The best places to go in January are here!

At the beginning of the new year, travel and vacation are the most popular;
Go to the sun in the southern hemisphere and pamper yourself;
Or a pure and perfect snow scene in the northern hemisphere;
Choose a long or short trip;
You and the departure are just one action away.


Heilongjiang snow scene

Although Heilongjiang can be played in all seasons, it is especially beautiful in winter. The white snowy village is full of eyes. Although it is cold, it can give you visual enjoyment.

Heilongjiang Bed and Breakfast

Queen’s Town

New Zealand has always been known as a brave country, and Queenstown is perfect for skiing in winter. Its peak tourist season is from late December to mid January, and if you visit during this time, it is best to book your room in advance.

The scenery of many countries on the earth is magnificent, but when it comes to freedom and purity, New Zealand is definitely the best.

What it lacks most is the blue sky and green space, driving by car, landscapes all the way, and natural gardens everywhere.

Although there are few monuments, the magnificent natural scenery is enough to feed everyone’s eyes. Some people say that each country has its own characteristics, but only New Zealand feels most comfortable. If paradise exists, it should look like New Zealand.


Hakone is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is the most popular sightseeing spot near Tokyo. It has natural lakes, hot springs and geothermal resources. It is also a must-have to come here for a hot spring trip


Palau has a tropical rain forest climate. The best time to travel is from November to April of the following year. This period is their dry season. The climate is more pleasant. It is very comfortable whether you go diving or seaside!


October to April of each year is the summer half of Australia. At this time, whether it is Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, there is the most abundant sunshine, and it is also a good choice to escape the cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

If it feels really cold, the Swiss hot springs will warm you. It meets all your expectations of the snowy winter world that should have been like a fairy tale, waiting for you with the most peaceful and natural scenery.

In eastern Australia, the most attractive is the world’s largest coral reef-the Great Barrier Reef. Of course, if you prefer humanities and art, don’t forget to go to the “Big Shell” Sydney Opera House.


November to April is the peak tourist season in Dubai, with an average temperature of 7-20 ° C. Especially in the beginning of the new year, the weather in Dubai is pleasant, sunny and warm, and at this time during the Dubai Shopping Festival, the ultra-low discounts of the major shopping malls will definitely make you stop buying!


Saipan had almost no rainfall from November to April of the following year, and the weather in January and February was the driest and hottest. Starting in May, the island’s bright red phoenix flowers are opening one after another, and Saipan has ushered in the best travel season of the year.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka’s peak tourist season, especially around Christmas, a large number of European tourists have come to take refuge here. It covers the essence of almost all Southeast Asian countries.

It has more devout temples than Thailand and a more mysterious stone city than Cambodia. It also has lusher greens than Burma and a more rustic folk style than Nepal.

Sri Lanka, a country with few beautiful people, is called the most beautiful island in the world by Marco Polo.

Someone once commented on Sri Lanka: “God gave it everything except snow.” Here you can see almost everything you want to see.

SuMei Island

Whether it’s sheltering from the cold or welcoming the sun, Thailand is a rare place, and it’s worth going back and forth.

Mid-November-April is the rainy season in Koh Samui. The weather in November-January is cool, but it is also the wettest period of the year. Items ~

In addition, there are Thai beaches full of holiday charm, small fresh cultural towns, efficient transportation, cheap accommodation, and mouth-watering food.

“Thailand Rose” Chiang Mai, “Angel City” Bangkok, “Oriental Hawaii” Pattaya, … other places in Thailand will also have different harvests.


November to April is the winter in Cambodia. The drier northeast monsoon blows. The average temperature is 25 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, which is the best tourist season.

Boracay, Philippines

From November to February the following year is the cool season of Boracay, with a comfortable climate and little rainfall, and is the best season for tourism.


Christmas at the end of the year is also a discount season for shopping malls, and tourists can also experience the tropical Christmas atmosphere. The Lunar New Year coincides with the peak tourist season in Singapore, and hotel prices continue to rise. Some attractions will be closed during the Lunar New Year. Visitors should check the attractions in advance.

As the smallest country in Asia for parent-child travel, Singapore is known as a beautiful and clean “garden city”. You can overlook Singapore from the Sky Garden at Ben Thanh; you can also find the ancient charm of last year’s glory along the historic sightseeing routes of Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam.

You can run to Orchard Road, Clarke Quay or Boat Quay and be dazzled by the bright lights. Of course, don’t forget to allow enough time for the vibrant Sentosa Island to taste slowly.


November to February is the best time to travel in Vietnam. Vietnam is divided into dry season and rainy season.

The dry season is from January to April, and the climate is dry. The dry season is divided into the hot season and the cool season.The cold season is from January to February, and the hot season is from March to April.


If you’ve ever heard of the beauty of Switzerland as a paradise, then you must not miss a date with her, because Switzerland is so beautiful.
The snow-capped Alps are full of magic and charm. They ski down from the top of the mountain and experience the beauty of the mountains and the thrill of sports in the fresh air.

If it feels really cold, the Swiss hot springs will warm you. It meets all your expectations of the snowy winter world that should have been like a fairy tale, waiting for you with the most peaceful and natural scenery.


Diving on foot, sun and waves, food culture … No matter which way you choose to travel, Malaysia can definitely make you experience the true essence of Asia.

What’s more important is that Malaysia’s visa is not so complicated and difficult to sign. It can be done easily and easily.
When you arrive in Malaysia, you must not miss those beautiful islands. Compared with the overcrowded landscapes of Maldives, Malaysia’s islands are more primitive and simple.

The waves of Mermaid Island, the sunset of Tanjung Aru Road, exaggerated seafood, durian fragrance on the streets of Kota Kinabalu, delicious orange ice and coconut pudding before the ancients … everything here is so tempting!

Everything springs up in spring, the moon shines in autumn, flowers bloom in summer, and snowflakes flutter in winter.
As the years go by, you love life, and if you do n’t want to die, please prepare your backpack and set off together!

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