Savor Sichuan Moon at Wynn Palace Hotel Macau

Sichuan Moon

Sichuan Moon is a Sichuan restaurant located in the Wynn Palace Hotel in Macau. It is at the helm of Master Jiang Zhencheng, who has created many well-known restaurants in various countries. Soon after opening, it won two Michelin stars and Asia’s 50 best restaurants.

The decoration of Sichuan Moon is mainly golden, with fresh flowers delivered by air. You can feel the elegant, noble, and luxurious atmosphere of the restaurant from the moment you enter the door, which complements the decoration style of the entire hotel.

Sichuan Moon only offers a 15-course tasting set meal, 1888 patacas per person; if you need to pair with wine, an additional 1380 patacas will be charged. Customers who love wine can ask their sommelier to recommend it. Sichuan Moon is delicious. After all the drinks were served, the feast officially began.

Customers who love Sichuan-style kimchi will be amazed by the pickled tomatoes.

Appetizers are more compact than other dishes.

This 88 rich and honorable cold dish takes the meaning of 8 flavors in 8 boxes. Both the presentation and the taste are extremely novel. Cordyceps flower is especially recommended.

The highlight of this hot and sour soup should be the pearl-like black vinegar balls. After the vinegar balls exploded in the mouth, they instantly melted with the slightly spicy soup, and the aftertaste is endless.

The secret spicy seasoning brings different flavors to the crab feet.

This kind of mapo tofu is moderately spicy, and some adjustments have been made to suit the taste of most people.

Corn shaped glutinous rice cake.

The duck liver melts in your mouth, and the collocation of the whole dish is quite artistic.

The home-style of Sichuan cuisine, luxurious gold leaf.

This piece of dan dan noodles tastes good. Does anyone know how to put this noodle into the pot?

Does it feel like Zhangcha sliced ​​duck or Peking duck? And a small plate of chili noodles? !

The sweetness of the scallops and the spicy aroma of the two vitex are really fresh.

The fish-flavored eggplant made with lab beans is particularly delicious.

It is worth mentioning that there are also spicy desserts, which don’t seem to be incompatible with chocolate. It is a special surprise.

The restaurant’s service is very attentive, and each dish will be introduced in detail. Before leaving, customers will be given a set menu and small desserts, so you can look forward to a new menu.

If you want to taste the flavor of Sichuan cuisine, you can go to Sichuan Moon at Wynn Palace Hotel Macau.

Address :COTAI, junto à Avenida da Nave Desportiva, r/c do Hotel “PALÁCIO WYNN”
Tel: +853 8889 3888
Fax :+853 8889 8890


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