Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau, Macau’s most mysterious hotel

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau

There are also countless five-star hotels with casinos in Macau. In contrast, with the memory of the colonial era, there are few petty bourgeoisie and quiet accommodations. Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau is the most popular one among them.

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau

The castle was built in 1629 as the San Diego Fortress (or Ma Ge Fort, West Bay Fort), built-in 1629 by the then Portuguese government of Australia. It is located at the entrance of the Inner Harbor and is part of Macau’s former military defense system. It is equipped with 16 cannons to face the sea, forming a strong peripheral military defense line with the cannon and Guia fort, used to resist the invasion of European enemy countries and local pirates.

In 1978, the Macau government converted it into a hotel. Afterward, the hotel changed hands several times. At the end of 2004, the hotel was incorporated into Macau Gaming Co., Ltd. and underwent renovation and expansion, combining the original 24 rooms into one. , Converted into twelve suites, and reopened in August 2007, with a strong Portuguese style.

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau is located on the mountain, and you can see an old fort at the gate.
Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau does not have a gorgeous appearance and lobby. The entrance is a quiet and mysterious cave with Portuguese hand-painted tiles on the walls of the cave.
Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau faces the west and south lakes and looks at the Macau Tower and the West Bay Bridge. The scenery is pleasant.
The design in Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau has the colonial color of Macau at that time. It is worth mentioning that all the rooms in this castle are in the form of suites.
The guest rooms at Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau have characteristic castle decorations and a comfortable and elegant environment; from the guest room’s terrace, you can overlook the stunning scenery of Macau’s Inner Harbor and the Pearl River Delta of China.

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau

Outside the reception hall on the second floor of Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau is an open-air café surrounded by ancient trees. Here you can have afternoon tea and look out at the sea, with a cool breeze and a very romantic atmosphere.
You can also choose the quaint and elegant Barangma restaurant in Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau, the only restaurant in Macau that offers Spanish cuisine, and taste Spanish specialties, such as the famous “Spanish black pig” dried ham, special dishes “Paella” and authentic snacks will definitely be a feast for the taste.

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau

The Church of St. James in Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau is the place where many young people hold weddings. It is located in the Fort of Mâge and was completed in 1740. There is an exquisite statue of St. Jacob in the church. There is also a beautiful legend: in the evening, the portrait of St. Jacob will walk out of the church to patrol the walls and protect the soldiers in the fortress. Happy couples like to hold their weddings here. Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau also provides related wedding services. The cost starts at 50,000 Hong Kong dollars. It is worth mentioning that the hotel’s limousine is a soda that can attach to the back. Anyone who gets married here must take this kind of fairy-tale car and go all the way to happiness.

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau is located in the noble residential area of ​​West Bay, Macau. It is close to the A-Ma Temple, Maritime Museum, Ronghe Gate, entertainment, and shopping areas. You can freely choose attractions to visit.

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau also offers sauna massage, golf, cycling, swimming, and other recreational activities.

If you want to have a meeting in this beautiful place, Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau can set the Portuguese restaurant into a multi-function hall with a capacity of 30 people according to the customer’s request. The personal butler will follow up on the whole meeting.

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau

Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau has four room types to choose from: Suite (including breakfast): 2518 yuan; Family room (including breakfast): 2702 yuan; Family suite: 3160 yuan; Two-bedroom balcony suite: 3434 yuan.

The entire Pousada De Sao Tiago Macau is constructed with sea views, green shades, fountains, historic sites, and other elements. The white walls and red tiles, the tunnel stone steps with the sound of the water, the Portuguese arches, the path corridors, are simple and elegant and full of ancient meaning. Very interesting, like a beautiful epitome of Portugal. Choose a hotel for holiday, you can drink and chat on the densely shaded terrace, overlooking the beautiful view of the bay, couples can have a candlelight dinner here, or get married in the chapel.


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