Studio City Hotel, the only “8” Ferris wheel in the world

Studio City Hotel

Speaking of tourist attractions in Macau, most people think of Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo. It is an iconic building in Macau that has carried hundreds of years of vicissitudes. Today I want to talk to you about the unique attractions in Macau. The only figure 8 Ferris wheel in the world. The figure 8 Ferris wheel of Studio City Hotel is very unique and is a relatively small attraction in Macau.

Macau is famous for its many star-rated hotels, each of which has its own characteristics to attract tourists to stay; Studio City Hotel’s “8” Ferris wheel is the characteristic of Studio City Hotel.

There are many Ferris wheels in the world, but the figure-eight Ferris wheel is the only one in the world. Studio City Hotel was invested by He Youlong, the son of Macau gambling king Stanley Ho. According to reports, the entire hotel cost 3.2 billion U.S. dollars. sensation.

This 130-meter-high Ferris wheel that stands on the Golden Mile is not only the only “figure-eight” Ferris wheel in the world but also the tallest Ferris wheel in Asia. Its novel and unique design incorporate the number 8 that is popular with Chinese people. It takes about 12 minutes to circle. It is recommended to ride at night so that you can see the beautiful and charming night view of Macau. The ride during the day is relatively simple, but if you ride in the day when there are few tourists, you can enjoy a “box” “, which is also very cool.

This Ferris wheel has a nice name called “Shadow Star”. Its design concept comes from the shocking scene of the Hollywood giant system, as if two hot planets hit the outer wall of the building, leaving an almost perfect “8”. Words, creating a distinctive “shadow star”.

In fact, the entire Studio City Hotel is a comprehensive entertainment and leisure resort with the theme of Hollywood movies. As soon as visitors enter the lobby, they can see a variety of wonderful Hollywood magic images, Batman, dinosaurs, and other dynamic music. Tourists are brought into the fantasy world of Hollywood.

The “8” Ferris wheel of Studio City Hotel has 17 cockpits with the theme of “punk”. Each cockpit can accommodate 10 people. When visitors enter the cockpit, they can hear rhythmic dynamic music to increase excitement; When the Ferris wheel rises to the top of the mountain, visitors can overlook the beautiful scenery of Macau, which is a great seat overlooking the scenery of Zhuhai.

Studio City Hotel’s “8” Ferris wheel has a pattern on the top of each “box”. One of the tops is painted with stars and constellations, which makes people feel like flying in space. The design is very unique! Only when you have personally experienced the “8” Ferris wheel of Studio City Hotel can you feel its magic. The vertical “8” shape is different from the traditional single circle, especially at the intersection of the “8” shape. Has passed through a gate.

The unique design of “8” is not only an innovation but also the most pleasing homonym for people who come to Macau for leisure and vacation. Many tourists will choose to stay in Studio City Hotel because of this and hope they will feel very happy.

Studio City Hotel is very close to The Parisian Macao and The Venetian Macao. It can be said that the transportation is very convenient. In the background of the night, the whole hotel of Studio City Hotel will appear golden and magnificent, and “8” is especially bright at night.

Go to Macau Studio City Hotel to experience the shock of the world’s unique “8” Ferris wheel!


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