The alien beauty left on Earth-Cappadocia


Nature has spent millions of years carefully crafting the magical geological landscape dominated by stones in the Cappadocia region for human beings. Cappadocia’s strange rock formations and irreplaceable stones make it a double heritage of world culture and nature; its unique and magical landscape is also praised as “the most moon-like place on earth”.

When all the magic meets the romance of a hot air balloon, a fantasy journey also begins …

Cappadocia is located in central Turkey and is famous for its fairy-tale speckled rock formations. Its peculiar rock formations, caves and historical sites have made it one of the top ten beauty spots on the planet by National Geographic magazine. One of the two best places on earth for a hot air balloon ride.

It is also the location for the film Star Wars.

At this time, the layers are connected in layers, and the shapes are sometimes independent and independent. The shape of mushrooms, stalagmites, chimneys and various animals is whatever you imagine. It originated from the volcanic eruption millions of years ago. Stacked up and changed the surrounding terrain. Tuffs and lava layers eventually formed.

The long-term sun and the erosion of wind and rain have naturally evolved the soft parts that can not be polished, allowing the solid rocks to be preserved in various shapes. The folds on the ground are thousands of gullies and cliffs, and the hundred holes underground are undercurrents and caves.

I remember someone commenting on it this way, the main idea is “it is the most moon-like place on earth”. From this sentence, you can feel the particularity of this landscape more or less. Because the hot air balloon itself cannot fly too high, it is a low-flying aircraft. On the hot air balloon, you seem to see the moon under your feet, and it feels very shocking.

Under the conditions of good weather, under the condition that the hot air balloon can be successfully lifted off, the scene of hundreds of hot air balloons flying at the same time in the sky of Cappadocia is very spectacular.

In addition, because the terrain of this area in Cappadocia is like the surface of the moon, and the terrain has protrusions or depressions, when the hot air balloon is flying, the altitude of the flight in some places is actually very low, sometimes standing in the hot The balloon frame reached out and even touched a tree next to it. But after really rising to the top, you can overlook the entire Cappadosic area.

The best time to take off a hot air balloon is usually in the morning and in the evening, but it will be more in the morning.

In Cappadocia, such a scene will be staged in the early morning: hot air balloons are neatly lined up, some are waiting for takeoff, some just landed.

Looking at the hot-air balloons filled with different colors in the valley, you will find that it is really okay to go to the moon. It is a blessing to have a romantic and weird passion collision in the most moon-like place.


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