Outbreak spread, how to arrange international events

Some people go out for tourism, maybe they want to go to the mountains and the water to see the scenery;
Some people go out for a trip, maybe they want to go shopping and have fun;
Some people go out to travel, maybe they want to experience different cultural landscapes, history and culture;

Some people go out to travel and want to participate in international activities. For example, the World Cup once every four years; the fashionable and gorgeous brand catwalk; or the sports event Olympics.
Because the spread of the epidemic has a large impact on international activities around the world, after reading this article, you can re-plan your travel itinerary.

Beginning at the end of February 2020, the new crown epidemic continues to spread in Japan and South Korea and Europe, bringing varying degrees of impact and great uncertainty to some major international activities.

Europe: 712 confirmed diagnoses; 19 deaths

2020 World Mobile Communications Conference is finally forced to cancel

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, ​​Spain’s second largest city. At the end of February, Barcelona was supposed to be full of people-electronics manufacturers from all over the world showed the most dazzling technology here, and there was an endless stream of technology lovers and consumers around the world. However, affected by the new crown epidemic, the “Oscar” 2020 World Mobile Communications Conference in the scientific and technological community was eventually forced to cancel.

Euro 2020: the situation is urgent

European World Cup

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the 2020 European Cup faces the possibility of being empty and suspended. Affected by the epidemic, some matches in Serie A have been postponed, including Inter v Sampdoria, Atlanta v Sassuolo, Verona v Cagliari. In addition, the focus battle between Inter and Ludokretz has also been chosen in the air.

To commemorate the 60 years of the European Cup, this tournament will be held in 12 cities in 11 countries in Europe without a host country tour. At present, confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia have occurred in Britain, Spain, Germany, and Russia. Italy has become a “hardest hit area” with 591 confirmed diagnoses and 17 deaths, accounting for more than 80% of the total in Europe. This year’s tour system will inevitably lead to more frequent movements of participating teams and watching fans in various countries, and the risk of epidemic spread is self-evident.

The spread of the new crown has affected sports events in Europe. The postponement and postponement of the Serie A event has released a signal. The next two months will be critical. If the epidemic continues to worsen, the European Cup finals in the summer may be lost. So those who plan to travel to watch the game can consider re-planning your itinerary.

Japan: 188 confirmed diagnoses and 4 deaths

Unknown prospects for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics

In late January 2020, Japan ’s new crown pneumonia epidemic began to become severe, casting a shadow over the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Both the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee are advancing the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics in accordance with the original plan. At least so far, “cancellation” has not been a topic of serious discussion on the table by all parties. However, the development of the epidemic is often difficult to predict accurately, and no one can be sure how far the epidemic will develop in these three months. If the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled, and the difficulty of postponing or relocating the Olympic Games is very difficult, the Tokyo Olympics may be cancelled. Today, with only five months to go before the opening day of the Olympics, the pressure on Japan to hold the Olympics on schedule is on Japan.

The Tokyo Olympics is a great event in the sports world, and if it is not held, many people will regret it. But things are unexpected, and friends who plan to go to Tokyo to watch the Olympic Games can free up time to travel elsewhere.

Germany: 34 confirmed diagnoses, second only to Italy in Europe

Hannover Messe: tentatively scheduled

Hannover Messe

The Hannover Messe is considered an important international event that connects the world’s technology and business sectors. The German convention and exhibition industry has always been the leader in the world. About two thirds of the world’s leading professional trade shows are held in Germany. It attracts about 180,000 exhibitors and 10 million visitors each year. The proportion of foreign exhibitors and visitors 60% and 30%, respectively. The spread of the new crown epidemic in Europe and globally is likely to affect foreign exhibitors and visitors. The 2020 Hannover Messe, which will be held on April 20-24, has been the world’s industry’s benchmarking exhibition, and has attracted more than 6,000 companies and more than 200,000 visitors every year.

Are friends who want to attend this event really sure of their safety? Not considering revising your travel itinerary?

South Korea: 1987 confirmed cases; 13 deaths

Busan World Table Tennis Championship postponed

Korean Busan Table Tennis

On February 25, the ITTF announced urgently that due to the epidemic, the 2020 World Table Tennis Team Championship originally scheduled to be held in Busan, South Korea from March 22 to 29 was postponed. It is currently tentatively scheduled for June 21-28 Hosted.

The spread of the new crown epidemic in Busan will inevitably affect the international tourists who come to Busan during the World Table Tennis Championships, thus affecting the local tourism industry. Those who plan to go to Busan, South Korea will cancel their scheduled itinerary due to the epidemic.

France: 25 confirmed diagnoses; 2 deaths

Paris Fashion Week: Major brands face sales difficulties

fashion Week

Following the cancellation of the new fashion epidemic in Milan Fashion Week, the Paris Fashion Week of 2020, the four major fashion weeks in the world, was officially unveiled on February 24 and will end on March 3.

Under the epidemic, buyers who originally planned to participate in Fashion Week cancelled their itinerary, and Fashion Week sales were facing difficulties. In particular, buyers and fashion bloggers in China, South Korea, and Japan with severe outbreaks have mostly cancelled their itineraries.

More and more brands have chosen the form of “cloud live show”. On the afternoon of February 26th, Langwan held a 2020 autumn and winter women’s wear show, which began a full live broadcast 40 minutes before the opening. So friends who plan to attend can choose to watch online.

Switzerland: 15 confirmed cases

Geneva Motor Show confirms cancellation

Car show

According to the latest news released by the Swiss information network under the Swiss national radio and television station, the Geneva International Car Show originally scheduled to be held from March 5 to March 15 has been officially cancelled. This year’s Geneva Motor Show can be described as a lot of attention, many of which have chosen to debut at the Geneva Motor Show. However, the current message is that the 90th Geneva Motor Show has been canceled, and it will not even be rescheduled, which may mean that the Geneva Motor Show was cancelled rather than rescheduled or postponed. With the increase in the number of coronaviruses diagnosed in Switzerland, and the Federal Council’s February 28, 2020 rule that major public events (events with more than 1,000 people at the same location) will not be allowed before March 15, the Geneva Motor Show was officially cancelled.
Car lovers must be disappointed, but it is inevitable. Before the epidemic, life is still very important.

The spread of the epidemic is something everyone does not want to see, and the impact of international activities is even more unexpected. You can modify your itinerary and re-plan your travel itinerary.

At present, the world is doing its best to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses. Everyone must go out as little as possible, and necessary protective measures must be taken when going out to the greatest extent possible.


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