Thailand travel guide, Thailand’s top ten food

Thailand travel guide

Thailand has a long coastline, so seafood, vegetables and fruits are produced in high volumes and rich in variety. In this geographical and climatic environment, Thailand’s unique food culture has been created.

The first impression of Thai food is either spicy or sour. Thai food is famous for its sour, spicy and sweet. It is fresh, colorful and special in color with Thai food. Now it has become one of the mainstream foods in the world. The essence of Thai cuisine is curry. Thai curry is divided into red curry, green curry, and yellow curry. Red curry and yellow curry are slightly spicy, and green curry is relatively spicy. Thais often mix coconut milk with curry, which makes the curry taste softer.

Most people in Thailand use rice and sticky rice as their main food, along with desserts and drinks. There is usually a piece of rice, a soup, a curry, a fried object and vegetables on the dining table. The tableware is different from China. Generally, a fork and a large spoon are used. Dining is an essential glass of ice water on the table. The locals also like to eat desserts, but usually eat small portions.

Prices in Thailand are cheaper than in China. Tipping levels in tourist cities are generally relatively high, and ordinary cities are slightly lower. So let’s have a meal in Thailand

1、Tom Yum Goong in Thailand.

Thailand travel guide

This dish is available in many Thai restaurants in China. The Dongyin Gongtang is translated from Thai, which is actually hot and sour shrimp soup. It is mainly divided into thick soup and clear soup. One is rich in flavor and bright in color, and the other is hot and sour. The main materials are: Thai lemongrass, lime, shrimp, fish sauce, etc. It tastes sour, sweet, and salty, and a dish can satisfy your taste buds.

2、Chiang Mai noodles / Yellow curry noodles.

Thailand travel guide

Yellow curry noodles, also known as Thai northern curry noodles, Chiang Mai noodles, are stewed chicken legs and yellow curry soup until the chicken legs are soft and savory. When eating, put fried egg noodles and boil soft egg noodles, accompanied by pepper Beets and red onion slices have beets, which are spicy and rich in flavor.

3、Papaya salad.

Thailand travel guide

Originating in northeastern Thailand, it can now be eaten throughout Thailand. Ingredients: shredded papaya, lime, pepper, garlic, roasted peanuts, etc. Papaya salad is an appetizer that Thai people like very much. It is sour and sweet at the entrance. Then, it brings out the fresh and crispy taste of green papaya with chili. It is paired with lettuce and peanut granules. Like rice, noodles, and grilled chicken.

4、Thai-style coconut chicken soup.

Thailand travel guide

Coconut chicken soup is developed from Tom Yum Goong, with the fragrance of lemongrass, ginger, lime, and lemon wasp. After adding coconut milk, the spicy degree is not reduced, but it highlights the taste of coconut milk and tastes slightly acid , But the taste is refreshing and smooth, very delicious.

5、Thai style fried noodles.

Thailand travel guide

Fried Pho is the most famous cheap food in Thailand. You can find this “national cuisine” in street stalls and restaurants in Thailand. It is also a must-try dish when you come to Thailand. Come here. Fried rice noodles are made by frying the eggs half-boiled, then adding, squid, rice noodles, fresh shrimp, dried tofu, and Thai sweet and spicy sauce. Add the minced peanuts, paprika, etc., and then place raw bean sprouts, leeks, lemons, etc. on the side. During the cooking process, you can try chili and eat it according to your own taste. It is suitable for people who like noodles but ca n’t eat spicy food.

6、Mango sticky rice.

Thailand travel guide

Thailand’s most representative dessert, it can be regarded as the combination of staple food and dessert, so some people call him a sweet staple food. Stir the glutinous rice with sweet but not greasy coconut milk, with sweet and sour mango slices, it tastes more delicious. The correct way to eat it is to eat it with sticky rice and mango. The taste is like watching a whole Harry Potter magic.

7、Red and green curry soup.

Thailand travel guide

It is a soup made with red curry sauce or green curry sauce and coconut milk. Round eggplants and sweet basil leaves are usually put. The red curry soup is red and red and looks spicy, but it is not very spicy to taste. The travel curry soup looks green and green. Generally people think it is not spicy, but in fact it tends to be the hottest dish in curry! Generally used for bibimbap.

8、holy basil fried pork / tossed pork.

Thailand travel guide

“Battle” is a literal translation of Thai. It is a dish of stir-fried meat with a leaf called holy basil. This holy basil leaf is called “golden change” in southern China. This is a very famous home-cooked dish in Thailand. It is eaten by men, women and children alike.

9、Pork slices.

Thailand travel guide

Thai means “the sun-dried meat, cut the pork into strips, and store it after the sun, and fry it when you eat it, then eat it with sweet and spicy sauce or curry sauce. The rich meat flavor is sweet and sour. The curry sauce is delicious.

10、Banana pancakes.

Thailand travel guide

A snack often seen on the roadside in Thailand. When you walk by the trolley, the rich aroma of banana pancakes will always stop you. Of course, in addition to bananas, there are chocolates, vanilla, strawberries, hazelnuts, and oranges that you can think of. They can make you a variety of pancakes.

Finally, introduce the Thai staple food, Thai rice. Fragrant rice is mainly produced in northeastern Thailand, such as Roi Et Province, Buriram Province and Surin House. The highest quality Thai fragrant rice is produced in Surin, this kind of fragrant rice: the rice grains are slender, not easy to break, soft and smooth after return, and have a fresh taste. Speaking of this is to tell everyone that although the food is good, do not eat more, but still eat more rice.

Thailand travel guide

The above is a guide to Thai cuisine. The scenery in Thailand is also good. The food and beauty of the world can not be disappointed.


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