Mandarin Oriental | An alternative among luxury hotels in Macau

Mandarin Oriental luxury hotels in Macau

Among the world’s top luxury hotel brands, in addition to Waldorf Astoria, Four Seasons, Aman, and Banyan Tree, Mandarin Oriental must have a place.

TA’s fan logos all over the world have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, Fans Of Mo!

Mandarin Oriental Logo

Whenever a new store comes out, Mandarin Oriental will publish a picture-free advertisement in the top magazines around the world that only displays the place name and the fan logo. The signature is: “The world’s top luxury hotel group, there is no one…”

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental, Macau, living in the “gaming city”, does not “contaminate” it, but uses its strength to max out its presence.

Mandarin Oriental, Macau Outdoor Swimming Pool

In 2019, the “Forbes Travel Guide” ★-level award: Mandarin Oriental, Macau received a five-star rating; its The Spa received a five-star rating; The Royal Garden restaurant and bar received a five-star rating.
In 2018, Mandarin Oriental, Macau won the “Roaming” China Tourism Award and one of the top 100 hotels in China.

Coordinates of Mandarin Oriental, Macau

The location of the hotel is also very good. It is located in the fashionable new location One Central, which has a sense of tranquility.
Not only is it adjacent to Nanwan Lake, but it also has an impressive lake view, as well as an open-air swimming pool to enjoy the lake scenery. The Macau Tower is opposite, and many top attractions nearby are within walking distance.

Mandarin Oriental, Macau Outdoor Swimming Pool

1. The alternative among luxury hotels in Macau

No casino to continue Mandarin Oriental taste

Mandarin Oriental’s service is well-known.

Whenever you step into the hotel, as long as you hear the phrase “Welcome to Mandarin Oriental” or “Welcome back”, it will always make your heart warm, and the fatigue of the journey will disappear instantly.

Mandarin Oriental Services

The hotel design is also a model of a low-key atmosphere. You can see the top-level Macau landscape and experience the high-level service in the hotel. It is definitely a worthwhile trip.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Design

The outdoor swimming pool is also a must-see “net celebrity” attraction. The swimming pool is 25 meters long and it is beautiful no matter how you shoot it.

Mandarin Oriental Outdoor Pool

The luxurious interior makes us believe in the strong power of the Mandarin Oriental brand. The panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows + the Macau Tower and the 180° river view that can be seen by turning the head are simply beautiful to the sky!

Mandarin Oriental panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows

Interestingly, Mandarin Oriental wants to be a “legendary hotel rather than a five-star hotel”.

It is the core of its mission to completely delight and satisfy customers through “service, design, catering, spa”. Four seemingly simple words, but not everyone can achieve.

Mandarin Oriental entered Macau with a unique taste and tonality, and cleverly integrated Macau’s unique European cultural traditions into the design. In addition, this is the only luxury hotel in Macau that does not have a casino. Your stay will truly belong to you and will not be disturbed. Of course, it is also very convenient if you want to gamble, next door is MGM, you can have fun.

Mandarin Oriental Taste

2. Seemingly ungrounded luxury hotel

Carefully prepared children’s courtesy

Mandarin Oriental, Macau has prepared welcome gifts for every young guest, and can also provide free cribs or folding beds upon request.

Mandarin Oriental Child Benefits

Once the hotel knows the age of the accompanying children, they will be prepared with special welcome facilities, including a milk bottle, high chair, stroller, free baby supplies, coloring books, crayons, children’s DVDs, and video games.

Mandarin Oriental Child Benefits

The hotel has specially developed a special menu according to the appetite of children, which can be obtained through room service or in the restaurant; child care services can also be arranged.

Mandarin Oriental Child Benefits

3. Guest rooms with Mandarin Oriental character tags

Modern fashion and oriental elements complement each other

There are a total of 213 rooms in Mandarin Oriental, Macau. Each room has the bright night lights of Macau and the magnificent view of Macau Bay.

The design of Mandarin Oriental is never overly provocative. At first glance, it is plain and watery, but usually the more it tastes, the more flavorful it is. Mysterious, elegant, quiet, well-living, and good-looking are all MO’s personality labels.

When daylight shines through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the entire room is flooded with natural light. The interior of the room is elegant and luxurious, with plush carpets, creamy white walls, and dark wooden furniture, which perfectly blends fashionable modern design with unique oriental elements.

4. Appreciate Chinese and Western feasts in restaurants and hotels

Take away the exclusive delicious memories at the Mandarin Cake Shop

For a long time, Macau has always been a melting pot of Eastern and Western food cultures, condensing top-notch ingredients and cooking skills, and concocting unique culinary traditions.
The culinary experience of Mandarin Oriental, Macau comes from a distinctive restaurant.

The hotel’s only restaurant and lounge with the same name, Vida Rica, is located on the second floor. It is designed with marble and imperial lead, with a high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass. You can sit in the restaurant and enjoy the beautiful sunset and night of Macau’s view.

Mandarin Oriental Bakery

The rich and varied exquisite breakfast, a wide range of dinner dishes, plus three interactive bars that present cocktails, champagne and snacks, and aromatic coffee are irresistible.

Lobby Lounge

In addition, you can also go to the lobby lounge to enjoy an exquisite afternoon tea, or go to the famous Mandarin Oriental Bakery to select exquisite souvenirs to take home.

5. Experience the award-winning spa

Enjoy life seriously on vacation

A century of historical changes has hidden too many stories that Macau cannot tell. It is important to come to Macau to spend time in the afternoon in the old streets, and to enjoy life in luxury hotels is also important.
Mandarin Oriental, Macau has reproduced the group’s award-winning spa concept, using world-recognized high-quality natural body and facial care products from Aromatherapy Associates and SommeInstitute beauty products. Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

You can enter the spa 45 minutes before the appointment time and experience a series of heat treatments and spa facilities to reduce stress and relax muscles.
The treatment room uses a blue-red design full of Mediterranean colors, highlighting the Asian style of Macau and the characteristics of colonial traditional culture. And the luxurious design of the floor-to-ceiling glass in the suites can give you a panoramic view of the magnificent harbor.

During the one-hour massage, the aroma of essential oils slowly penetrated into the breath and skin, coupled with the professional and skilled techniques of the physiotherapist, the whole process felt very comfortable.
This treatment is mainly for people who are physically tired and stressed, focusing on the shoulder and neck massage. Of course, this is set according to each person’s own situation~

A splendid trip to Macau is naturally indispensable with the blessing of a luxury hotel. Macau, like Hong Kong, has many hotels, but compared to the room rates and square meters of Hong Kong hotels, Macau is much more cost-effective.

If you have a critical eye and strict requirements for the quality of accommodation, then Mandarin Oriental, Macau must not be missed.

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