Street/Holiday Hotel- -Youyi Lane-Hei Shahuan Road-New City Garden-Guanzha Road-Outer Harbor Wharf Tourism Activity Center-John IV University Ma Luyi Riverside New Street/Market One-Ma Ge Terminus

Line 11

Ma Ge Terminus One Sidakou/Li Daoxiang, Yinhuangzi Road, Ocean Plaza, South New Garden, New Century Hotel, Spring Bright Garden, Carmo Swimming Pool, Macau Stadium, University of Macau,-Friendship Square, One Sidakou, One River Bien San Street/Market Yi Ma Ge Terminus

Line 12

Outer Harbor Wharf-Luo Liji / Nanyue Hotel-Song Yusheng Factory-Blood Donation Center–Shuikeng Mei Street–Macao Broadcasting Corporation-Yongning Plaza-Wangsha Stadium-Victory Garden-Pujing Hotel–Macao Cultural Center-Blood Donation Center-Polytechnic College-Outer Harbor Terminal

Line 15

Ocean Garden Lookout One South New Garden–Taipa Flower City One Link Road-One Liansheng Industrial Estate–Zhuwan Road 1-Black Sand Beach-Bamboo Bay Mansion-Coloane Country Park-Carmo Swimming Pool–Macau Stadium One Jockey Club 1- -Ocean Garden Lookout

Line 16

Caiyuan Chungbian Street Terminus 1 Gate Gate Terminus 1 Triangle Garden 1 Chang Ming Garden 1 Seaside New Street 1 Si Dakou-Xikeng Street 1 Republic of China Road 1-Shuikeng Mei Street 1 Holland Garden 1 Admiral Road / Bailanggu 1 Taishan Market 1 New City Garden Yi Caiyuan Chungbian Street Terminus

Line 17

Baigechao Terminus One side Shengma Road, Wangsha Fortress, Huangdu Hotel, Jiasilan Garden, Song Yusheng Plaza, 1-Reservoir North Point, 1 Northeast Road, Haibin 1 Racecourse, Dongda Road, 1 Gate Terminal, 1 Red Market–Holland Garden –Southeast Primary School One-Baigechao Terminus

Line 18

Guanzha Terminus-Youhan Market-Futai Industrial Building-Victory Garden-John IV Main Road-Mage Terminus-Sidakou / Lidao Lane-Haystack Street-Side Shengma Road-Guanyintang-Electric Power Company-Northeast Road /Haibin-Changshou Road-Guanzha Terminus

Line 19

Shun King Plaza Terminus 2-You Han Park-Wangsha Stadium–Erlong Mouth Park-John IV Avenue-Xinma Road-Baige Nest Front-Goldstar/Banco Atlantic-Heisha Ring Road-Yongning Plaza 1 Yishunjing Plaza Terminus 2

Line 21

Ma Ge Terminus 1-Huochuantou Street 1 Yinhuangzi Road 1 Bei’an Avenue 1 Macau Airport-Shek Pai Wan Road 1 Liansheng Industrial Estate 1 Ring Kart Circuit 1 Bay Garden 1 Hyatt Hotel 1 Yuetong Pier 1 Set Kou Yihuan / Hawker Alley-Ma Ge Terminus

Line 22

Youhan Second Street-Heishahuan Fifth Street-Guanyin Hall-Victory Garden-John IV Avenue-Quanliang Garden-Taipa Primary School-Nanxin Garden-New Century Hotel-Pujing Hotel-Lulianruo Park One Macao Broadcasting–You Han Second Street

Line 23

Qingzhou Terminus-Qingzhou / Yili Garden-Morashima Road-Two Dragon Throat Park-Golden Mile Hotel-Public Security Police Station–Macau Sightseeing Tower-Prince Yin Road / Pujing-General Bailang Road-Qingzhou / Mercure Plaza One Qingzhou Fude Garden One Qingzhou Terminus

Line 25

Guanzha Terminus, Yihong Market, Yidesheng Garden, Yilian Road, One Road, Ring Quarry, Yizhuwan Road, 1- Lotus Circle, 2-1 Baolong Garden, 1 Pujing Hotel, 1 Hexian Park, 1-Lulianruo Park, 1-Gao Shide /Red Market Yitaishan Market Yiguanzha Terminus

Line 26

Faiziji Terminus-One Red Market–Haibin New Street-Yinhuangzi Road-Quanliang Garden-Macau Airport-Lianhua Circular Land 1 Road Ring Stone Mine 1-Shipaiwan Dieshitang 1 Connected Road 1 Bei’an Qiandi 1 Hyatt Hotel Yibaige’s Nest Front and Huaiziji Terminus

Line 30

Libaochun Street One Gate Station–Youhan Market One Bay Garden One-Taipa Zhongpu Primary School-Guangdong Damalu One New Century Hotel One South Garden One Flower City Park-Heisha Huanxin Street / Jianhua One Changshou Road One Memorial Sun Yat-sen Park One Li Po Chun Street

Line 31

Ocean Garden Lookout-Surian Circle-New Century Hotel-Sun Yat Xian Road / Sanjia Village-Macau Stadium-Guangdong Road / Chengdu Street-Guangdong Main Road Hongfa-South New Garden-Jockey Club 1–Lubold Circle One Ocean Garden Lookout

Line 32

Faiziji Terminus 1-Taishan Market 1-Red Market 1 Goldstar / Atlantic Bank-Golden Mile Hotel-Public Security Police Station-Legislative Council Front-Pujing Hotel-Gaomeishi / Parkway Plaza–Shuitang Road-Goldstar / Red Market-Second Superintendent’s Office-Fai Chi Kei Terminus

Line 33

Faiziji Terminus-Taishan Market, One Red Market, Haibin New Street, Yinhuang Road, New Century Hotel-Sun Yixian Road/Sanjia Village, One Carmo Swimming Pool, Macau Stadium, Huacheng Park, Hyatt Hotel, Friendship Square, Lianfeng Temple, and Chopsticks Base Terminus

Line 34

Fai Chi Kei Terminus-Taishan Market–Red Market-Goldstar / Bank of Atlantic Ocean-Outer Port Terminal-Malacca Street-Golden Mile Hotel-Ho Yin Park-Legislative Council Front Land-Pujing Hotel-Polytechnic Institute-Shuitang Road-Gaoshi Germany/BOC Yichijiji Terminus

Line 35

Ma Ge Terminus 1-Huochuantou Street 1-Water Market–Taishan Street Market-Yiyou Han Market–Bay Garden-Huijing Garden-Baolong Garden-Northeast Main Road / Guanghua-Heisha Huanma Road-Gate Terminal- Triangle Garden-Changming Garden-Yuetong Wharf-Ma Ge Terminus


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