Myanmar, let you know what life is!


For Myanmar
Feel like a monk hidden in the mountains
A bit mysterious
A bit sacred

She has the richest travel elements
Monuments, mountains, rivers, lakes, rice fields,
City-state, forest, stupa, temple, primeval forest

She mixes the interlaced beauty of tradition and modernity
The fusion of East and West
Reveal the worldly vigor
The millennial heritage

Most people here are not rich
But nature is forbearing, optimistic, contented
Living in the practice of the present life and the infinite vision of the afterlife

If you walk in here you will be surprised
Have gone through countless chaos and vicissitudes
But it still maintains enthusiasm and sincerity

When you feel tired
Come here for a walk
Change a life
You may find another kind of romance


The biggest difference with temples in other countries is that Burmese temples are bright in color and golden, and they can be recognized from a distance.

Listen to the Brahma sound in front of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

Burmese regarded it as a holy place for Buddhism and regarded it as the pride of the nation. Yangon’s Great Golden Pagoda Yuxuan towered above the highest point of Yangon, New Gudra Hill.

In the daytime, it is golden and brilliant under the bathing of sunlight; at night, it is clear and dignified under the light of stars and moons.

Transportation: There are two ways to go to Ruiguang Shwedagon Pagoda:
You can take bus 29 or 61 from Shwedagon Pagoda station near Surei Pagoda. You can see the Google Map site by the park. Remember to bring plastic bags.
Take a taxi from near Surui Pagoda, the fare is about 2000 Kia
Tickets: Tickets 10,000 Kia or $ 10
Opening hours: 04: 00-22: 00; Stop admission time: 21:45 (January 1st-December 31st Monday-Sunday)
Tips: Open two days a year, one day before the full moon day of the Tabaung month (around March) in Burma, and one day before the full moon day of the Wakhaung month (around June, the start of Buddhist Lent) in Myanmar.

Admire the stupa at sunrise over Bagan

More than 2,000 stupas are spread over a land of 25 square kilometers.

“There must be floating slaughter at your fingers” is the description of Bagan stupas. No matter which direction you point, there are countless stupas in front of you, and each stupa has its own story.

Transportation: There are three ways to visit Ruishandu Tower:

  • You can take a local carriage and visit other nearby pagodas. The carriage cost is about 20,000 kia / day;
  • Renting a bicycle for a tour costs about 1500 kya / day. If you rent a bicycle by yourself, you have more flexibility and can go where you want, but the physical exertion is large;
  • Carpool or chartered car tour, 8-seater van, cost about 50,000 kia / day

Tickets: Ruishandu Tower tickets are included in the Bagan Attractions Pass, which costs $ 20 and can be purchased when entering Bagan City
Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00

Overlooking the river from Mount Sagaing

There are more than 600 temples in Sagaing Mountain, and more than 6,000 monks and nuns practice there.

The low stone steps are lined with lush trees on both sides, and walking on it will make your heart calm.

Transportation: Go to Mount Sagaing, you can reach the foot of the mountain by motorcycle, and then take a tricycle tour
Tickets: Tickets are included in the Mingun-Sagaing Union Ticket, $ 3 / piece, valid for 5 days
Opening hours: 07: 00-19: 30 (January 1st-December 31st Mon-Sun)

2、Holy place of literature and art

As a country that is naturally suitable for tourism, Myanmar constantly displays a variety of sculptural gestures like a kaleidoscope. In addition to the ornate temples we are familiar with, there are also many sacred places for art and culture.

Enjoy the most beautiful sunset in front of Mandalay U Bein Bridge

Most people who have been to Mandalay are willing to express and interpret Wuben Bridge with the greatest passion.

This wooden bridge, built in 1851, is simple and simple. The 1,200-meter-long bridge uses 1086 huge solid teak woods. It takes at least half an hour to go back and forth.

Wuben Bridge also has an extremely beautiful sunset. At dusk, there is such a quiet and dreamy picture, which is blurred in dark red colors.

Transportation: You can rent a car for a day to visit U Bein Bridge. You can also take a tour along Amara Pura, Sagaing, Inwa. The cost is about 30,000 Kiya. In U Bein Bridge, you can rent a boat to watch the sunset, 10,000 Kia / 4 people
Tickets: U Bein Bridge tickets are included in the Mandalay Pass, a pass of $ 10 each, valid for 5 days
Opening hours: all day

Fisherman rowing on one foot by Inle Lake

This unique way of boating in the world has become a beautiful scenery of Inle Lake. Facing the sunset and reflecting the blue waves, fishermen rely on fishing and enjoy fishing.

Here you will find it easier to find the kindness, smile, contentment and simplicity behind poverty and backwardness.

Transportation: There is a waterway leading to the lake area in Niangshui Town. It is recommended to charter the boat for a day trip. You can also take a pickup or motorcycle to the lakeside dock to rent a boat
Tickets: Inle Lake does not require a ticket. Foreign tourists entering the Inle Lake area need to purchase a $ 10 travel pass
Opening hours: all day

3.Food paradise

The most cost-effective “food paradise” here, you can eat for $ 15.

Burmese Curry

As the name of the dish shows, curry is the main element. But after you order-usually a plate of meaty and oily curry rice, surrounded by pork, fish, shrimp, beef or lamb-a series of seemingly endless side dishes will follow.

Burmese dry noodles

Burmese people like “dry” noodle snacks-essentially, salads made with noodles and served with broth-and one of the most delicious and common is nangyi thoke.

Tea Salad

Perhaps the most famous food in Myanmar is the tea salad. Burmese people often use tea as a dessert, but sometimes tea is also used as a raw material for tea salads.

In short, it’s really difficult to make the food in Myanmar clear.

Myanmar is experiencing rapid development today
But in a sincere smile from the locals
You can still feel the beauty of slowness and simplicity

Whenever you come
There is always a unique charm here
Make you want to stay


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