Personality analysis in travel

With the passage of time, the situation of new coronary pneumonia is more severe among countries.
6 of the 105 deaths in the United States;
130 cases in France, 2 of which died;
4812 cases in South Korea, of which 29 died;
974 cases in Japan, of which 12 died;
One of the 42 deaths in Thailand;
2036 cases in Italy, of which 52 died;
24 cases in Canada;
35 cases in the United Kingdom;
158 cases in Germany.
These are not just numbers on paper, they also stop us from traveling. In the time when I can’t travel, I recall my previous travel experience and took a look at the various personalities in the trip. Look at the article, which personality do you belong to? When you can travel, compare and see if you or your friends are as you think.

The whole can be divided into fourteen personalities.

Personality analysis in travel


This type of friend is naturally a planner for various things, and it is estimated that this is also the case for working life. I ca n’t wait to start my homework six months in advance, book hotel tickets, and restaurants; I ’ve arranged my itinerary so closely that I ’m afraid of wasting my travel vacations. Such people are generally relatively strong and dominate.
This type of person prefers to go with a few friends, but it is more difficult to adapt to a procrastinating travel companion.


This kind of friend is exactly the opposite of the previous one, wherever he goes, what he eats, whatever he does, no plans, no arrangements, a stance of a soldier to block and water to cover. This type of person can often adjust the atmosphere and make everyone happy during the trip.

3、big food

This type of friend is to eat everywhere. If you have heard of it, you have to eat it. If you have n’t heard of it, try it. You can eat it on the stall, and you have to eat it when you are tall. The purpose of their trip is not to see the sights, not to listen to the story, but to eat. No matter how good the sights are, it is not as fast as experiencing the local cuisine. In their mind, food is the attraction, food is the culture, and food is everything .

4、Hotel control

Friends of this type:
First, be sure to find a special hotel. May go to just live for a few days, and then turn on the TV or network games to play games.
Second, set the hotel first and then the itinerary. The whole trip was arranged around a good hotel.
Men’s general needs are mobile phones, air conditioners, and refrigerators.
Women’s needs are balcony, large bathroom, and large bed.

Personality analysis in travel


The needs of such friends are not the Louvre and Versailles. They have existed for many years and were built in which century; in their hearts, these have nothing to do with them, they are more focused on Lafayette and Paris spring. If necessary, they can stroll for three days.
In their travels, no matter whether they are tall and luxury goods or cheaply spread goods, as long as they are shopping malls, they will never go short.

6、Big abacus

This kind of friend will figure out where everything is cheap all day. In a chat, you can tell the price difference of a certain product around the world, how much is Paris, and how much is New York.


Whether they are travelling by the sea or snowy mountains, grasslands or deserts, they are taking pictures wherever they go, some are particularly good, some take random photos with their mobile phones, and there are various photographing positions.

8、Just take a look

There is also a kind of person, whether it is to go out with the group or to play alone, they also love to browse and love to watch, but basically do not buy. It may belong to the rational consumer, or it may be someone who has no sense of life.

Personality analysis in travel


This kind of friend has a particularly strong desire to perform. He may usually be quiet, but when he goes out, there will be such people in every large group. When they appear, they will definitely become the focus.

10、Reject many people and love nature

These friends are generally relatively free to work, people who do not need to go to work normally, they are either retired, or freelance, or can be casually relocated, anyway, they will not go on holiday holidays.
They like to go to places with few people, like sports, and like to be close to nature.

11、Exclusive enjoyment

There is a kind of friend who does not like to find a travelling companion, and only likes to travel alone. It seems that with a travelling companion, there is a lot of trouble. You need to be cautious of other people’s feelings.
They like to be silent in their own world, to be alone with passers-by, to look up to the stars alone, to walk alone in the grasslands, to be alone, and to leave some marks of their own life.

12、afraid of loneliness

There is also a kind of friends who like to share everything they see and everything they eat. The beauty of this world, I want to let you know.

13、I’ve been

Another kind of friend may be a stamp collecting mentality. Their trip is to gather all the wonderful places in the world and prove that this corner has been here before.

Personality analysis in travel

14、Personalities appearing in group tours

Those in group tours like to sit in the first and last rows. The first row belongs to the sun, and there may be more problems and higher requirements. People who like to sit in the last row generally do not mention it, but they are choppy and generally deep. They like to hide themselves and not talk.

Always be late. I hope you rarely meet such friends during your trip.

Another kind of friend is envy and jealous of others’ lives better than himself. For example, envy what others want to buy and what to envy.

The above is our analysis of different personalities in travel today. Every way of travel is the result of our choice, whether it is your shopaholic or gluttonous king, whether you are a hotel owner or a big abacus. The existence of each character is you, and it also represents the time in your life in another country. It’s worth remembering anyway.
There are so many of them listed above. Do you also have these friends around you, or which one do you belong to?

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