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Thailand has always been a popular tourist destination, and a direct flight to Thailand is only four hours away, but there are still some differences in culture and habits! Today I will tell everyone to go to Thailand freely. What to pay attention to while traveling in Thailand, experiencing food, mysterious religious culture, and beautiful scenery!

Hotel articles

Must-see when traveling to Thailand
Q. What time is the check in time in Thai restaurant? What if I arrive early?

A. Check-in time for general hotels in Thailand is after 2 pm, and check-out time is at 12 noon. If you arrive early in Thailand, you can leave your luggage in the hotel. If you have special needs in time, please write Communicate with the hotel!

Q. Is it normal to be required to pay a deposit when checking into a Thai hotel?

A. It is normal. Due to the large number of people travelling freely in Thailand, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble or to leave the hotel after the guests have damaged the hotel facilities, the hotel will almost always charge a deposit in advance, which can be paid by credit card or cash. For insurance, after the deposit is paid, ask the hotel to open a receipt as a voucher. When checking out, ask the hotel to return the deposit!

Q. Do you have toothbrush and toothpaste in Thai restaurants?

A. If you are staying in a five-star hotel, basically all the toiletries will be prepared, but hotels with slightly cheaper prices may need to pay attention. Due to environmental protection, accommodation is sometimes not provided. In Thailand, it is recommended that you can prepare a set of your own toothbrush and toothpaste set. Although toothbrush toothpaste may not be provided, bath milk and shampoo are still available!

Q. Can I take home card for Thai hotel as a souvenir?

A. This is different standards for different hotels. It is recommended that you check first when you check in. Sometimes you may have to pay 300-500 baht more for room card costs!

Bangkok Hotels-Lebua hotel

Must-see when traveling to Thailand
Lebua hotel Bangkok Lotus Hotel is quite a popular accommodation in Bangkok. It not only has the first night view of Bangkok, the sky barsky bar is located on the 63rd floor, the rooms are located on the 51st to 59th floors, the rooms are spacious and the light is very bright. Just stay in this hotel for romance!

Transportation: 10 ~ 15 minutes walk from BTS saphan taksin station

Nearby Attractions: Chao Phraya Riview

Food articles

Must-see when traveling to Thailand
Q. It is expensive to buy water in Thailand. Can tap water be consumed raw?

A. Absolutely not! Tap water is not allowed to be drunk in Thailand, so if you buy juice at a roadside stall, you should also pay attention to the source of the water. If you do n’t know, it ’s safer not to drink or buy a super drink! In addition, if the accommodation provides free and clean drinking water, remember to fill up before going out!

Q. Do I need to bring my own tableware when buying a Thai roadside stall?

A. If you eat at a vendor, you will be given tableware, but it may not be provided if you take it away. Remember to bring a pair of environmentally friendly chopsticks when packing before going abroad, which is not only hygienic and environmentally friendly, but also environmentally friendly.

Q. What are the characteristics of Thai diet? Are you afraid of spicy food?

A. Thai people prefer sour, spicy and sweet taste. If you are afraid of spicy, remember to add a little spicy! And Thai drinks are either sweet or very sweet, so be prepared to go to Thailand on your own!

Traffic articles

Must-see when traveling to Thailand
Q. I heard that Thai taxis make money? why? A friend used to go and didn’t even find the change.

A. Thailand is a country with a tipping system. This situation is unavoidable when taxiing, even locals are no exception. Although if the driver is really urged to get the correct amount, the driver will still give it, but just to avoid this embarrassing situation, it is best to prepare just the change.

Q. Do Thai taxis jump watch or bargain?

A. Both methods are available. If you are not sure about the single trip price, it is recommended that you can ask by meter before getting on the taxi. If the driver is right, it is a meter-jumping charge. Although taking a taxi is also a risk of being detoured when traveling freely in Thailand, it is recommended that you can use the mobile phone map to watch it all the way. If you feel that you are being detoured, Just ask!


Must-see when traveling to Thailand
Q. How do Thais say hello?

A. When two Thais meet, they will make their hands together in a perfect manner, slightly bow their heads, and say that digging low cards is enough. The higher the position of the hands, the more respectful they are! In addition, Thais think that the right hand respects the left hand, so remember to stretch out your right hand when shaking hands!

Q. What is the tip culture in Thailand?

A. As mentioned in the traffic article above, when you take a taxi in Thailand free of charge, the driver may not find the remaining Thai coin change, and tipping is required in restaurants, massages, and restaurants. This has the meaning of negative alms. You can give a note of 20 baht. If you go to the oil massage shop, the tip may be higher, about 50-100 baht.

Q. What should I pay attention to when seeing Thai monks on the road?

A. Thailand is a country that respects Buddhism. Women must not approach the monks. Otherwise, they will break the dogma of Buddhism. Some people will give way to the monks on the bus. Remember not to step on the monks’ shadow. Otherwise, it is a disrespectful expression. !!

Taboo articles

Must-see when traveling to Thailand
Q. There are many temples everywhere in Thailand. Can I go to worship?

A. There are more than 30,000 Thai temples in the country. Of course, the attributes of God and yin and yang are not the same. It is good to worship with awe, but think of many Thai legends and Thai movies. In case of trouble, it is not fun. In addition to the temples on the road, the temples with unknown attributes are better to take a look. Safety is the most important thing!

Q. I heard that it is absolutely necessary to blaspheme the royal family in Thailand?

A. Exactly! The Thai royal family has a high status in the hearts of the Thai people. Yellow flags and portraits representing the royal family can be seen everywhere in the homes of the streets. Travelers traveling to Thailand should pay special attention to due diligence and etiquette.

Q. It’s hot. Can I go shopping in shorts and vest?

A. Of course, you usually wear shorts and vests when shopping in Thailand, but if you are visiting a temple, you must wear over-shoulders and trousers!

Other articles

Must-see when traveling to Thailand
Q. What time do shopping malls and night markets in Thailand open?

A. Most large department stores are open from 10 am to 10 pm. Roadside stalls, night markets, etc., usually appear after 5 pm, and some are limited to weekend markets. Remember before you go to Thailand for free Check it out and plan your time so as not to miss it!

Q. How can I change the Thai baht?

A. It is very cost-effective to exchange money in Thailand. Not only the major banks, but also many foreign exchange offices. Just find the sign that says exchange. It is recommended to bring more US dollars to exchange!

Isn’t that so confused about Thai travel now, or even some concepts! In fact, Thailand is basically suitable for tourism in all four seasons, but you need to pay attention to the weather during the rainy season, and bring your own umbrellas and raincoats.


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